Dawn CrystalDawn Crystal, a recognized voice sound healer and medical intuitive, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to share all her knowledge and experience about how to do energy work through sound. Dawn Crystal is a respected intuitive life coach, soul reader, medium, pain release expert and best-selling author of Pain Free Made Crystal Clear. She is known as a leading transformation expert incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success. Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages, so they can manifest from their higher selves, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in ways that align effectively with their souls’ purpose. Listen in as Dawn Crystal  and AngelaMaría talk about how to heal through the sound of her voice and how she connects that superpower.

Hello, this is AngelaMaría, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts, and you are listening to High Frequency Healing Show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take here and now to heal your life.

Let’s take a deep breath and be here and now. I invite you to enjoy this time together. Here we go. Please help me to welcome Dawn Crystal to my show. We will be talking about energy work through sound. A recognized voice sound healer, a medical intuitive, Dawn Crystal is a respected intuitive life coach, sound reader, medium, pain relief expert, and bestselling author. She’s known as a leading transformational expert, incorporating ancient, ancient wisdom for modern day success. Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages so they can manifest from their higher selves, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in ways that align effectively with their soul’s purpose. Dawn participates regularly on global teleseminars, radio shows, and podcasts. She was recently interviewed by the Today Show, Dr. O’s, Rachel Ray, The View, among others. Dawn hosts her own radio show, Pain Free, Fast and Easy, on the News for the Soul Network. Please join me to welcome Dawn Crystal.

Hi Dawn! I’m so happy to have you here in my show.

A big hello, a big aloha to you Angela, from Maui, Hawaii. Thank you so much for having me here today. I’m really grateful. Thank you so much. I’m really excited.

This is awesome. Dawn, lets start with what’s your healing super power?

I'm a voice sound energy healer

I’m a voice sound energy healer.

Well thank you, and that’s a good question. I think I have quite a few, but my main super power, I would say, that I’m known for worldwide is I’m a voice sound energy healer and most people are curious about what that is and I would say the easiest way to explain that would be a voice sound energy healer, I do it in my own way, which is through my voice and the sound that comes through my voice is actually frequency. I call it divine frequency from the creator, whatever you believe, if it’s God, or source, or whatever you believe, it’s all the same, but it’s a vibration that comes through my voice to help others and with these sounds that come through my voice, which is not any type of language, basically what it is, is just a sound frequency and I can use these sounds and help others as far as I’m known for worldwide, helping people get out of their pain issues as well as help people with all kinds of emotional issues as well with my sounds.

I also am known for my psychic abilities. I help people connect in with their souls stronger. So I consider myself a soul connector, or I call myself a soul reader, and I’m also known as a, I call it a, medical intuitive. I’m not a doctor or anything. I have an ability to tune into my clients, either in person or on the phone or Skype, I work by Skype as well, and I can tune in and find out what’s going on in the deep issues that are within my clients. Which, a lot of times, deep issues usually manifest within my clients as pain in the body and my sounds are like the, I call it the sound or the sound frequencies in my voice can actually clear blockage in the body, which causes pain, okay? And that’s the beautiful part of it is I can do it very fast. I’m known as a lightning speed healer, bringing in rapid frequency from the creator, I call it the creator of all, whatever you believe. I don’t bring religion into what I do, but I bring in the frequencies through my being and I can help with my sounds to really get people to move these blockages through their bodies really fast and I do it within minutes.


I also work with people who have had injuries and have just blockage in their bodies, which is very common for me. People who have had accidents and any kind of injury or trauma to the body, my sounds can actually get through the blockages and help create a more of a flow, a flow of I call it energy or chi. Energy is life force energy, by the way everybody, that flows through the body, which flows through your body to create perfect health. We all have energy systems in our body regardless if we know it or not, but my sounds can actually get the energy systems of your body flowing freely and easily so this way I empower you, and I when I say empower you, I empower you through your own body to heal itself naturally and much easier, because we all have blockages regardless if we’ve had injury or not. Now some people also require blockages also, Angela, from just having emotional pain or traumas emotionally that could be from traumas happening from early on in childhood or even later on in life. I’ve had people with all kinds of emotional issues and that also causes sometimes, I call it blockage in the body, okay, and I help people clear that as well.

I also wanna just mention that I do also help our beloved pets and also our children. I have people who bring their children and their pets to me for also, for pain issues, but also for just kind of emotional issues, especially animals. I find people bring their animals to me for just simple issues as far as aging animals have hip, I call it the hips, the hips in the animals sometimes need help and they have pain. So I could do it really pretty quickly with animals because animals are very open to my sound frequency and they receive these healing frequencies that come through my voice in minutes. So I’ve helped a lot of animals worldwide and I also have parents who bring their children to me, especially with children these days, I find a lot of children are not really peaceful. They’re kind of working on a lot, I mean we’re in the era of computers, so a lot of children’s, I call it, are not really grounded in their bodies with their life force energy, because they’re too much in the mind. I mean playing the video games and that’s just what we do these days, we’re on the computer, right? So I will help the child, I call it ground in their life force energy to their body, okay? I do it with my sounds.

So I can ground people’s energy into their body, which is really important to feel more peaceful and more stable and grounded in your body. Now I do that as well with adults, as well, but I also do it with also children and pets, but mainly with the children I find these days, because of the era that we’re in with computers, is that they’re not really in their bodies. They’re just kind of hovering above their bodies with their energy and I’m not saying that they’re not, that we’re not in our bodies, somewhat of our energy. Of course we need to be alive, but I’m talking about really grounding in a very, our deep life force energy to really sustain our health and also to bring stability and also clarity into our minds more. Because a lot of times, I do find Angela, with people who are not really grounded into their bodies with their life force energy, is what I’m talking about with our own universal life force energy, we have a tendency to be more scattered in our thoughts and not really thinking clearly and that happens with adults as well, but that’s pretty much the process I use with everybody I work with.

