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JP Sears IS Ultra Spiritual. From the creator of the comedic persona to the huge-hearted emotional healing coach, JP Sears definitely makes his mark on the world. Whether he’s using smart humor to help us see our incongruities or holding space for someone going through a tough time, JP is the embodiment of connection and compassion. Listen in as he shares his perspectives, methodogolies and some laughs with Super Power Experts.

Show Notes

Hello everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I am so excited. I know our whole network is very, very excited. I may have let it slip and I was going to be talking to this gentleman today. I know that they’re on edge and eagerly awaiting this Podcast. But this man needs no introduction. I will say, however, what really struck me in looking over his bio and reviewing for this interview. I love the idea of an Emotional Healing Coach. I know we’ve seen that. I know that it’s not necessarily an earth-shattering title, but I like the fact that he identifies as that. And you’re going to understand why I say that here in a minute when he comes on. But regardless, I know if any of you have been on social media in the last I don’t know decade, then, for sure have seen his “Ultra-Spiritual” videos coming through. And so, I’m tickled to have with me today J.P. Sears. Thank you for joining us J.P.

You’re welcome Tonya. I appreciate you being weird enough to have me on.

Absolutely. As I said within the decade, but it strikes me I didn’t ask how long have you been doing the Ultra Spiritual brand?

Just over two years. So, I’ve been in the helping profession, if you will, doing emotional healing work with people for about past 15 years. Yet the sharing my perspective through the language of humor, which is through my Ultra Spiritual videos, that’s been just the past two years. So, relatively a young toddler walking around in my life.

I was wondering why 10 years had come through, so I think that explains it though. Perhaps that the seed was planted and it was looming around that time. But, anyway, off topic. So, jumping in, what are your Super Powers?

That’s a good question. I have no idea, but what I think my Super Powers are would be connection and creativity. I think the two Cs. I actually think that those two Super Powers are probably one and the same. I think creativity comes from our connection to a source that is beyond who we think we are. So, I think creativity comes from connection, and I think connecting to self and others is a beautiful act of creation. In fact, maybe that’s all there is when it comes to creation and just many different symbolic expressions of it.

I like that. And you mentioned the comedy aspect with the Ultra-Spiritual Persona you’ve got going on there. And I think that’s why I really just love the whole Emotional-Healing-Coach-concept because it’s easy to look at and think, “Oh, you’re just poking fun at this.” But there’s so many intricacies there, aren’t there?

Yeah there are. There are a lot of intricacies in my opinion. and the comedy videos I do, like you said, some people would think, “Yeah, he’s always making fun of spirituality.” And I would say, “Well, that’s not my point of view on it.” My point of view is, I’m playing with it. And I don’t like to do videos on things that are not important to me because I don’t want to come from a place of the energy of condescending judgment. You can get cheap laughs, and probably a lot of them through condescending judgment, where humor is used essentially to hurt. It’s a bit of a bully archetype that can happen. What’s important to me is to let humor be an alchemist for healing, levity, and letting go of that which doesn’t serve. So, everything I talk about in my videos, the subject matter, it’s all important to me. And then the shadow side, behaviors, thinking, and feelings that I expressed in the videos, that all comes from my shadow side. My videos are part of how I shine the light on my own shadows for my own therapy. And if someone else can see some helpful self-reflections in it, then that’s just an added bonus from my selfish perspective.

I love it. I talk a lot about our daughter on this show. She’s seven and quite the guide unto herself. She’s going to launch Super Powered Kids. I’ve had her on the show a few times to interview her about her visions with that. So we’ve watched the parenting video that you did. I don’t know if you were the one, the one we watched was the “How To Be A Powerful Parent.” Oh, my goodness! That was amazing! It was such a great experience to watch it with her because I just let her go with it. And I prefaced this by saying that this is going to be somebody I’m going to be talking with on the podcast. And so, she was watching, as you watched all of the contemplations going on. She’s trying to figure out how serious you are, or not serious, and why would you say that. And then he’s got this little doll! It provoked so many really cool conversations with us. It was neat to be watching it as the parent with her, and being able to identify with, “Oh, I’ve done that a time or two.” And having her there to be able to say, “Oh, wow. I bet that probably didn’t feel really good when I did that.” Yeah, no. It didn’t. I don’t know if that was your intention, but it served as a really neat talking stick, where you pass it around each other. It served as a cool space between us, where we had come at each other with this honest way because you highlighted a lot of it. And certainly, I was guilty of more than one of those. I was like, “Oh, ouch! Yeah. OK, we’ve got to atone for that.”

