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Adam MarkelHave you ever stopped to think about how love can define an entrepreneur? The Beatles said it best…”All you need is love!”  No, really…what if that is all you ever needed for your business to succeed? Adam Markel is the CEO of More Love Media, a company dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to re-imagine a world where they can thrive. Adam joins host Justin Recla to explore the concept of how love can define an entrepreneur.
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Welcome to Incorporating SuperPowers. I am your host, Justin Recla, and today, I have the honor of interviewing one of my favorite people on the planet. This man has had a huge impact on my life by proxy through my daughter. He’s been a mentor of mine. He’s been a mentor to my daughter and he comes from a very heart-centric place. 

As a matter of fact, his entire message pivots on the concept of love. And so today we’re going to be talking about how love can define an entrepreneur and really looks at the heart and essence of that. So it’s my honor to welcome somebody that I call my brother, Adam Markel, to the show. 

Adam, thanks for being here, brother.

I love that introduction, Justin. That’s beautiful. Yeah. I’m actually.. I was getting ready to take notes and then you introduced me. What an honor for me. I appreciate it.

So Adam, again, thank you so much for being here. And you know, one of the things that I love about your message and what you do is everything pivots on love. So before we dive into how you’re doing things differently, let’s take a look at the elephant in the room. Let’s take a look at what you’re seeing in your industry. What everybody knows and feels what’s going on at the underlying. They’re just tired of it and let’s examine that. What would you say is the biggest issue that people are just tired of looking at? They know it’s there and you, guys like you, are calling it out. What is that?

Oh my God. I love… First of all, I love the question. That is a very, very difficult question, brother, because it’s almost like saying, you know, pick one.

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Pick one.

Pick one thing, yeah, exactly. But I’m going to do it. I take up the challenge for you. What do I want to call BS on and you let me know if I can actually use the four letter word. If I can’t, I won’t.

Absolutely. This is a fully explicit show. You’re talking to a former Army guy here. There might be some f-bombs.

It’s an adult show. All right. So when appropriate, I will. I am from New York originally, so I don’t have a problem with it. Yeah, I mean, look, I think if we’re talking about the self help industry, I don’t know if that’s the industry we’re speaking about specifically, but if that’s the case, first of all, I’m a lover of it. I’m a fan of it. My pivot story is that I was a lawyer for 18 years, the opposite of the self-help space. I was an attorney in New York and in New Jersey, a litigation attorney and a real estate attorney, a number of other things including miserable and unhappy and angry a lot.

So I just couldn’t wake up every day for the rest of my life being miserable and angry and unhappy, and after 18 years… Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t like 18 months in the practice of law and said, “I can’t handle it anymore.” No, I had a pretty good capacity for handling that level of misery, and at some point I just realized I’d be dead. I would. And I had a reason to be alive. I’m in love with my college sweetheart still to this day, we’ll be married this summer for 30 years and have four healthy kids. I was in love with my life, my family life, but not in love with my work life.

So I just had to pivot. I had to get out of that and ended up writing a book about the process of escaping the practice of anything that creates misery. It doesn’t have to be law. They don’t have a lock on misery, not by a long shot. So I ended up in the personal development space because of that, because of my own journey into myself and into finding what I really wanted to do when I grew up and if my soul were not being damaged by my daily work and my spiritual path. All these things that were completely outside of my consciousness when I was practicing law became a part of my daily practice and ultimately became the CEO of a very large company in that space.

There's a lot of selling of the easy fix for things

There’s a lot of selling of the easy fix for things.

So I got to learn, you know, from the inside what that industry is about in many ways. And unfortunately, I think there is just a lot of selling of false hope. There’s a lot of selling of the easy fix for things. I’m not going to say it’s a snake oil sales industry because it’s not, that’s not true. There are individual things inside the industry that are not exactly what they seem, you know, and that kind of thing.

I think so the BS really is that it’s quicker and it’s easier than it really is, and that people who are selling programs that make it quick fix and easy and even some of the biggest names that rah rah people into doing things that they’re not otherwise prepared to do, financially or otherwise, are just… they’re full of shit. Because if you examine their personal lives, they are not in the best of relationships and their health isn’t great and their money hasn’t always been great or isn’t great and it’s just a lot of disconnect between reality and life and what they portray on stage.

Is that fair enough?

No, that’s spot on. That’s absolutely spot on. And this is why I love your messaging because we see the same thing. I mean, our due diligence background, right? We see behind the veil on everything. It’s almost like… it’s like a curse to some extent just because of the filters that we see on everything and that’s one of the reasons why we stepped into the SuperPower arena was to present people with different options. We’re not telling you that it’s going to be easy. We’re not going to tell you that, “Hey, run to the back of the room, buy my shit and your life is going to be completely different the next day,” when we see the people on stage that are doing that. It’s like you said, you examine their life, their relationships, their whatever, and it’s not congruent with what they’re teaching. I think the personal development industry has, it’s gotten a bad rap to some extent because of that.

But this show is not about highlighting the negative. This show is about highlighting, calling out the bullshit, because that’s really what’s going on, right, but uplifting you and other people that are doing things that are completely different. So let’s talk about your message, love, and why and how does that define an entrepreneur who’s out there trying to change the world? Whether it be in the personal development industry or some other industry. How does love play into the equation?

Well, this is… To me this is the root cause of everything in our lives. Whether it’s pick any area and the results that we have or the feelings that we walk around with, whether we are happy or joyful or peaceful or prosperous, any of those things that we seek are the result of how we, at the root cause, how we feel about ourselves. And the basic level of feeling is something we’ll call love. So we have a definition of love that we’ve established early on in our lives, usually