When I start working with somebody, even if I’m working a very short session, I will usually first start with the session of grounding in the life force energy to help the person stabilize and feel more peaceful in their bodies and this way I work the energy work through the body of whatever’s going on, if it’s a pain issue or whatever is going on after that. So this way when we’re done with our very short session, my sessions do not go beyond 30 minutes, by the way Angela, that just tells you how quick I work. That’s very much a miraculous thing and my testimonials off my website speak about my miraculous, fast healing work that’s very efficient.

I’m very efficient and very thorough, and very fast because my lightning speed frequencies that come through my voice from the creator, I call it, or God, whatever you believe, is beyond any words or any language and we’re not bringing, I call it without bringing any words or language to my work, it really accelerates the healing to go beyond measure, meaning beyond time and space and reality. Healings and shifts in people’s lives can happen in moments, in minutes, and we’re kind of all, I call it, we’re all kind of wired, Angela, to think that healing has to take hours and weeks and days to heal and actually in reality that’s a human belief and the frequency I bring is beyond all that, beyond all those belief systems. All I ask is for anybody who receives my energy frequencies, that work with me, is to have an open state of receiving. That’s all you need to do is just to be open. So that’s pretty much what I do. I hope that explains it.

Yeah. Well those answered most of my questions. So when I ask you the questions, I want you to expand it a little bit more.

I will. Definitely.

Thank you. Number two, would you please take us back to your early years and name one memorable life lesson that is useful for you today in this healing process?

Oh yeah. Well actually my life, but I won’t go into it right now because I’m writing a book on that, but I’ve had a very hard life. I actually grew up in a very, very instable childhood and life. My life was really chaotic growing up because I grew up with a lot of verbal abuse and trauma and my family was pretty much alcoholics and drug users and I watched that my whole life. So, I think my life lesson was basically because I did not have many friends growing up, I was pretty much as outcast because I grew up very poor and I didn’t have any friends because I didn’t look good like the rest of my friends. So I was really an outcast from day one of my life and then I went through a very traumatic childhood of growing up with complete physical and mental abuse from my family.

Now the beautiful part about the way I was brought up is I don’t look at myself as a victim. I look at myself as a victor, and why do I say that? Because where I’m at today and what I went through as a child and where I’m at with these gifts that have come through to me from that childhood has really created a very stable person in myself and a very humbled and a servant to, I call it, receiving these frequencies, meaning Angela, I’m not in my ego at all and I bring a very deep compassion to my work and very humility. I just bring in a very compassion to my work to bring in these frequencies to my clients and that’s why these miracles can happen.

So I went from very humbled, very hard beginnings to my life, and I was homeless for a while too as well, and that has brought me to where I’m at today, over 25 years later of me being homeless, by the way. So I’m not anywhere there. I’m very well respected and known worldwide for my miraculous gifts of what I share to the world, which are natural by the way. There’s no drugs at all. It’s natural healing, and I think with going through all that, so I don’t go too much off the bit, Angela, I think it’s just where I started from and my searching in myself to really, I call it to become more heart centered. Which really kind of pushed me to get to that heart centeredness because I had to go through really hard times and my only way to survive some of these hard situations, or things I had to cope with as a child, was really for me to go within myself and to connect in deeper into my heart, which was my knowing or my guidance system, which I believe we all have a guidance system which is then our heart. I just happen to go to that quicker because I had nothing outside myself to go to, to have a mentor. Does that make sense?


So it really was a beautiful gift and it was something that I wanna mention to anybody. I would never choose to have this path again, but I know in some part of my being, I probably chose this path in some way, maybe before I came here in this life, to go through that so I could have the heart and the humbleness and really to be out of my ego to serve and be service to others. Also, to allow these high frequencies to come through me, which would not normally come through if I was really living in my ego. So that’s to really kind of sum it up, for you Angela, on that question.

Mm-hmm (affirmative). I believe it’s really remarkable, Dawn, that you were able to go through that hard experiences in your life and also be able to switch it, to shift it into a life of purpose that you are just living today. That’s awesome.

Yeah and it’s so beautiful that I can actually, I’m working with people all over the world right now, and I’m also working with medical professionals all over the world as well, for their pain issues. So, again, I’m not a medical professional, I don’t claim that, but people these days, I feel Angela, are looking for a more natural, holistic ways to heal and that’s all about our new era. More people are conscious, or becoming more conscious, of what we’re eating, what we’re putting in our bodies, okay? And that’s just everybody now. It’s just that’s the new, that’s what we’re all headed towards, more consciousness, more conscious decisions.

Bringing your true gifts to this world

Bringing your true gifts to this world.

So, I think I’ve really come out. I don’t think I was in the closet, but I really have been, I think it was a divine timing for me to really come out and allow the world to know what I do, and it’s so beautiful that the reception, because I do a lot of radio shows and tele summits worldwide ongoingly, of people who have really been experiencing my work has been really remark … I just think people’s heart, I mean people are really, really accepting what I’m doing and really respecting where I’ve come from and all the people, with all the humble beginnings that I’ve gone through, to really help people help themselves to move forward in their lives. Regardless if it’s a physical issue or you know I also give guidance. I’m an intuitive so I can also help people on a soul level move forward in your life to really find your true passion and purpose and that’s all about not only being in service to others, but also serving yourself to bringing your true gifts to this world and your incarnation in this lifetime. So that’s pretty, I think that’s really awesome that I have that ability.

Yeah. Dawn, where can people go to find out more about you?

Yes, I can give you my website and it’s very simple to find. You can google me anywhere on the inte