Irene WeinbergIrene Weinberg, highly sought-after public speaker and author, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss about how to find spiritual awakening signs and how to use them to live a soul purpose. Irene is the author of the They Serve Bagels in Heaven, a 5-star rated memoir filled with love, humour, and narrative flair and to live a life from a devastating loss to a renewed sense of inner strength, spiritual wisdom, and passion for life. Join in as she and Tonya talk about how spiritual awakening signs can enlighten the purpose of life and resonate with your own soul’s purpose.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your SuperPower Expert, and I have with me a really fun guest today, Irene Weinberg. She wrote the book, “They Serve Bagels in Heaven,” and it’s such an amazing, fantastic story. We’re going to be talking to her today about spiritual awakening signs. She has a lot of really valuable information to offer, both from her experiences that led to her writing the book, as well as a host of a podcast. She hosts the podcast, “Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life.” And just a wealth of information. So I don’t want to spend any more time bragging about her, because I think you’re going to be fascinated with the information that you hear from her.

So please, please, please join me in welcoming Irene to the show. Welcome, Irene.

Hi, Tonya, I am honored to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Oh, absolutely. Let’s jump in and first ask, what are your superpowers?

Well, I was a traditional person who did not believe in spirituality at all until I had an amazing spiritual awakening when my husband died next to me in a tragic car accident. The messages that I received and the things that happened to me opened me up, and as they were pulling me out of the car, a voice actually came into my head and said, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” as they laid me on the side of the road.

So I would say one of my super powers is the way this transformed the way I look at life, and the way I handle life and my perspective about situations that happen, and knowing that I have choice about the way I behave. And from doing that, people have told me, not that I intended for this to happen, but this is the way the universe works, I’ve become a role model to many people in my life about how to handle things in a different way, and how people can heal and not suffer and stay in their swamp when things happen badly.

Beautiful. Well, that was quite a story. So to take that apparent, your seeming tragedy, and turn it into what you’ve turned it into must have been quite a journey. What do you attribute to your ability to kind of pivot like that?

Well, it was amazing because two months before my husband died, I was washing dishes in the sink and I, not thinking much about anything, and suddenly a thought came into my head and it said, “Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned from his death.” And I thought, “What in the world am I thinking?”

I brought him a glass of water, he was watching a football game on TV. I completely ignored the message. And two months later, we were on the New York state throughway coming home from skiing over a weekend, and I suddenly felt the car going into a huge swerve. I looked up at him and he was sound asleep at the wheel. I called out to him, he woke up, and as he went to pull the car out of the swerve, we started rising up in the air like we were in a gigantic roller coaster, and as we started rising up into the air, I got a second message and it said, “He’s not going to make it. You are.”

I had no time to process this. We were flipping, we flipped four times and landed upside down in a ravine, and then when I looked over at him, I said, “Honey, are you okay?” And he was completely gone. All of a sudden I said to myself, “Oh my God, there is more to this life. I got these messages.” And I felt the car being turned over and the strong hands of an EMT began to reach through the car, undo my seat belt, and turn me around. As I was sliding through the shattered window of my car, an unemotional, but authoritative male voice, and I tell ladies, I’d like to tell you it was a female voice, but it was a male voice, came into my head and it said, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” as they laid me on the side of the road.

And from that moment on, instead of being consumed with my own pain in that moment and what had happened to me, as they loaded me into the helicopter to take me to the emergency trauma center, because I was bleeding to death, I had four operations after the accident. I said, “Bless you, thank you for coming out.” It was the weekend before Christmas. “What’s your name?” They took me to the hospital, and instead of screaming for myself, and of course, nobody knew that this unbelievable thing had happened to me, I thanked everyone, I started asking their names and they were stitching me up. The way I handled things with my kids, when I had to tell them their dad was gone, and three months after I was operated on in the hospital, I got a call from the assistant to the surgeon who had operated on me. She said, “You changed lives in the emergency room that night. We never saw anyone react to a tragedy like you had with just total love and kindness toward everyone.”

My husband came through the medium

My husband came through the medium.

And I said to her, “Trish, I had an amazing spiritual awakening that just changed my life.” And lo and behold, two months after the accident, there are no coincidences, I got a call from someone who said that he was going to see a famous medium. I did not even know what that was. And I seemed to be very open-minded, and that’s another way my perspective about things has changed. I’m no longer closed-minded to things, I’m more open-minded to possibilities. And he said, “Would you like to come? They call it a gallery. People’s deceased loved ones come through. Our son died many years ago, this has helped us so much.”

Not knowing what this was about, I was just off my crutches, I drove to this man’s home. He and his wife took me to a hotel. I walked in and this young man looked at me and he said, “Go upstairs, I don’t even want to know your name.” And later on that evening, my husband came through for 35 minutes with intimate, unbelievable details of the accident, of his personality, of things that had happened in our lives. It completely blew me away, and I started understanding that there is much more to this life than what appears to us on the surface. I started getting messages, I started healing different aspects of myself. I was inspired to do that, and when I would go to these different healers and all, I started getting messages that I was supposed to write a book.

And I said, “What book?” I’d been a buyer for Macy’s, I played the violin growing up, I helped him in his real estate business. What book? But he was coming through so insistently, and it was him. He described through someone his genitals, the outfit he wore the night he died, the way he kissed me the first time we met. I mean, there was no doubt that it was him. I started asking questions and I started writing this book. I started becoming very conscious about the way I was with people, the way I spoke to people. I started going to more galleries where the deceased would come through. Things I witnessed happen to people in those galleries that were absolutely life-changing, as people began to realize that it’s not over when it’s over, it’s just a part of the process, was amazing.

Very beautiful. What a fantastic story.

A voice said Be Loving and Kind to Everyone

A voice said Be Loving and Kind to Everyone.

Thank you. I mean, I would say my life changed in that, now I really try to be not only loving and kind to everyone, Tonya, but to myself.


That’s a lesson that I learned. And I also learned from my own experiences that you don’t have to suffer. There are so many people in the world who want to help you and can help you. You don’t have to live your life the way you’ve been pre-programmed to live it. You have options.

I love that, I love that.

Well, you’ve been listening to Irene Weinberg and her amazing, amazing story. Irene, where can people go to find out more about you?

Well, I have a website, it’s and my “Grief and Rebirth” podcast, you can access it through that website or you can also access it through iTunes. My book is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and it tells my story. It tells the lessons that I learned, and it’s also a love story, Tonya. It’s a lot of fun to read and I have a lot of very positive reviews, I’m blessed with that. So that’s all the different ways that people can get in touch with me.

Oh, and I also have a Grief and Rebirth Facebook Page too, so they’re welcome to join.

Beautiful. Awesome. Well, we’ve been talking to Irene Weinberg about spiritual awakening signs. Stay with us, when we come back from the break, we’re going to talk with her a little bit about how you can tap into some of those, so stay tuned, we’ll be right back.

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