Lisa CaprelliLisa Caprelli, author of seven best selling books like Unicorn Jazz, joins Neva Lee Recla to share her insight on how to become an entrepreneur. Lisa helps leaders create innovative ideas. She enjoys writing, teaching and understanding human behavior to improve relationships. She is also the host of the Happy Lifestyle Online Show. Listen in as Lisa and Neva share about how to become an entrepreneur and how kids can start business.

Hi, kids. This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla. And today, I’m so excited for our interview. We are talking about how to become an entrepreneur. And I think that’s such a great topic because when I was two and I became an entrepreneur, it changed my life forever. And our guest today, her name is Lisa Caprelli and she knows just what that’s like.

She’s an author of several books that have gone all over and some of those books are Unicorn Jazz Coloring Books and Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds.

Without further ado, will you help me welcome our guest, Lisa Caprelli.

Welcome. Hi, Neva. Yes, how exciting.

Thank you. I’m so excited for this interview.

Wonderful. Me too.

What are your super powers?

Well, I feel that ever since I was a little girl, probably around seven, I always love to write. And I grew up really shy, really quiet, really introverted would be a proper word. And so I wrote a lot. I wrote a lot in the classroom. When the teachers say to journal a paragraph, I would journal three pages full of words. And so I feel that because I grew up really quiet and shy, that I learned how to observe the world because what do you do when you’re not talking?

You’re watching.

You’re observing. So I picked up a lot. I’ve spent my life so far studying human behavior and studying what makes for a good writing, for good talks. And so I would say my super power would be being able to take someone’s vision into action steps, into something amazing.

When you tell me like what your vision is, my super power is I’m able to see it, think ahead, think of all the incredible connections I have and how we can make it not just a dream but a reality.

That’s really cool. That’s a good superpower to have.

Thank you.

A lot of people have trouble dreaming about that and so they can’t make it a reality for themselves or for someone else.

Well, your idea is worth zero unless you execute it and that comes really tremendous hard work, perseverance, a great team to have behind you

Well, your idea is worth zero unless you execute it and that comes really tremendous hard work, perseverance, a great team to have behind you.

Very true. And a lot of people, they have an idea or they will say, “I have a million-dollar idea.” Well, your idea is worth zero unless you execute it and that comes really tremendous hard work, perseverance, a great team to have behind you.

I agree. And that again is like such a great power to have because a lot of people don’t, they can’t look and see what they have. They can’t go, “Oh, I can make my dream into a reality.”

Right. Like you. Let me put the question back to you. When you had your idea to do what you do and look at how young and amazing to have this platform, how did you start with your idea?

Well, for my business when I was two, I saw that my parents had business cards and I was like, “I want to hand out business cards.” I didn’t really know what they were at that time. And so I had a conversation with my parents and their original answer was no. But then they didn’t make business cards for me. Then, we realized, I need to have a business for my business cards.

And so I started selling Italian glass bracelets which was really fun and then, here, I saw my mom was doing Super Power Experts and doing her podcast. And we had a conversation and she said, “I don’t really want to coach kids.” And I said, “No, mom, I would be coaching them.” And that’s why I’m here.

Awesome, congrats.

Thank you. So what is your favorite book you’ve written so far?

Okay, well, I’m pressured between two and I have them. So the first book is Unicorn Jazz and who doesn’t love unicorns. So when I first had the idea to write the book, remember, I’m a visionary. I had the idea and I probably wrote it in about a week and then inviting people I know. I sometimes don’t know how I do that sometimes.

My other book Skip