Is it really possible to live a spiritual journey through food? On this episode of High Frequency Healing, Kathleen Gage joins HFH host AngelaMarίa to share her spiritual experience through food. Having participated in her first full marathon at the age of 61, completing her first sprint triathlon shortly after her 64th birthday, celebrating her 65th birthday with a half marathon, Kathleen is working toward certification through eCornell University with the plant-based nutrition program and writing her next book, Discover the REAL Fountain of Youth; Plant Based Eating for Health, due for release in summer, 2019. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how creating a level of success many entrepreneurs aspire to achieve, Kathleen discovered a passion that had been percolating under the surface for years; a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Her book on plant-based eating shows it’s never too late to take control of one’s health.

Hello this is AngelaMaría one of the SuperPower Up! hosts and you are listening to High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take. Here and now to heal your life.

Let’s take a deep breath in the here and now. I invite you to enjoy this time together. So here we go. Let’s welcome Kathleen Gage to my show today. We will be talking about spiritual journey through food. As a marketing and business strategist, Kathleen Gage has made it her mission to teach solo and small business owners how to become visible to the market through the power of clarity over message and to package the core message into speaking engagements, books, information products, and consulting and coaching services creating a level of success, many entrepreneurs aspire to achieve. Kathleen has discovered a passion that has been percolating under the surface for years. A whole food plant based lifestyle. Kathleen participated in her first 5K marathon at the age of 61. Completing her first triathlon shortly after her 64th birthday. Celebrating her 65th birthday with a half marathon. Kathleen is working for certification through eCornell University with the plant based nutrition program and writing her next book, Discover the Real Fountain of Youth: Plant Based Eating for Health due to release in summer 2019. Her book on plant based eating shows it’s never too late to take control of one’s health. 

Wow! Kathleen, welcome to my show! It was hard to read all of this! How are you? 

Thank you so much, AngelaMaría. It’s so great to be here, thank you.

Thank you so much. Tell me, what’s your healing superpower, Kathleen?

I would say my superpower is my willingness to do things differently than I was doing it, so that I can be better at what I’m going to be doing.

What is my superpower? You know, I would say my superpower is my willingness to do things differently than I was doing it, so that I can be better at what I’m going to be doing.

Whoa! I love that! Would you tell please, think back to your early years, and name one memorable life lesson that is usable for you today in what you do.

That is such a great question. I would say it’s not too far in the past, it’s about 8-9 years ago and it was care-taking my mother, and watching her health deteriorate and what that really did to me on an emotional and on a spiritual level. To be her caretaker and then to actually be there when she made her transition and realizing that a lot of what her health issues were, were really self-imposed. For me, it gave me the foundation of everything that I do today, which is taking full responsibility for my emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Kathleen, you said that her illness was self-imposed. What do you mean by that?

Really what it was, is that through the types of foods that she ate, she was at one point a very active alcoholic, drank an awful lot, and I’ve been 35 years sober, so I’m not passing judgment on that, that was just the path that she took, but just a lot the behaviors of not having regular exercise and movement and really being dependent on our health care system in a way that she gave her power away to the doctor. I see that a lot with people where they give so much power to this so called authority, that if you look at it, in the healthcare system, the number 1 cause of death in the United States, is the medical system. Because of malpractice and misdiagnosis over medicating people, so, with my mother, it really was about decades and decades of either a lack of certain activities or the engagement of certain activities that really gave her a very unhealthy lifestyle.

And you know what? That whole situation, because that goes along with one of my life phrases that I am the creator of my life. It’s not that life happens to me. I make it happen. With my choices, with the way I think, with the way I feel, with the way I see things and the way I react or those experiences in life. I really love this, because that’s what I believe. That healing your life is just a mile staking responsibility for your choices and the way that you live your life. It’s not that “Oh poor me, that I incarnated this weak body.” It’s just about the decisions we make every day to recreate your body. So thank you so much for that, I think it’s really pretty valuable topic.

We create our reality in many ways.

Thank you. And recently, actually very recently, I just finished a goal that I set for a one month period, and it was to run 100 miles during the month. As I was doing it, I belong to a group of women on Facebook, it’s a private group where we’re all, I would say we’re all over the age of 60, and all of us are into health and fitness, and it’s a small group, it’s about 30 women, and every day I would post videos of the run that I took for that day. And I realized when I finished that 100 miles in less than a month, is that had I not done something every single day, and it’s like you say, “we create our reality in many ways,” and sometimes there’s things that happen in life that depending on the foundation that we have, will determine how we handle it. If we handle it with grace, or if we handle it with fear, or we handle it with stress.

As I finished my 100 mile commitment. It felt incredibly, incredibly empowering and 2: I realized that it didn’t happen by me putting it off every day and saying “I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow.” What I did is every single day I took little actions which the little actions for me were running anywhere from 3-5 miles, so that by the end of the month, I hit my goal.

And a lot of times people give their power away to tomorrow. Or they give their power away to somebody else to make decisions for them instead of taking full responsibility for their health and there are some situations, I don’t want to imply that every situation is their fault, but it’s really about being accountable and being more responsible for the choices that we make.

Yeah, it’s not about “Is my fault or not”, it’s more about “ok, this is what I can right now. How can I make it better?”

Absolutely. Absolutely. 

We think this is really changing the way we’ve learned to live our lives. Not that something happen to me, I made it happen and I can create something way better than that if I just make the decision.

Absolutely. And I just recently started reading a book called The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma.

Me too Kathleen!

I love that book! I love that book!

It’s awesome!

He’s awesome! And what’s interesting is that book is part of my reading of another expert that I follow, Hal Elrod, with The Miracle Morning. And so my reading time with The Miracle Morning which is a 6 step process, is Robin’s book, and I am getting so much value from the information that he provides in that book. And it’s like a fairy tale. He tells it in just a couple or 3 fictional characters, but the lessons are so profound, and it does really about the daily actions that we take will create the life that we have, the quality or the lack thereof.

Yeah, and the energy that you respond with every day. We make a difference. If you wake up completing, feeling sleepy, feeling no energy and you don’t do anything to change that, that how your life and your day and your week and your month is going to wear.


Change that energy. OH my God, I love this Kathleen. So before we go to a very little break, Kathleen, where can people go to find out more about you?

Oh, thank you for asking. There’s 2 websites: One is, and also

So we’ve been talking with Kathleen Gage, talking about spiritual journey through food. When we come back from this short break, we are going to talk more about her healing with her father. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.