Purdeep SanghaIs the journey different for male entrepreneurs? Purdeep Sangha, mentor to male entrepreneurs, thinks so. Purdeep’s personal mission is to help men live more fulfilling lives, have passionate relationships and raise happy families. He joins Tonya Dawn Recla as they talk about the importance of niching your business and being in service to your tribe. Don’t miss this episode full of guidance and experience to empower you to fully walk your path.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And as always I’m very excited about this show. You know, this show lights me up.  I love talking to new people and exciting people and people who are walking their walk and talking their talk and have the courage to do that.

Folks, I know so many of you are sitting in that space of like, I know I need to get out there. I, I know that I have this mission. I know that I’ve been given this advice and I know I’m supposed to be following it and it’s super frightening and I get that. I really do like it takes so much courage to walk your path. And the irony is, is that once you do when you get to, like you take a step and you realize you didn’t die and nobody killed you and it was like it was okay and then you take another step and it gets easier and easier and easier and easier.

So I love these interviews where we can uplift people who are clearly walking their path, they show you like it is okay. It is absolutely okay to show up in your hugeness and your brilliance and your bigness. And for sure there are people that are going to talk about that. But so what, let them bounce off of you, right? That you don’t, you don’t have to be in the experience of that and there are techniques that we can teach you that, of how to do that. But if nothing else, learn from the fact that there are people doing it and they’re still here. They’re still walking the world. They’re still doing their stuff and it’s totally okay. And not only that, but they’re having fun and they have families and they have spouses and they have children and they live life just like you do, just perhaps with a little bit more clarity and divine inspiration.

And so that to me encompasses our guest today. I’m laughing because we could take this conversation in probably about a thousand different directions. But what I really want to focus on today is that we have Purdeep Sangha with us, and he talks about the male entrepreneur. Now that may seem like, okay, so what, like the male entrepreneur, there are some female entrepreneurs and there are male entrepreneurs, but unless you really walked this path, I don’t know that you can fully appreciate just what it takes to come out and say, this is the population I want to work with. This is who I’m being drawn to work with. This is who I’m being called to work with. This is who I know I can assist in the biggest way possible because, and I don’t want to put words in his mouth so we’ll ask him here in a second.

But for us at least there, there were a number of times where it was like, the fear is, well, if we super niche down then, then what? Right when we miss out on all this other opportunity. And I know that that’s a really natural part of a lot of entrepreneurs journeys. However, the irony is, is that super niching down, your business explodes, right? So, when I got the call for Super Powers, it was that way and it was like, first of all, that’s crazy. Like who does Super Powers and that’s asinine and Marvel’s got that covered. We don’t need to do that. And what’s happened is it gives some, people start to build a box inside their minds about where to put you.

It makes referring easy, it makes relationship-building easy. It makes it very clear. It’s kind of like when you finally say, I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time as a kid choosing a favorite animal or a favorite color or whatever. Like it just felt too limiting. Right? I was a little bit not cool with a commitment at that stage and the, but once you do, it’s like then everybody identifies you with that, right? And that’s part of our fear as entrepreneurs is that we’re going to get pigeonholed, but your business does need to get pigeonholed. And I think that Purdeep as a great example of what that looks like. And so I’m going to stop talking about him and instead talk with him if you’ll join me in welcoming him to the show. Welcome, Purdeep.

Hey, thanks Tonya, I appreciate the opportunity to be on your show.


Oh, well we appreciate you coming here. And, and so before we dive into kind of the ins and outs and the why’s and everything else, and I’d imagine it’ll come up when I asked this question, some of it at least, let’s go with what is your Super Powers?

A lot of men are focused on success and achievement, but my super power is really helping them live a more fulfilling life and a more abundant life.

A lot of men are focused on success and achievement, but my super power is really helping them live a more fulfilling life and a more abundant life.

Well, yeah, that’s a that’s a loaded question. So my super power is really helping men and it’s helping men find their path. It’s helping men live to a higher purpose and really create some more, what I would say, fulfillment and peace in their lives. So a lot of men are focused on success and achievement, but my super power is really helping them live a more fulfilling life and a more abundant life.

So that comes in a number of different ways. I specifically focus on entrepreneurs because I see the challenges that men face in business and how that impacts them. So my super power is I have a bunch of business strategy and tactics background that is traditionally my background is business and strategy. But then I also have the other side, which is really the life skills and you know, you and I talked about the neuroscience and the psychology behind it. And so being able to blend the two together because there’s a lot of coaches out there that coach on the life side and there are coaches that coach on the business side, but there’s very few that have both sides of the equation to help individuals in business. And that’s what I like to think that I bring to the table here.

Well, and I would add to that. There’s very few who are actually living that and you look at your very impressive resume and you’ve got some really boring things in there, like financial management and business operations, right? The things that it’s like, I think when people get into the entrepreneur thing, they we’d like to forget about because it’s like, oh, find your passion and make money at it. And it’s like, eh, you know, business is very formulaic. It’s like finances are very formulaic and nobody really wants to talk about that piece of it. But what I find is that if you’re not willing to talk about and address those pieces and do that, that aspect of the work, then it doesn’t work and you do, I mean fulfillment is near impossible in that space because there are certain things that aren’t being attended to in the business.