How old is your daughter?

She’s 7

OK you mention that. Yeah, I find it fascinating. I’ve had as a number of young people, I think seven is probably the youngest, who tell me that’s their favorite video. It stayed with me, like why is that? I imagine, for a child, it’s not the most visually entertaining or dynamic video. And I just wonder, now that I’m hearing you mentioned that your lovely seven-year-old got into it, that’s a video that represents the voice for a child that they haven’t known how to voice. And actually, in a way, that video is my inner child’s voice. Talking about some of the experiences that I’ve had that are typically just not talked about because our child, at least for me, it was impossible to put those things into words. And even if I did know how to put them into words, they wouldn’t feel safe for me to speak about to my family. I think it’s pretty fascinating that you can have that open conversation with your daughter.

Oh, it was awesome. And then these little ones, to me, I don’t know how much interaction you have had with some of this whole crew that’s come in here lately, they’re pretty clear that it’s not status quo with them. I remember looking at my husband early on I was like, “Make no mistake about it, might-is-right will never work with this child.” And they just didn’t come here to live in the world that we were all raised in.

We had the opportunity to speak to some young people and it was so amazing for me the information that came through about how we didn’t really get the world ready for you. We got some catching up to do because they don’t fit in. It doesn’t work. They don’t get some of the tactics and techniques. I remember when all of the equality of marriage stuff was going on, and just talking with some young folks. I don’t have a ton of interaction with that generation all the time, but I certainly am trying to have more. It was like, why are we talking about this? Like what is wrong with you people? What’s the big deal? And they’re just living their lives. They get a really bad rap for it. But I think that’s a big thing that your video did, as well. Is it just does. It starts to bring some of that, like all of your videos do. I just watched the “Cleansing” one. What was that? “Cleanse hard or go home,” or however you phrase that. But it was just bringing us up to the surface that that if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve got pieces within us that are saying those things. We’ve got parts of us that are in conflict with certain things, like I should be doing this, or I should be doing that. And social media is really great for should-ing all over all of us. And it’s like, what do you do with that? And for you to bring it forward to fit this caricature, it’s just very adorable. It’s just perfect. You really do open a space for even just dialoguing within yourself. Like do I agree with that? Do I? Wait, hold on a second. There is a piece of me that really agrees with what he’s saying.

I appreciate that perspective. I’m a big fan of telling myself, and I tell this to myself often because I need to hear it, often. Don’t believe everything you think. Don’t believe that everything that you think you think is all that you think. 

So, it’s like we need to find new space. What we think, yes, let’s allow that to be that important. Like thank God, we have thoughts. They’re great. And sometimes we really vilify them because I think when we get stuck in them, it can work against us. And honestly when we get stuck in anything, including our emotions, including relationships. If we’re stuck in anything, I think it works against us. Including our thoughts.

But believing all of our thoughts, to me, that’s hell on earth. It really is. So find a space to be in that’s not just our thoughts, so that we can have our thoughts, but not believe our thoughts. That to me, that’s a space of liberation.

I think one of the things I love about, honestly, making my videos, what it does for me and maybe it does for some people who watch them, is it helps me to not believe my thoughts as much. The videos I portray a reality from an angle that’s different than how we normally relate to cleansing. I’m not just talking about cleansing and the repetitive dogmatic patterns that we’ve grown to know or love. Or parenting not just talking about that, or meditating. I think there’s nothing more liberating than not believing what we think. And I think there is not much more of that is scarier for the human ego than to not believe what we think.

