Lauren CardinaleCertified through the International Board of Hypnotherapy, Lauren Cardinale joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share her experience in moving psychic energy to heal through hypnotherapy. Lauren is a Board-Certified Medical Support and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She received her hypnotherapy training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in New Mexico. She has over 15 years in the corporate sector and is a mother, educator and speaker. Listen in as she shares with AngelaMaría how her healing superpower is using hypnotherapy to guide you to you.

Hello. This is AngelaMaría one of the SuperPower Up! hosts. You are listening to High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take here and now to heal your life. Let’s take a big breath and be here and now. Today I invite you to enjoy this time together. Here we go. Let’s welcome Lauren Cardinale to my show today. We will be talking about Moving Psychic Energy to Heal. I’m so, so happy about this interview because I have had some hypnotherapy sessions, and we’re going to enjoy this conversation with Lauren.

Lauren Cardinale is a Board Certified Medical Support and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is certified through The International Board of Hypnotherapy, which has the highest standards of any hypnotherapy certifying board, as well as requiring annual continuing education in the field of hypnosis. Lauren graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, and received her education as a Life Coach from The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. Lauren has over 15 years in corporate. She is a mother, an educator, a speaker, a thought wrangler, and a possibilities peddler. Join me please to welcome Lauren Cardinale. Welcome, Lauren. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you. Thank you. What a great intro. Thanks very much. I’m excited to be here.

Thank you. Lauren, let’s start with what’s your healing superpower?

Well I would definitely have to say hypnotherapy.

Nice. We’re going to talk a little bit more about that later.

Great. Yep, I love it.

Will you please take us back to your early years and name one memorable life lesson that is useful for you today?

What I believed about myself is what people responded to

What I believed about myself is what people responded to.

Oh gosh, that’s a great question. I think that early on, from I’m gonna say even kindergarten when I was five years old up through grammar school, I definitely learned that what I believed about myself is what people responded to. I don’t know that I would say it was any one particular event. It was something that I started to see over time. If I was feeling not so great about myself then that’s what people responded to. If I felt great then that’s what people responded to, so it was definitely about the beliefs.

I love that. Lauren, was there a burning bush moment that made your heart desire change in your path in life? Like you were thinking to do something in life and suddenly something happened that made you change that idea?

Well with 15 years in corporate and now in hypnotherapy, I guess my story might indicate that there is a time when a change certainly took place. Yeah, that moment for me, like I’m sure so many others, was when I had children. It definitely changed my focus, what I valued, where I wanted my time spent, and what I wanted to do, what kind of difference I wanted to make.

Beautiful and interesting. Lauren, where can people go to find out more about you?

Oh, they can go to my website or they can find me on Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram. And certainly on my website my cell phone number is there, and when you call you get to talk to me.

Oh, cool. And so, Facebook, Instagram, and they are under your name?



Various forms of Lauren Cardinale and hypnosis. I think Twitter is @laurenhypnosis.

Okay, cool. We’ve been talking with Lauren Cardinale about Moving Psychic Energy to Heal. When we come back from this short break we are going to talk more about her healing superpower. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

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