Rosie and Sunny AielloRosie and Sunny Aiello, inspirational mother and daughter, join Neva Lee Recla to share their insight on how to gain confidence by loving yourself. Trapped in an emotionally, mentally and financially abusive relationship for nearly 25 years, Rosie engineered an international escape from the Middle East to save her daughter and herself from domestic violence. Now they inspire women to love themselves and find their voices. Listen in to learn how to gain confidence and find your voice.

Hi kids. This is your SuperPower Kid Neva Lee Recla and today I’m super excited for what we’re talking about. We are talking about gaining confidence through self love. And that’s just something I’m so inspired by. It’s such an important thing in business, life, relationships, and I’m all about loving myself and showing others how they can love themselves.

So, to talk with us to