Sara MartinezIn this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Sara Martinez, founder of The River of Wellness, joins Laura Greco to illuminate the role of women empowerment as mommas. Sara’s multifaceted background and journey in life eventually led her to parenthood, which is when she discovered how lonely and unfulfilled life could be. She shares how this felt for her and how this led her to muster up her superpowers along with her versatile skills, to create a space and experience where moms understand their value and that taking care of herself first means taking care of her family. You won’t want to miss this conversation as Sara shares her journey and what she has learned and offers through connection.

Hello and welcome. I’m Laura Greco, your host of SuperPower Mommas. And today, I’m so excited because we have a wonderful guest, Sara Martinez, and we’re talking on the topic of the role of women empowerment as a momma. I met Sara through Facebook and was instantly drawn in by her alignment with what I teach. She and I share a love for motherhood and I just love listening to her and what she’s all about. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and her history shows that she’s been doing this from a young age of 19, but her journey into holistic wellness started in 2008.

And what is really interesting is that she decided that yoga was going to be a path for her, so she did yoga training. And what I love that she expresses as that her goal is to see women grow their practice in their lives to have breath, movement, and balance on the mat. She has combined her passions of health, wellness, and event planning to open the River of Wellness, which is actually what I heard about when I first met Sara on Facebook. So, we’re going to talk more about that.

In the meantime, just to let you know, Sara loved being a mom to an inquisitive three year old son. In her spare time, she enjoys working in her organic vegetable garden, and in the evening, bonfires with her family. She currently resides in Illinois with her husband Dave and her son Logan and their dogs, their flock of chickens, and herd of goats.

So welcome, Sara. So happy to have you here.

Thank you, Laura. I am so excited to be here.

Yeah! And I love the diversity of your life. I think you have a richness in so many areas, and I’m sure mommas here are going to be really interested to hear how you have created harmony in your life while driven by your passions. So, we’re going to get right into it. Our super power… I know you don’t know this maybe, but on the SuperPower Up! podcast shows, we like to ask a question about your super power. What would you describe as your momma super power?

I can just network with anyone and connect people to their resources and their life that they need

I can just network with anyone and connect people to their resources and their life that they need.

I would say that my momma superpower is that I’m a connector. I can just network with anyone and connect people to their resources and their life that they need. So, I just love meeting other moms and women that have their own super powers so that when I run into another one, and I can say, “Hey, you need to connect with this person.” So, I would say my super power is connecting.

Very nice. That is a powerful super power. And that’s actually how we met, through Facebook, right?


And so, how is it, though, that you use this super power in connection with your own experience as parent?

So, I use it as a parent because as moms, as it’s kind of two-tiered. As moms, I really feel like we need connection and sometimes we love that with the outside world, not just our families. Sometimes, we start to feel really alone, so from a mother’s standpoint, it’s being able to connect with other moms, and letting them know that you’re not alone in wherever you’re at, and you have a tribe.

And from the child’s standpoint, as far as working with my son, it’s being able to connect with him on a very deep level, to be able to be present with him and hear him, even though he is young, and connect with him as a human being, because he is, and sometimes we forget that with our children, that they are human beings, and they need that direct connection too. And sometimes, we get so caught up in the other things going on that we don’t even hear them.

And so, as the mother, as using that super power just in my household is really connecting with my son on a deep level so he knows that we’re connected, and that I’m here, that I’m not just moving through the motions.

So, you have, from your words here, I’m hearing that you are able to connect with him by really allowing him to see that you see him, hear him, and value him as an individual, too.

Yes, yes. Entirely.

Yeah, I love that. And on this topic of connection, we’re going to dive a little bit into why you do what you do today, because I’m going to ask you this question. How does connection, your superpower of connection, assist you with yourself?

With myself?

Connecting with you.

Go ahead.

Yeah. I was going to expand to help you with this question.

Thank you.

Yes. And because I see you helping moms to be able to connect. But how does that help you as a person, as a woman, as a mother? That connection with yourself?

Oh, it’s entirely fulfilling. I don’t feel alone anymore. I went on this journey because I was a mom who thought I had it all figured out, and then when I had my son, I forgot that one of the things that fulfills me most is being around other people, and enough that, again, I just explained that I have that time with my son where we can connect on a deep level. But that doesn’t mean that the other pieces of me have to leave and not be here, and that I want to continue to connect with adults and other moms and women, and hear their stories. And so, it helps me, because it reminds me that I’m not alone, also.

Yeah because I think I heard you talk about when we become moms, it’s not necessarily that we can’t come with an actual game plan. All our children are different.


You’re different than every mom on the Earth, so you know there’s that combination of two energies coming together. And as you said, they’re a mirror. I’ve heard you say this, that they’re mirrors of us, that to us.


So I always feel like there’s, you talk about connection on the outside, but there’s always the connection also on the inside.

Yes. I hope so.

Yes because what can you give unless you have it also yourself, right?

Being able to connect with each piece of you and your identity and your mind and body and spirit, and all of that, as a whole

Being able to connect with each piece of you and your identity and your mind and body and spirit, and all of that, as a whole.

Yeah. Being able to connect with each piece of you and your identity and your mind and body and spirit, and all of that, as a whole.

Yes. And that’s what I saw when you were on the Facebook Live interviewing somebody about this event that you’re holding actually really soon, and hold a couple times a year. So, we’re going to talk more about that, but for the moment, I’d like you to share with everyone where they can find you.

Yeah, so you can find me at, the best way is on our website, which is

Beautiful, beautiful. Well, thank you everyone, and hold on. We’re going to get back and dive deep into what Sara’s actually doing in the world, and how this is not only helping her as a person, but assisting other moms throughout, I guess, the country, right? Are you worldwide yet or just the country?

Just in the country. But we have a little bit expanded into the international.

Very cool, very cool. And she’s going to share with us how she has found a solution, not just for herself, for so many other moms. And so, we are talking about the role of the women empowerment as a momma, and you are listening to SuperPower Mommas. Hold on, we’ll be right back.

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