In this episode of SuperPowers of the Soul, Candice Harper, Love Coach, shares her tips about getting over a breakup. During this interview, Candice and Jennifer talk about how the first step is to feel your emotions. This creates space to understand your role in the relationship in order to move on and move up the relationship scale. Listen now to find how loving yourself is the key to getting over a breakup.

Hello everyone, and welcome. This is Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and the founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today I’m with Candice Harper and we’re going to be talking about getting over a breakup. 

Welcome, Candice. I’m so excited about this subject.

Thank you, Jennifer. I’m really excited, too. This is right in my wheelhouse, right up my alley.

I’m excited because I don’t have to get over a breakup, but we’ve all been there. You know, I always love to start my conversations with my guests with a couple of standard questions. So the first question I really want to know is, what do you consider the super power of your soul?

It takes a lot for me to give up.

The super power of my soul, I would say it’s standing for what is possible. Like, just being unstoppable.

I love that.

And standing for what’s possible for others, what’s possible for me. Just being a stand for it, and yeah, it takes a lot for me to give up.

I love that. I’m all warrior energy too, so I get that. In the Soul Language community, we talk about sacred purpose as a way of being here that really is first for yourself and then for others. I think all this stuff around mission and purpose really confuses people, and I think you’re being your mission, you’re being your sacred purpose here, even if you never interact with another soul.


But what do you consider your sacred purpose?

Well, I love that you said that because I, the thing about purpose, that I think for a lot of people, is that we have this thing where it’s like this pressure to find it, or that it’s somewhere outside of us, and I do believe that there is the purpose that is outside of us. What if we don’t, as you said, if we don’t interact with another soul, we still fulfill our purpose. There’s that. 

And then there’s also the purpose we choose. The purpose I chose for myself is to teach and inspire radical self-acceptance so that I can create healthy relationships, others can create healthy relationships, and that’s what I chose as what I want to align within life. 

Now, I might have other purposes too. Organ donation, who knows? Those are my grand universal purposes, but that’s ultimately what I feel like I’m here for and what I align myself with.

Well, I think it was so great that you included yourself in that service. The first thing was so you could have healthy relationships, right? I think, so often, especially for master healers, when I ask that purpose question, they’re like, “My purpose here is to help blah, blah,” and I’m like, I shake my head, you can see my eyes twitch, and I’m like, “No, it’s not:

Yes, we are master of services, or, I’m a master of service, and that comes from fingerprint analysis, but we’re so wanting to be of service here that we often forget that we’re part of the service agreement, and I think that can create co-dependence with our purpose, and that creates co-dependence in every area of our life. We’ll talk about that more when we’re done with the break and when we get to the meat and the relationship part of our conversation.

Okay. Totally.

I love that deep sense of acceptance, so how does your soul support others with that deep profound acceptance? What does that look in your everyday life and in your work life?

I learn practices and just daily actions that support my loving myself, accepting myself.

Yeah. Well, I’m a love coach by profession, and a lot of times when you say that to people, they think that means pick up lines, and dating, and stuff like that. But what it really is in the way that I express it, it’s, how do I … I learn practices and just daily actions that support my loving myself, accepting myself. Not blowing smoke up my own butt or telling myself a story, just love, and acceptance, admire my own strengths and accept my own weaknesses, so that I can mirror that in other people, right, when I bring other people into my life. So that’s how I express it for myself, I have my own daily practices, and I teach other people how to have a system of daily practices that support that kind of life.

I love that, and that’s really key. I think that we’re so fast-moving that people don’t totally grasp that daily practices build on each other, they keep you being focused and centered, and it’s a way of creating huge transformation on an ongoing basis. What has been a common theme that your soul has shared with you throughout your journey?

Surrender. Everything is working in your favor. Surrender. You don’t have to control every little thing. Just take inspired action. Surrender. That has been my common theme, my mantra. My soul says it to me all the time.

I love that. Being like a warrior, we don’t do very good with the word surrender, right?


But it’s like surrender, for me, means acceptance, right? 

Yeah, absolutely.

I think so many of us spend a lot of time in nonacceptance. They spend time wanting to be in Paris, but they’re really in London, and they’re insisting that they’re in Paris, right?


It’s really hard to actually be in the flow and to listen fully and completely to your soul when you’re kind of playing tug-of-war with everything around you, so I love what your soul has shared with you. My last question before the break here is, what has been a big theme around your humanness?

A big theme around my humanness? I would say leadership. Yeah. I would say, be somebody, from me, part of humanity is being somebody who, as I said earlier, stands for others and wants to inspire and set an example in some way. Not meaning that I, you know, there was a time where I sort of holding myself to a very high standard and it was perfectionism, but I sort of healed that in a way that I began to understand leadership.


So before we do break here, tell people how to get in touch with you, where they can find out more about you and your love practices?

Which is, and Candice with an I, like Candice Bergen, but Also, on Facebook, I have a business page, Candice Harper Love Coach, and you can also find my timeline if you just type in Candice Harper, and Instagram, @candylovecoach.

Love it. All right, everyone, I want you to stay tuned with me. This is Jennifer Urezzio and Candice Harper, and we’re going to be talking after the break about getting over a breakup.

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