Mitch RussoMitch Russo, former business partner of Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss the power of building a superpowered virtual business. And Mitch knows a thing or two about business. He started a software company in his garage, sold it for 8 figures and then went on to work directly with Tony Robbins, building a business together. Mitch wrote a book called The Invisible Organization – How Ingenious CEOs are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies.

Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I’m delighted to have with us today, a really unique guest, unique in the sense that how he kind of puts things together with his engineering mind is a lot of fun. Not so unique in the sense that like a lot of our guest, he really is a culmination of kind of integrative modalities and experiences and everything else. And that seems to be a profile of folks who are really doing amazing things in the world. And so I love that kind of mix that he brings to the table. But Mitch Russo has a unique perspective on business and how to go about business. He has a podcast in South and a couple of years ago published the invisible excuse me, The Invisible Organization and that’s all around virtual businesses, so really tapping into the energy of business how that’s shifting, so today we’re going to be talking with Mitch about building virtual business in a super powered world. So welcome to the show!

Thank you Tonya! Great to be here!

Thank you! I’m so glad you joined us! What are your super powers, Mitch?