Anne GordonAnne Gordon, a zookeeper turned whale wisdom expert and a Dolphin Ambassador, joins Neva Lee Recla in exploring the sea of entrepreneur ideas. She trained wild animals for educational outreach programs and trained domestic and wild animals for movies and TV for over 20 years. Anne has been living in Panama since 2004 and is married to a man from a local indigenous tribe, called the Emberá, who still live in traditional villages deep in the rain forest of Panama. Anne pioneered the whale watching industry in Panama in 2007. She developed a close, personal spiritual relationship with the dolphins and whales and feels they are her true soul family. Listen in as she shares her expertise in creating entrepreneur ideas for animal lovers.

Hi kids. This is your super power kid Neva Lee Recla. And today we have on our show a very fantastic guest, Ann Gordon. Fun fact, she’s friends with Julian Rutledge, my very first interview ever. We both met and she’s a dolphin energy healer. That’s amazing. And she created Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats. Today we’ll be talking with Ann about entrepreneurial ideas for animal lovers. Without further ado will you help me welcome our very fantastic guest Ann Gordon.

Hi Ann.

Hi Neva. It’s a lot of fun to be here. Thanks for having me. I look forward to sharing with all of your listers.

Yeah. I’m super excited to have you on.


I’ve been talking with parents. I’ve been like, “I can’t wait to talk about dolphins and whales.”

Yeah. Who doesn’t?

I know. Sea creatures are amazing.

They absolutely are.

What are your super powers?

I would say my super power is that I can connect, no matter where I am in the world

I would say my super power is that I can connect, no matter where I am in the world.

What are my super powers? I would say my super power is that I can connect, no matter where I am in the world, whether I’m in the desert, whether I’m in the mountains, whether I’m in my own bedroom, with the dolphins and whales. And I can just sit down and ask them to send me messages, or wisdom, or help my clients and they send me … It’s like watching a movie in my mind. Just send me all these visions, and messages that to me sometimes make no sense at all. I share it with my clients, they’re like yes that’s exactly right. So I think my super power.

I love that. Yeah. That’s so cool. How did you get the idea to become a dolphin energy healer?

That’s a good question. I’ve always worked with animals. In fact, my very first spoken word was doggy. Not mom, not dad, doggy. So I’ve always loved animals. I worked as a zoo keeper. I trained animals for educational programs in schools. I took tigers out to school assemblies. And I also trained animals for movies and television. Like movies like Homeward Bound.

Air Buddies?

Snow Buddies. I did Snow Buddies.

Snow Buddies. I watch all the Buddies movies, and I love talking dogs. So it’s really cool to find out that I’m interviewing you.

Yeah. You can see my name on the screen in the credits. I did Air Buddies and Snow Buddies. I also grew up in Washington State, where my dad had a boat.


And every Summer we went out on the water, and I grew up watching the Orca whales. So since very, very young I’ve always been around the dolphins and the whales.


Yeah. So it’s been very cool. Then I got hired on a movie that was filming in the country of Panama. So I went on this film, and that film hired as the actors a tribe of Indians, who still live way out in the jungle. No electricity, no internet, not even cellphone signal.


Really. People like that still live today.

Wow. That’s awesome.

I know, it’s so amazing. So I got to spend time with them, and visit their villages on the weekends. I was so impressed by how happy they are without any technology at all. You know? They’re playing with each other, they’re having conversations, they’re just really, really happy.

Instead of Minecraft they have their own Minecraft.


They get to build their own blocks.

That’s right. They build everything they need. Their houses, their boats, everything out of nature.


And then I actually fell in love with one of them, and I married him.

That’s awesome.

So that brought me to Panama, where I still live. That’s where I’m talking to you from today.

That’s cool.

I’ve got toucan flying around out the window. So I realized that while I’m here in Panama there was nobody doing whale watching in this country. At all. And we have whales that come from both Antarctica and Alaska to breed and give birth. So we have a lot of whales, and nobody was taking anybody out to see them. So I started … I pioneered the whole industry of whale watching in this country.


I love all things spiritual

I love all things spiritual.

It wasn’t easy, but I did. Then I love all things spiritual. Medication, animal communication, telepathy, all of the wisdom we can learn and download. So I combined my spiritual love with the dolphins and whales, and created these retreats where we can go and spend five days out in the islands on a tropical paradise beach. Go out on a boat every day, and hang with the whales and dolphins. Then I teach, and lead meditation so people can develop their own deep connection with the whales.

That’s so awesome. I have another really good question.


That I’m very curious about. It’s actually my next question. When you’re healing the dolphins, how do you do it?

Well the dolphin energy healing is actually the dolphins healing you. So there’s been many, many studies and accounts of people being with dolphins and spontaneously tumors disappear, chronic back pain disappears, and people who have suffer from severe depression come out happy.


One time spending with the dolphins. So I went to a special school called Dolphin Heart World that trained me how to tap in to the dolphins. It’s almost like I’m a straw. I just step aside, I just mentally tell myself okay I’m stepping aside, dolphins I give you permission to use me as your channel to send your powerful healing energy to my clients.

That’s awesome. Yeah. They’re beautiful creatures, and I think that people are true when they say that dolphins are smarter than humans.

I’m with you. I totally agree. Now, they’ve been on this planet for 30 million years.

30 million?

30 million. And us humans it’s about 250,000 years. Very tiny amount.


So they got life figured out on this planet. How to live in harmony, how to live without war, how to treat each other with respect. So there’s a whole lot we can learn from them.

Nice. How did you come up with the idea to form a business around your love for dolphins and whales?

Well I’ll be totally honest with you. It’s because I wanted to spend as much time as I could out on the water with the dolphins and whales, and I’m not super wealthy so I didn’t have the money to hire a boat every time I wanted to go. So by creating a business around the thing I want to do the most, gets me out on the water, and I get to share it and educate the people that come with me.

Yep. That’s awesome.


I have one last question, and then we need to take a quick break. With the whales, how do you meet them up close?

Well we go out, I observe, I watch to see where they are on the boat, and the captain of the boat and I work together. We go over near the whales, but never too close. We want to be respectful.

Because they’ll swim away.

Exactly. We don’t want to push ourselves on them. So what we do is we just go kind of … Say the whale is over here, and we’re over here, we kind of angle in and then we go parallel to them.

That’s cool.

So that the whale always has the choice to swim away, or to get curious and come next to us.

That’s cool.


Where can people go to find out more about you?

Sure. My website, I’ll give you the short version, is

Awesome. You should definitely go check it out, because I was on her website earlier and I saw a bunch of amazing pictures. So we’re going to take a quick break and we’ll be right back. We’ve been talking with Ann Gordon about entrepreneurial ideas for animal lovers. We’ll be right back.

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