Have you heard about Akasha? Can it help in binding the forces to lift your soul? In this episode of High Frequency Healing, host AngelaMaría is joined by Jeff Rasley. Jeff is a lawyer, author, award-winning photographer, and founder of the Basa Village Foundation. He helps raise money for culturally sensitive development in the Basa area of Nepal. Listen in now as AngelaMaría and Jeff talk about how you can immerse yourself in the right combination of energy so you can connect with other people and start lifting your souls.

Hello, this is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts, and you are listening to the High Frequency Healing show. Awaken superpowers through higher dimension healing. The only difference between where you are, to where you want to be, is the actions you take, here and now to heal your life. Let’s take a deep breath and be here and now. I invite you to enjoy this time together.

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