SuperPower Up! Podcast Network Advertising and Sponsorship

Does your brand deserve to get in front of people who know healthy living, mindfulness, conscious business, soulful parenting and living on purpose matter? Would you like to get in front of 1 million downloads a month? Then we have your audience. 

The SuperPower Up! Network exist to uplift individuals and businesses doing amazing things in the world. All shows are interview style so your brand gets exposed to, not just our audience, but all of our guests’ followers and fans.

Over the years we’ve built an audience that self-selects for things like: entrepreneurship, high vibrational living, energy healing, mindfulness, consciousness, changing the world, etc. If you’re looking for a market that serves consciously aware consumers then you found your home!

Benefits of Promotion through the SPU Network

Evergreen marketing! All of our sponsorship and advertising options are evergreen. This means that your interviews, ads and commercials live on long after your promotion package expires. No matter which option below you choose, we commit that we won’t swap out your presence on our podcast or on our site.**

Current numbers on the podcast exceed 1-million hits a month and continues to grow.

Leverage Trust with Show Sponsorship

We are committed to providing our audience and followers an experience with us that makes them feel good. At Super Power Experts, we lead with our hearts and souls and it shows. We continue to get amazing feedback from listeners and guests about the experience they have with us. This means they share and continue to consume our content. That means more people get to hear about YOU!