Sharon WilsonSharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the Coaching from Spirit Institute, joins Jennifer Urezzio on the SuperPowers of the Soul show to guide people in creating a spiritual center in heart-focused businesses. Sharon shares 20 years of experience in supporting individuals on how to use an inner and outer approach to selling, marketing, creating, and expanding a heart-centered business. Listen in as they provide tools and insights on to understand the spiritual center of your heart focused business.

Hello everyone, and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And I’m with Sharon Wilson today and we’re talking about creating that spiritual center in your hearts focused business. So let’s talk.

So I love this topic. I am so from the heart, from spirit. I spent 17 years in marketing and PR, where I wasn’t allowed to tell people the truth.


And we’re gonna do a deep dive in that topic in a couple of minutes.


But I always like to start with my favorite question, which is, what is your superpower of your soul?

This is such a great question, Jennifer. And I’m so grateful that you offered that to me ahead of time so I could think about it, because I actually didn’t wanna come from my head on this, I wanted to come from a heart space on it. And so I really did have an opportunity to just really sit with that, and even meditate, and say, “What is the superpower of my soul?”

I have a gift of helping people to activate their vision

I have a gift of helping people to activate their vision.

And one of the things is that since I was small, I’ve always been someone that seems to have a gift of helping people to activate their vision. When I was a kid in kindergarten, the first week, I brought a little boy home the first week and I told my mom, “My mom gets me off the bus” and here comes this little boy with me, and my mom says, “Well, who is this?” And I said, “This is my friend, and everyone makes fun of him because he doesn’t know his ABCs, but I’m gonna show him how to do his ABCs so nobody will make fun of him anymore.” And my mom said, “Does his mom know that he’s here?”

So that was the beginning. And so, it’s interesting because all through my life, that’s really what has really given me the jazz, you know, what’s really excited me in anything I’ve ever done. Just like you, I spent time in marketing and PR and sales and corporate America, non-profit organizations, fundraising, all kinds of stuff, and that was always what really gave me the most amount of fulfillment was seeing other people being activated, their confidence being activated, their sense of higher potentiality being activated.

And whether I realized it or not back then, really a big part of that was helping people to connect to their inner guidance. Even though I didn’t say it that way, it was really about this idea that you have what you need within you. And it was a lot about activating your belief in yourself.

And I thought it was interesting because my title and the name of my company, Coaching From Spirit, you know, that came to me in a meditation 20 years ago. But then my title is chief inspirational officer. So to say that I really feel that that is one of the core things, along with then being able to help people to be able to activate in others that they’re talking to, especially around a business perspective, their potentiality. So that’s when we kinda get into sort of that subgroup of the superpower.

That’s amazing. And the next question I have is, as you’ve been on this journey, what has been the common theme that your soul has shared with you?

Well, I think really the common theme is.. It’s been a mantra that has become so powerful, because like so many of us that have found ourselves with heart centric businesses or doing this kind of work, you know, we have all kinds of stories of all kinds of challenges and contrasts, you know, what people might see as obstacles or things that have happened to us. And for me, it’s really been about, that there’s a mantra that somehow, some way, there’ll be a way. Things will work out and good will come out of even what looks like the most awful things.

So I’m sure, like many who are listening to this, I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life. My parents were divorced when I was 18, after 20 years of marriage, which was really kinda crazy. My dad died at 40 from suicide, you know, on and on. I’m sure we all can just sort of lay out all the things.

But one of the things that my soul continues to show me and to support other people on is that we have a choice how we experience whatever setback or challenge, and I say seeming setback or challenge. We can either go through it or grow through it. And I’m not sure who said that, I’m not gonna take credit for that. But that is really powerful that we have a choice about how we see what seem to be obstacles, or how we see what seem to be challenges.

Even how I ended up getting into this work 20 years ago came from having a dark night of the soul. And at the time, that didn’t seem at all like that was gonna be something that was going to be a shining glory. At the time I was considering leaving the planet of my own hand. And so when you look at it at that time, that was a very dark time and a very challenging time. But so much good has come out of it in so many ways.

