Dwayne J ClarkDwayne J. Clark, CEO of Aegis Living and Founder of True Productions, joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about how to restore meaningful conversation to the family dinner table. Dwayne is an author, playwright and current President of The D1 Foundation. He is a storyteller by nature. Listen to this powerful, inspirational man discuss how giving back is integral to living on purpose. He and Jennifer share stories and ideas for restoring connections and stories with the family. Tune in now!

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. I am so excited today ’cause I’m with Dwayne J. Clark and we’re going to talk about how to restore meaningful conversations at the dinner table.

Welcome, Dwayne, how are you?

Good morning. I’m fantastic.

Me too. I’m glad to hear it. And so, I always like to start off these conversations with some kind of get to know you questions and one of my favorites is, what do you consider the super power of your soul?

Wow, what a phenomenal question to ask me first thing on West Coast in the morning. I think the super power of my soul has to do with kindness.

A nice superpower. I love it.


And so, we all have this kind of sacred purpose. So often, we talk about sacred purpose within the program and it’s really about what you’re really profoundly experiencing and then offer that experience to others. So, in that definition, what do you consider your sacred purpose?

Well, I think you’d have to dwell into my background a little bit. I was raised in a super poor family where often times, we didn’t have enough food to eat and now I’m running a company that has multi-billion dollars in assets and so it’s kind of a true American success story and when you look around and there’s a lot of wonderment about “How did this happen? Why did this happen to me?” I even have a statistician do an odds. What are the odds of me having this kind of success and there was a point and then six zeros and then a two behind it. So, it’s really incredible. When you look at that, you kind of wonder, “How do I give back? How do I repay society for awarding me this success and living me this great life?” A Big Life, the book, is part of my payment back for that. All the proceeds of this book, the profits from this book, go to charity, as do all my books. So, that’s kind of my back story.


Wow. So, it sounds like your sacred purpose is not only to receive, but also to give back.

Yeah. I feel that is a compelling reason for my existence.

Beautiful. So, we always talk about big themes of what our soul shares with us in the show and one of the big themes of my life has really been about connection, really how to consciously connect, how to create more consciousness in my life and the lives of others. What have been some of the big themes of your journey and what your soul has shared with you?

I think we all have a divine purpose

I think we all have a divine purpose.

Well, I think we all have a divine purpose. The interesting thing is really awakening to it and finding out what it is and then accepting it and carrying along that path and there have been so many awakenings for me, I think. I just finished a 20 minute meditation session before I came on this show and I always try to do something big during the holidays and so, I think you have to look at what your calling is and I find during my meditation, sometimes those things come to you. As we talked about before, one of my secret purposes is giving back and acting in kindness. But having an awareness about the opportunities around you, I think, is critical as well.

Yeah. I would agree. And so, how does that awareness come in for you? Is it during meditation? Are there other ways that you gain that awareness? How does that happen for you?

Well, I’m a big person on manifesting. So, in my bathroom, I have a board that’s seven feet tall and three feet wide and there are all these kinds of things that I try to manifest and sometimes when you manifest, it doesn’t turn out exactly like you thought it would, but then the end result is probably like it is. And so, sometimes, opportunities come to me in weird ways and I’ll look at my manifest board and one of the things that I have on there is random acts of kindness. And so, I’ll be going through my day and I’ll meet someone that I think would be a good candidate for that. There’s an opportunity there and I’m like, “Okay, this is how that person’s showing up in my life today. I’m supposed to do something for that person.” But you have to awaken to the opportunity when it presents itself.

Yeah and you also have to be generous and step out of your own fear and really be consciously connecting and also knowing that as you give, you’ll receive, so you’ll be provided for. Before we go to the break here and then we’re going to come back and we’re going to talk about how to restore meaningful conversation at the family dinner table, can you give out a way people can reach out to you to learn more about you and to get the book, A Big Life?

Sure. My personal website’s dwaynejclark.com or I’ll give people, also, my personal email, which is dwayne.clark@aegisliving.com. So, either way.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone, stay tuned because we’re going to talk more with Dwayne about really connecting more at the family dinner table.

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