And you know, it’s one thing to say you want to live a fulfilling life, but it’s another thing to say you want to build a livelihood that allows you to lead a fulfilling life and now you’ve put yourself in the position of, you know, now having to become kind of a business expert, at least for your business. And I don’t think that the industry is being honest with people about that. So I appreciate that you are, I appreciate that you’re coming out and saying, look like, yes, it can be about fulfillment and all these other things, but with your background, I’d that those strategies also incorporate that because without it, a lot of dissatisfied people.

Oh, absolutely. You can talk to people about living a fulfilling life and growing their business, but unless you can show them the strategy and, and you’re, you’re paying on when it comes to the finances. Because one of the things I realized early on in working with entrepreneurs is that a lot of them really sucked at their finances and they were doing great, from everything, from a sales and marketing perspective. But on the backend, they were bleeding money. And I, it took me a while to figure it out because that was one of them, I would say mid or last topics I would talk about, but I soon figured out that, okay, no, I got to talk about this right out front and say, “How are your finances, how are you managing it?” Because I actually ended up in some pretty, I would say not bad situations you learn from it, but situations where clients couldn’t even pay me because they, I didn’t find out until a few months in that they were in such a bad financial spot.

Well, and by that, that takes some kahuna is there to jump in like right away and go, “So let’s talk about money,” because there is a perception, especially in the do-good space, especially in the, what we call the woo woo spaces and their spiritual spaces are the business development spaces like consulting like everybody’s got this pie in the sky dream, right?

That’s why they leave their jobs and they burn their ships and they burn their bridges and they do all these things because Aha, they’re going to take this stand and become entrepreneurs and it’s great. Jump off the cliff. That’s fine. You better have some support or some sensibility along the way if you plan to catch yourself. And so that component I go back to, I think it’s really being left off and, and I do want to get into the fulfillment and the psychology and all the fun superpower stuff so nobody freak out, we’re not just going to talk about finances and business, but we have to, right?

What's your business strategy?

What’s your business strategy?

We have to say that if you don’t have that as a solid, strong foundation, all of your efforts are for not. And I see the same thing you do. A lot of people are kind of fizzling out, you know, they get the influencer status or they get the numbers. They go after the fun, sexy stuff, but there’s no back in now I can’t tell you, the number of people that come to us is like, “Oh, where should I put my podcast?” I’m like, “Well why do you have one? Like what’s your business strategy?” “Well, what do you mean?” Like, well where are you? What are you doing it for? Like what’s the point, like what are you building into? What are you funneling into? What’s your convergence bottle? Like, what are you selling? Do you know? And then it’s, they want to do the fun, superficial stuff. And so I appreciate that you’re willing to have those conversations. I think they’re important.

Yeah. Very important. Because the marketing and the sales are sexy and the fun stuff. It’s the backend that really is the foundation of a business as you mentioned, the operational components.

Yeah. I think I’m not normal because I actually liked that piece. Like I love since I, we were joking in our marriage, I was like, dude, we can systemize sex and have a, I would absolutely process and systemized sex. Because it’s like, it’s addictive, right? You start outsourcing and processing and systemizing and things are running smoothly.

It’s like, oh what else can we do this with? What else can we do this with? And that, of course, creates its own fair share. Like, you know, automation and systems are great, but you, you know, the people part and the oversight and management, like we can get into that all day long. But I love that aspect of it. Like I love when that you can kind of look at it and break it down to like the simplest components.

And that’s what we did with the podcast is we actually created like the McDonald’s of podcasting where I put pickle here, right? And we broke it down to the smallest task possible, which was how we were able to scale it as well as we did and as quickly as we did. But that kind of stuff lights me up and I as I said, I might, there may be a flaw in my code too, I quote my daughter there.

Anyway, so I want to, we’re gonna take a quick break, but when we come back, I want to dive into like this, this concept of the male entrepreneur and the fact that you even have the audacity to think that men want fulfillment, right? Like that’s weird. That’s like, we don’t talk about that, which of course men want fulfillment, but that’s never really been the leading dialog, right? Men want, like you said, success or achievement.

And so I love the fact that you call that out. Before we jump into the break though, let’s share with people where they can go to find out more about you. Because I’m sure you’re intrigued them already at this point.

The simplest, easiest way is www.themaleentrepreneur.com.

Easy peasy. I like it. All right, folks, stick with us. When we come back, we’re going to talk with Purdeep about this mission of his and about why he’s diving in or has dove into it and is doing so well with it and what the, what we’re going to give you some actually actionable kind of things you can start thinking about whether you’re a male entrepreneur or you know, a male entrepreneur. Some of you are like, man, I wish my husband was listening to this and so we’ll, you know, we’ll give you a little bit of food for thought on that, but we’re talking today with Purdeep Sangha and we’re talking about inspiring male entrepreneurs. Don’t go anywhere. We’re going to be right back folks.

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