And so I just think, that as you go through it, you know, I’ve heard people talk about, that beautiful gems are made in the heat, and in the power of the heat. And I’m not sure why as human beings that is the case for us. But I think it has something to do with some soul curriculums that we’ve agreed to, even though I would say, “I never agreed to anything like that,” but I think at a soul level we do agree to certain divine curriculums, I like to think of them, and that you’re assured that somehow you will get through it. And you can even be better on the other side of it, but that there is going to be a lot that will be activated through those kinds of situations.

Yeah. We have two more questions before we break here, but I also wanted to touch base, you know, we talk a lot about sacred purpose and what sacred purpose it, and I believe sacred purpose is first for you, and then for others, right? It’s what here to experience. And my sacred purpose is to alleviate suffering through connection. And so I’m always gonna take people back to that connection.

And you shared some really amazing stories here, and so how is that linked back to your sacred purpose? And how then does your sacred purpose reflect in what you offer individuals and how you operate in the world?

Yeah. Wow, those are great. You really do have a great superpower of asking questions. I really, really wanna acknowledge that. Well, I mean, sacred purpose, so my sense is that my sacred purpose is about being an activator, about activating, activating in myself, activating in others, and being able to then be a ripple effect. The activation has a ripple effect.

I love what you said, because it really has to start with us. So it’s always about activating whatever wants to be activated in me, and then being able to hold that for others as well, and being able to come from a place of real empathy and connection. But at the same time, to see something more for others, to not see them in their weakness but to see them as they want to be. And I think that’s all of our sacred purpose is to…

I would agree.

We're all one and to support each other in seeing each other as we want to be

We’re all one and to support each other in seeing each other as we want to be.

We’re all one and to support each other in seeing each other as we want to be. And I think it’s so powerful that, you know, I never have any baggage for anybody else, Jennifer. It’s just baggage for me.

You got enough carrying your own luggage around, why do you need to carry other’s luggages?

You know, but I have no baggage for you. I think you could do anything. I think everybody can do anything. So I think it’s so important to have people, and for us as people to be those activators for people, and to see each other as we wanna be.

I don’t know if you watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

I didn’t, no.

Okay, so, but one of the things that people were talking about which was so powerful was Bishop Curry’s delivery, and when he was talking about envisioning the world coming from love. And I thought it was so powerful that three billion people watched that wedding, I was one of the three billion who watched it, and we all went to church that day. For 20 minutes we imagined a world, governments that were ruled by love, companies that came from a place of love.

I thought that was so incredibly powerful. I mean, I had goosebumps the whole time, and I thought, “This is a powerful activation. Wow, this is really what’s happening here.” So there is something so incredible when we can see that even though it isn’t maybe the case right at this moment, and there are a lot of things going on that would say, “Oh, we’re nowhere near that.” But the power I think is all of us holding the vision of each of us in our highest potentiality.

So I think that is a big part of what we’re all here to do. So that really permeates throughout everything that I hold an intention to do.

Yeah. And if people wanna get started activating something, I’ve said this before, and I’ll give the tip out again, you can use your body’s divine intelligence to put you in that consciousness level, ’cause it knows. And it’s simply divine intelligence activates love, or divine intelligence activates safety within my system. And if you keep doing it enough, you’re gonna just… it’s gonna overflow out into everything you touch.

And it’s really important to not only, If you believe you’re whole and complete, or you have an inkling that you’re whole and complete, then you must treat everyone on this planet as if they’re whole and complete. And that becomes a whole different ball game of love, because then you’re choosing to do and participate in things differently. 

So we’re gonna dive deeper in this, creating the spiritual center in your heart focused business, in a minute after the break. But how do people get in touch with you? How do they get more of this goodness?

Well, yeah, I really have something that I think will really support people and this whole conversation, and they can go to, and that will really continue this conversation.

Love it.

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