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Spiritualism provides a gateway for many people to connect with God. Others use it to guide them on their journey into consciousness. Debbie Goldberg was presented with it in an undeniable way when the voice of God began speaking to her. Author and therapist Debbie Goldberg was raised in a Jewish family on Long Island where most of her childhood and young adult life was laced with shame, guilt, abuse and rebellion. It was these turbulent years that set the course toward spirituality that she thrives in today. Through a spiritual collision of meditation and suffering, Debbie heard Jesus speak. What unfolded next was a daily dialogue with Source, much like the conversations she had read in Neale Anderson Walsh’s Conversations with God many years prior. Listen in as she shares this experience with Tonya Dawn Recla.

Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your superpower expert, and I’m so delighted to have with me today just a beautiful, beautiful soul. She is just wonderful. I had the extreme pleasure and honor being on her show on Angel Heart Radio, and it was just a great experience. You know those folks that you just feel a warm embrace as soon as they open their mouths? And that really personifies her in a unique way.

So today we’re going to be talking with Deb Goldberg, and we’re talking with her about spiritualism through cosmic consciousness, and she has a fascinating story, and a great reminder to all of us to stay connected, and to remember who we are, and how we can access information way above what we think we’re capable of accessing. So without further ado, please join me in welcoming Deb to the show. Welcome, Deb.

Well, thank you, Tonya. I really appreciate you having me here.

Sorry about that. I guess I muted myself.


I’m talking away. Usually, I can blame telepathy for that but that was 100% user error right there. Oh, beautiful. So we’re going to jump right in and ask, what are your superpowers?

Well, I’ve taken the quiz several times, and I’ve come up with different superpowers each time I’ve done that, and the one that sticks to my mind is intuition.

That’s perfect, and I love that you mentioned that. So one of the key points to that quiz, folks, if you’ve gone to our website,, on the homepage and taken it, when Deb told me that she had gotten different feedback, it was awesome because some of you take it multiple times and get the exact same thing every single time, and some of you don’t.

So we like to remind people that with those predisposed superpowers, we all have access to all of them. We’re just predisposed to different ones, and so some of us chose to have a lot of those to choose from early on, and some of us chose to have one that we focus on, and it could look all kinds of different ways.

So I’m really glad that you mentioned that, but the intuition piece, in my opinion, is the building block that is the foundation, and when we teach folks and when I work with them individually we really work on that intuition, both from a cognitive aspect of understanding what it is, but also the attunement piece, so you can attune to how your intuition speaks to you, because it’s great to recognize it but if you can’t listen … Right, Deb?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

You have to be able to hear it, and you have a unique perspective on ways that you can tap into that to include the use of spirit guides, and some of the clairs there. Can you expand on that?

Yes. The first time I woke up was during a meditation, and I realized that I could see my spirit guide, who happened to be Jesus, and that I was able to hear him, and that as I’ve done this work over the last three years, that God’s come to me, angels, my family who has passed on, and so I do that through accessing my imagination through meditation, and I create a safe, happy space that I like to be in, and it opens your heart, and you invite in whoever’s with you.

And I find, too, I’m glad you mentioned imagination because one of my biggest challenges really early on with this stuff was not trusting myself, and really my brain wanting to overwrite with the logic piece, and say, “Well, I could be making that up,” or, “How do I really know?”

And I really came to embrace exactly what you’re talking about, which is it’s okay. Your imagination comes from somewhere. It’s inspired, and so use that, and it doesn’t mean that it’s not true, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real, and it really is one of the greatest channels to opening up to your intuition.

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. I think people talk about your pineal gland on top of your head as a way of connecting, but I also know that just opening your heart, it automatically … Well, I look at it this way. We’re always connected. That never changes. What changes is our belief that we’re not connected.


Or that we’re so distracted by our own thoughts, or life, that we feel cut off, and there’s absolutely no truth to that.

I think that’s an important distinction. When I started working what I call the abstract frequency, it was so neat because everybody’s there, and that really is where I experience people, and one of the biggest challenges with my practice was recognizing that people don’t have to choose to associate with that aspect of themselves, but in that abstract frequency, which is what you’re talking about, that connection space that we all share, that’s a conscious choice, to connect with that piece of you.

In my opinion, that’s the most real, natural aspect of all of us, but there’s so many other versions of our realities that we can choose in any moment to associate with, and that I find the exact thing that you’re talking about, which is we are always connected. Where we are most at home, if you will, is in that constant connection. So it strikes the question like, “Why? Why would we choose anything different?” What do you think about that, Deb?

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Well, this is what my belief is, and it’s actually what Jesus has passed on, is we call a part of us the ego, that is spiritually orchestrated as a way for us to learn lessons, that creates all the conflict within us, that causes all the projection, and that we’re here to learn how to override that, that that’s not really who we are, but it is part of us as we’re living this life, and that we have to learn how to manage that we are divine and human at the same time, while we’re having this experience. It’s really our spirit learning to overcome …

That’s what the awakening process is, is learning that you’re much more than you ever imagined, that your divinity is primary, but we’re here, and so the ego is playing this amazing role for growth, and it’s learning not to listen to it, and sometimes our … I called myself asleep, unconscious, for 56 years, and my ego was driving me, and I think that happens to a lot of people. Some people wake up younger, and some people don’t, and I think that’s all planned for, but the ego is really something to be reckoned with.

Absolutely. I agree completely. So we’ve been talking with Deb Goldberg, and we’re talking about spiritualism through cosmic consciousness. Stick with us. We’re going to take a quick break, and when we come back we’re going to ask Deb to give us some tips on how you can connect with that aspect of yourself right now, what you can do now. We’re all about the practical application here, so let’s get into that. So you’re not going to want to miss that. Give us one minute. We’ll be right back.