Renee EmeryRenée Emery, Coach and Mind-set Mentor, joins Jennifer Urezzio on the SuperPowers of the Soul show to share her insights on love and the power of harnessing the conscious mind. Renée is a self-proclaimed seeker who helps smart, capable women reconnect to their passion and purpose. She shares how creating stillness can transform your life. Listen in as Renée and Jennifer explore the steps you can use to create true transformation through activating the conscious mind.

Hello everyone, and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, SuperPower expert and founder of Soul Language. And this is SuperPowers of The Soul. And I’m very excited because I get to spend the day today with Renee Emery. And the topic is, The Conscious Mind. Welcome, Renee.

Thank you, Jennifer. I am so excited to be here.

It’s going to be really fun. So here’s my first question I ask everyone, what do you consider the superpower of your soul?

I guess my top superpower I’ll say is empathy, because I actually think that you can have more than one superpower, and I also think that your superpowers can also change over time as you start to grow and transform your own consciousness those superpowers can change and they can grow with you. But for me, I’d say my top one is probably empathy. And I also as a matter of fact, did the quiz on your website to check what my superpower was, and guess what? It told me my superpower was empathy. So I thought that was great confirmation. It was a fun quiz too.

Yeah, that was really fun. I mean, Tonya came up with that quiz, and after you sent me that, and I have to tell you I forgot, It’s written down somewhere, but I was like, “What quiz? I should do the quiz.” And I did the quiz and I was like, “Oh my god.” So I love that and I love your answer. I’ve asked this question now for several months, and you’re the first person that has remarks about how it can grow and it can change and it can grow in consciousness as we do. So I love that explanation because it’s true. As we go in consciousness, everything expands, including the ego, it gets more sneaky, and so I love ego, and we’re going to talk about this more when we talk about the conscious mind, because without ego we’d be all on our couch thinking our big sauce, right? But ego is action oriented, and there’s ego on crack that I’m not so in love with. So what do you consider your sacred purpose? So often people will talk about their sacred purpose as a doing, but it’s really a fundamental being state. What you’re here to really experience and then offer that experience to others. So what do you consider your sacred purpose?

I consider everybody's sacred purpose is to love

I consider everybody’s sacred purpose is to love.

I consider my sacred purpose, and actually I consider everybody’s sacred purpose to just love. To love, to be loved, to give love, to receive love. I think that’s what we are at our core. That’s really what we’re here to do. I know that sometimes living in this 3D world that we are in, it can be a little bit challenging to always be in that place and in that space but I really think that at our core that’s what we’re here to do and what we’re meant to do. I mean sometimes it can just be as simple as a kind gesture or a smile to someone that can really make their day. You have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s mind, and where they are. And just that little thing that you take for granted, saying hello or opening the door for someone, it can do so much for people.

So that’s what I think is part of my sacred purpose, the other part I feel is teaching, coaching, helping to lift people up, and particularly to lift women up to stand in a bigger place of their power, and when I say power I don’t necessarily mean the kind of power that, “I’m going to take over the world kind of power,” that ego-driven power, but I’m talking about the kind of power that we really have within ourselves to love ourselves, to respect ourselves, to know that we are worthy, to know that we’re enough. A lot of people just don’t understand that that power exists within them, and so part of my sacred purpose is to help them go in and see that it’s there and uncover it and bring it out into its fullness and its beauty.

You all can’t see me but I’m nodding my head. And when you were bringing up their sacred purpose is love and you feel like it is everyone’s sacred purpose it was reminding me of this experience I keep having at the center I go to for a spiritual living here in Morristown. There’s this woman who periodically comes up to me and apologizes. She’s like, “I am so sorry that I was rude to you that day with the meeting, I was just in pain.” And I keep telling her, “Well thank you very much but that wasn’t me.” And she’s solid of mind but somehow she’s connected me to this experience that she’s had, and so she keeps coming up and all I keep doing is going, “Oh, that’s okay. I didn’t even think about it. Don’t worry about it.”. “Don’t even think about it. It’s no worry.”

And it’s like she’s coming up to me because she needs this fierce love. And so when you were talking about it, I was thinking about that and you basically answered my next question about your sacred purpose showing up in your work. So you talked about how your work here is to really help people understand and see and kind of tease out that wonderful power, and I just want to go on record and I’ll say it again because I’ve said it before, nobody has any more power than anyone else on this planet, it’s how we focus it and use it.


Right, there’s no difference between you and me and the Dalai Lama, he just uses his power really good, right? So how does that sacred purpose, how else does it show up in your life and in your work?

Well like I said, in my life it’s all about just trying to be that loving person, and to carry that with me wherever I go and whatever situation that I’m in, and just keeping it in my mind, in my heart as much as possible. Some days it’s a little more challenging than others. I’ll admit that, because I am human. But certainly just keeping it with me. In my work, I’m a life coach in a mindset mentor, so I teach people and encourage them to uplift themselves. And basically what I do is I use universal spiritual principles like the law of attraction, but I try to do that in a more practical way. And the reason I try to use a more practical approach to it is, one, it’s because it’s how I’m wired.

Right. If you can’t use it in your life, it’s hard to use.

Exactly, but also because I understand that a lot of people are kind of starting to get turned off by religion, and sometimes when you say spirituality they immediately go to that woo hoo place where it’s so far out there and so far out of the norm that they aren’t comfortable with that either. So I try to bring that back down to earth so that people can actually use those principles, because those are really the principles and laws that really guide us and it’s just a matter of understanding better how they work, and not only how they work in general but how they can work for you.

Beautiful, I love that. People will hear this time and time again. I have that warrior energy. I’m very tangible and so if it doesn’t work in my everyday life I’m not going to implement it. And we’re not just here to be spiritual, we’re here to embody that. So the last question before we break here is what has been a common theme that your soul has shared with you throughout your journey?

I was a born nurturer

I was a born nurturer.

Common theme. That is really a very good question. I’m gonna say, I think it’s all about healing for me, and using love and nurturing to be a healer. I think I was a born nurturer. I was the little kid who would cry over the cartoons and the fairy tales and everything. I was very empathic, and so I was also the kid that would pick up the broken butterfly in the yard and have to try to nurse it back to health and everything. So just being a born nurturer, that’s been one of the big themes in my life. And the other big theme I think has been sort of being a seeker. At a very young age I knew that there was something bigger than me, and even though I grew up in a Christian household, Southern Baptist, deep South, Southern Baptist, I just instinctively knew that there was something bigger than our little church or the choir or the congregation at the church.

And I think even as a child I was always kind of seeking and searching for something more, for something bigger, and trying to tie it all together. And the work that I do, I believe it helps other people to sort of tie it all together and put the pieces in place as well.

I love that. So before we break, let people know how they can get in touch with you, how they can experience more of you. What’s your website address?

My website address is, and I am also on Facebook and LinkedIn and so people can reach out to me at Coaching by Renee or by Renee Emily and I’d love to chat with you, stop by.

Beautiful. So stay tuned, we’re going to have a deeper conversation about the conscious mind when we return.

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