Perry MarshallWhat if the true essence of God exists in the intersection between science and spirituality? Perry Marshall returns to join host Tonya Dawn Recla on the SuperPower Up! Network. This time they tackle evolution, religion, spirituality and updating our perception of God. Have you ever considered what a God 2.0 version might look like? Listen in as they dive deeply into the complexities of the evolution/creation debate and provide guidance for how you can move your understanding of the divine beyond superficial polarity.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I’m super excited for this conversation today. We’re having back on this show, Perry Marshall. If you all recall back in the day, I don’t remember how long ago it aired now, but we talked to him about personal development and the business benefits of personal development specifically. And in that Perry and I realized that we have some other common intersections of an evolutionary sort. And so, we wanted to talk about his book, Evolution 2.0. It’s not just a book. Dare I say it’s a movement. It goes way beyond what you see as the words on the pages, and he’s just the embodiment of somebody who’s obviously standing in his gap and doing his work in the world. And so I’m really excited about bringing him on so we can talk about what that journey looks like, how that’s been for him, some of the things. Maybe he’ll actually give us some insights into things that have happened for him since the publication of the book.

But in prepping for the show today, the idea kept coming to me of God 2.0. I want to be really clear what I mean when I say that because I think it can be easily misinterpreted or, or interpreted, I guess, by your preference and perception. The idea of, not necessarily that we would have the audacity to think we could improve upon God, but certainly our perceptions altar. You hear his talk on the show a lot about frequencies and dimensionalities and awareness levels. As those layers peel off, we just see things very differently. You’ve heard people talking about a Bible verse