Stephanie LeeStephanie Lee is a Master’s level Therapist and Lifestyle Strategist, she joins Jennifer Urezzio on the SuperPowers of the Soul show to share how inner work is the key to healthy relationships. Stephanie is a lover of helping people, self-discovery and transformation and that is clear during this interview. Listen in as Jennifer and Stephanie share their experiences around creating loving and healthy relationships.

Hello, everyone, and welcome! I’m Jennifer Urezzio, SuperPower Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul and I’m with Stephanie Lee today. And we’re gonna talk about the inner work of healthy relationships. Welcome, Stephanie!

Thank you for having me! I’m so excited.

I’m so excited that you’re here and, of course, the first question that I ask every guest is what do you consider the super power of your soul?

The super power of my soul is my connection to people

The super power of my soul is my connection to people.

I love that question. I think the super power of my soul is my connection to people. And I know that sounds so broad, but it’s something that I experience so it’s kind of just difficult to put it into words. But I feel like I can connect with people very well to where they trust me and they want to talk to me. And this is not only as an adult, this is as a child. People have always trusted me with information and trusted me with transparency. And I think that that’s my super power.

Yeah. I mean I’ve been in foreign countries, in Russia, people who come up to me and tell me their deepest darkest secret and I’m like, “I know what you’re saying. Kind of.”


I know how to help you but I don’t speak Russian. You know?


It’s an interesting … I remember sitting on a bench and this woman sat down next to me and she just started talking. And I thought, “Oh, Lord, what’s this about?” But then it kind of all comes together. We talk a lot about sacred purpose and we talk about that sacred purpose really being what you are here profoundly to experience and then offer that experience to others. What would you consider your sacred purpose?

My sacred purpose I think is to help people find their own purpose with fresh eyes. So by that I mean, I’ve been able to discover my purpose with experiences that led me to renew the ways that I was seeing things and take accountability and experience life in a different way. And I think that the way that I’m able to connect with people, I offer them that, the opportunity to be able to see their own experiences in a new way with fresh eyes and then operate from that space. So have accountability in ownership and, you know, being the victor and not the victim.

Beautiful. And so how does that sacred purpose reflect in the word you do out in the world?

Well I work with people … You know I’ve worked with so many different types of people. I’ve worked with the severely mentally ill. I’ve worked with people who have addiction concerns. I’ve worked with people who are dually diagnosed, so they have a little bit of both. I’ve worked with people who have trauma and depression. I also have worked with people who just want to change. Hey, you know, my life is great, but I want something else out of my life. I’ve worked with people who are struggling with relationships and relationships are the things I’m most passionate about. Relationship with self. Relationship with others.

So I think that I kind of help those people kind of find themselves, find their purpose, and change their life. And I think that working with people the way that I do and the way that I aspire to, ideally, on the radio or on TV, kind of helps me to enlarge that platform. Because there’s only one me and there’s only so much that I can do. So working on different mediums to reach a larger audience is definitely a part of my purpose.

And what’s been this common theme your soul has shared with you? Either a soulful theme or what’s the common theme that your humanness has shared with you?

When you're a child, you can do anything

When you’re a child, you can do anything.

The common theme I think is the desire for more. You know I think a lot of times we play it safe because we have been taught limitations. You know when you’re a child, you can do anything, and we want to do anything and there’s nothing logical about what you want to do. It’s about passion, it’s about whatever it is. And I think as we get a little bit older we get safe, and we put limitations on ourselves. And you know my resounding theme is the idea of more and the idea of stretching myself beyond what I ever expected. And really to remove that glass ceiling.

So briefly, before we do our break here, I understand that you have a new book out? Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I do! I’m excited! I came out with a new book a couple of weeks ago. It is called Successfully Single: Choice or Destiny? It is geared toward the single woman desiring to be in a relationship. It brings both of the worlds that I love the most together. I think it’s a little far from the traditional self help. It’s like a self help mash-up between entertainment and relationships and therapy.

So part one I created a cast of seven characters where you get to experience them in one of two ways. You either think that you’re that person or you know that person. And so you get a little bit of history about who these characters are, how they kind of have mimicked certain things in their relationships. And then part two takes you to a conference where I get to coach each character and you kind of get to see my interactions with them. And also kind of their interactions with each other because this is kind of part one of a series I’ve created. And there’s actually a little workbook on the end of that as well, because I wanted people to get some sort of inner self work going without it being too overwhelming.

The title of the book is a play on words because when we hear Successfully Single we kind of think, “Oh. The woman who’s successful and single.” But this is about the woman who’s so successful at being single that she creates obstacles that keep her out of relationships. And then the tag like Choice or Destiny is, well okay, are you successfully single by choice? Because you have done the inner self work and you’re in a space where you can choose what you want when you want it. Or do you continue to kind of run amuck and not become self aware and work on whatever things you need to work on and develop, and that becomes destiny, because you haven’t worked through some of these things that kind of get in the way.

So I’m super excited about it because it’s just a different thing and I think it’s an easy pill to swallow. You can really enjoy reading and learning about these characters and finding a way to identify with them in a way where it’s not problematic. It’s actually enjoyable and you can find some synergy. And then do the self work as well, at the end of the book.

I love that. So before we go on our break, how do people reach out to and how do they get this amazing book?

Well it’s on my website and it’s on Amazon. So you can search Amazon Successfully Single: Choice or Destiny. Or you can go to my website where you can get a personalized, signed copy. The website is

Beautiful. Okay, everyone, stay tuned. We’re going to go do a deep dive into our topic today which is with Stephanie Lee on the inner work of healthy relationships.

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