While transformation sounds pretty and conjures images of butterflies, the reality is it yanks, pulls, and stretches us into new uncomfortableness so we can continue the progressive walk toward a new comfortableness. And on and on it goes. In this episode of Disrupt Reality, host Tonya Dawn Recla talks with Dr. Tony Ortega, author of #AreYouHereYet: How to STFU and Show Up For Yourself. Tune in and listen to Tonya and Tony deconstruct the abdicating tactics within the self help industry and how to embody your own self-dominion and relationship with God. Don’t miss this powerful episode. 

Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I am pretty ecstatic today about this conversation. I think you’re going to be excited about it. Actually, I know you’re going to be excited. More importantly, you’re going to get a lot of, excuse me, a lot of froggy throats and coughing. You’re going to get a lot of wealth of information out of this around the transformational world, right? So many of you are starting to step into this whatever space from the real world. The more linear, conservative, industry standard kind of conservative-esque structured existence. And you’re looking into this transformational space because something happened. You had a near death experience, God talked to you, angels appeared, or you’ve just all of a sudden woke up and realized maybe there’s more than this. And you’re looking at it going, “What is going on here? It’s kind of crazy.”

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And then some of you have been camping out in this space forever, or at least for a while. And you’re like, “What? No, it’s cool. Come on.” It’s weird, because we just accept that it’s kind of weird, and we don’t think about it anymore. And how do we have a conversation about what it is? What are we in pursuit of? Why are we in pursuit of it? Is it even worthy to pursue? And all of that yumminess that goes into that dialogue.

So today we’re talking about the nuts and bolts of transformation. Let’s say that word again. The nuts and bolts of transformation. And we have Dr. Tony Ortega on with us, author of #Are you here yet? How to STFU and Show up for Yourself. So this is going to be a rather colorful conversation. And real and in there and raw and deep, because that is the work, folks. So sit down, strap in, hold on tight, because this is going to be a fun ride.

Please, please join me in welcoming Tony to the show. Welcome, Tony. How are you?

I am doing fabulous. How are you, dear?

I am so excited about this conversation, and I’m going to tell you why really quickly. Because of course, all this stuff that I just got done saying, but also, this is the reason for. It’s the essence of the entire existence of the network and why it’s been such an amazing success, because it harnesses this. You do similar work to what we do. Your stories are very different from mine. Your vernacular is different than mine. Your doorways are different. And we get to come together in this conversation and say, “Wow, let me shine my light on your brilliance and illuminate that.” And say, “This is the beautiful exchange that we get to have here. This is what we’re invited into, if we choose to do the really hard work in persevering through that.”

And that includes not abdicating, which I know you’re a staunch supporter of that, as well. And so that’s what really excites me about it. But before we dive too deeply into that, I have to ask. I don’t have to ask; I absolutely want to ask and am choosing to ask. What are your superpowers?

You know, being a comic book fan since I can remember reading, I can tell you what I’d love my superpowers to be. But it’s funny, because … And you even said the word just a little bit ago. If I were to pinpoint one superpower, is perseverance. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Latino. I don’t know because I’m 52. I don’t know because I had amazing parents, but I just refuse to give up. I have had the crap hit the fan quite a few times in 52 years, and while I may have laid down for a little bit, I was like, “Nope, nope.” There’s just something in me that refuses to lie down and just accept mediocre.

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