I think you’re spot on there. And where it came out for us was when I started asking. I’m like, OK, if I’m going to tell people Super Powers are real, I got a start telling them what kind of Super Powers are out there and how do we know if we have them. So, it put me on this whole trajectory. One of them that came forward, like screaming, was mind-reading and really understanding what thought energy is, and how we get it, and that all of our minds are connected. All the mind can really access is information that we’ve either done before, or other people have done, and that is not a very helpful evolutionary tool. So, where would mind-reading come into that? Which, of course, is just tapping into the notion that we pick up information from outside of ourselves. And sometimes, it’s not that helpful. It’s not necessarily truth and maybe everybody else’s not truthful thoughts. So, really starting to deconstruct that.

And a technique that I found, my husband thought I was crazy for a little bit, but I kept blowing. And he’s like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “Just get it off of me.” And then I had visions of this energy just shooting out of my face and like everything just get off of me! And I finally realized that if I can just keep my awareness outside of myself, which is counterintuitive because we teach people to ground and embody and all these other things. But then it’s keeping all that information off of me, and then I can look at it outside of me, and bring it in. I think what it really was doing was it just wasn’t making it personal. And so, the second you bring it in, it starts to solidify somewhere in your body, whether it’s an emotion or a thought or whatever. And now you’ve got to deal with all the repercussions of doing that process. And you can’t even really look at the information as pure information anymore because it’s been tainted with out everything you’ve got buried in bug down that blob of all that stuff. And so, just for me, it’s just a matter of envisioning it off of me. I tell people, keep it in the cloud. You can access the cloud at all times. And some people just can’t trust that. So, I was like OK you get a personal hard drive, but it’s off of you. It’s over here. Like not your brain, but here is this independent hard drive. Put it on the hard drive. That’s it there.

That is a freakin amazing analogy. I love that.

You’re welcome to it.

I will use that. I’ll have to pay you royalties. That creates a very therapeutic image and guide for this intangible abstract thing that is so therapeutic. Like, observe your thoughts, don’t take it so personally, be outside of them. That’s awesome but it’s so abstract. To me I just feel very grounded with this analogy you gave. So thank you for that.

Well, and for what it’s worth, some people are more prone to the thought stuff, and then other people with the emotion. So, I started giving people a separate hardware for their emotions, especially to the true empaths, or people who get their intuition through emotional energy. It’s like they just couldn’t synthesize that information once it is in them because it was just too confusing and so. So, I do know that the emotional, well not emotional like a lot of feelings, but the ones who utilize emotional energy in unique ways, and so that tended to help also.

But anyway, you’re welcome to it. I am super sensitive too to your time and I told you I’d honor that. The one quick thing I did want to say is, give a shout out to Brock Bowen for connecting us. He’s amazing and you all can go listen to his podcast interview I did with him. He is the reason why J.P. and I were able to connect. So, shout out to Brock Bowen for that. (The Wizard Entrepreneur Brock Bowen)

Yes. Thank you, Brock.

Yes. And I know have our folks who want to find out more about you. And, of course,, is there anywhere else you would like for us to send them?

Well, whatever your social media addiction of choice is, all of my social media are AwakenWithJP. So, if you choose self-medicate and dissociate from life through Snapchat Facebook YouTube or Instagram you can find me on all that stuff.

Perfect. Well awesome. JP, thank you so much for the work that you do in the world. It just warms my heart to know that you’re out there pushing the envelope in your space. We always love to connect those folks and know that we support you and however we can do that. Be sure to call on us.

Well, thank you, Tonya. I really appreciate that and I appreciate you having me on this offering of yours to the world. It means a lot to me. And my, probably, not-so-delusional judgment of you is you’re a very genuine person, and you’re just a delight to talk with and connect with.

Thank you. Thank you. Likewise, And I like the synergy. I’m going to keep setting the intention that that we create more of that.

I like that idea.

Very cool. And to all of you out there, as always, we appreciate your loyalty. And until next time, go out and uncover your Super Powers, and change the world. Take care everyone.

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As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization.. Tonya continues as a lifelong student of energy manipulation, transmutation, clair senses, intentional molecular creation, etc. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience.
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