Mycal AndersJeff ThorntonMycal Anders and Jeff Thornton of the Feed Me, Fuel Me podcast join Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about supernatural powers of the body. Mycal and Jeff know their way around a gym, a field, and a stage. Both are former athletes, bodybuilders, and entrepreneurs. Listen in on this titillating conversation as they talk about how to overcome resistance and fear and shape your body to harness supernatural powers.

Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I have such a treat for you all today, I have two lovely gentlemen with us and you know these are the days that I wish I did a video on these shows because these guys are hot, but you know that aside we are talking today to Mycal Anders and Jeff Thornton of the show, Feed Me Fuel Me and these guys know what they’re talking about in the area of the body and kind of challenging the bounds of what’s possible which of course is in alignment with us here at Super Power Experts. So we’re going to talk with them today about, Supernatural Powers of the Body and their stories are remarkable what they do with their clients is remarkable so you’re going to get a real broad and deep kind of perspective on how superpowers tie in with the physicality and we’re willing to challenge the bounds of reality and what we can accomplish with that so without further ado, Mycal and Jeff, thank you both so much for being on the show with us today.

Thanks for having us. It’s a pleasure.

It’s really my pleasure also, and so we’re going to jump right in and ask you know, what are your superpowers and you can talk amongst yourself who gets to go first for that?

Sure, I guess I’ll start, I’ve discovered my superpower to be the ability to connect the seemingly un-connectable through the medium of fitness and what I mean by that is the network that is created through camaraderie, the shared adversity brings people together in a way that is virtually unduplicatable in any other setting and just watching people from different walks of life, different social economic status that would never be in the same room let alone converse and associate with each other. Otherwise, I’ve created an environment that allows and facilitates that.

Oh very close, so that’s Mycal talking, folks so why do you think that is, like I mean it’s kind of like that superseding the whole caste system. Right it’s like turning the whole thing on its side. Why do you think that works and why specifically with the body?

There’s something that, there’s a connection made between people when you have the opportunity to see another individual what I refer to as, emotionally naked and the only way to duplicate that shy of hitting rock bottom or putting yourself in a fight or flight moment where all your inhibitions, everything that your ego tells you to be is stripped away and you are who you are and when the only way to do that intentionally that I know of on a regular basis is to push yourself to your physical limits in a conscious effort and that there is there’s always a point during a workout where you have to make a decision to either back off or push through. What I told a lot of people is, there is a break down before you have to break through and that’s not something that people volunteer. So we’ve created an environment where it’s OK to for people to bear witness to those breakdowns and your breakthroughs and that’s where the relationship, that’s where the gold is cultivated.

I can’t help but notice the parallels between that and orgasm.

Yeah, if you want to go to the physiology around these same chemical triggers, the same endorphins are released whether it’s the sexually explicit kind that you get, orgasm, or what you experience in the aftermath of a workout; it’s literally the exact same chemical response.

I couldn’t help myself that was awesome. It was like wicked; let’s just say that I love it.

They call it love.

But it’s true its absolute truth it is that part and I love what you’re talking about there is a decision point so to me it does encompass not just the emotions in the end, the physical piece but the mind set piece as well. And we’re going to dive into that. Jeff, what about you, what are your superpowers?

I’ve been told from a lot of people in recent years my super power is, Extreme Positivity and High Energy when it comes in situations to complete tasks so to speak. So relating to the positivity piece, usually when I enter rooms or client sites the first thing I try to do is really landscape the area and get a feel of injecting a positive emotion whether it’s making somebody smile laugh and trigger a happiness point because no matter what environment you’re going to, people are going through their own stress throughout the day. And maybe just being able to be like carefree and not worried about being laughed at for being silly or doing stupid things like, if I can make somebody smile or just take them out of that zone to where they can experience joy for that period of time when they’re around me, that’s a superpower that I love to have and with the energy piece it’s, I’m known the clock a lot of hours when it comes to working, superpower and also want to I guess my Achilles heel as well. I don’t know where to shut it down sometimes either. But when it comes to getting a task done or getting things completed, I can create a lot of energy within my body to continue to keep moving again, reach the goals or complete things that are in my way.

Well and it’s in alignment with what we talked about here. Most of the time our super powers start off as our biggest challenges and so it’s really neutralizing the challenge aspect and harnessing the super power aspect of it is where the magic lies and so I think you’re spot on with that. If we’re not careful we tilt either direction it kind of goes awry but that makes sense to me.


So tell me, how did you guys get together and do the show and everything else, what prompted that?

So Jeff and I share a lot of common philosophical beliefs in our approach to the abundance mentality and the laws of the universe. We we’ve had actually, when Jeff came to the gym just looking for a membership above and beyond the ins and outs of joining CrossFit PHX, we entered into an hour and a half dialogue of his goals and aspirations and what I want to do with the gym and how both of us are going to manifest those great things. And as these conversations continued with greater frequency, one of my interns was a fly on the wall for one of those conversations and after it was over he pulled me aside and he said, “You guys should start a podcast, I just learned more in 45 minutes than I have in four years of school”. I mean the real world implications and application of our mindset and how we approach attacking problems and systematically improving our stations in life like, those are all conversations the people to think on this level have amongst each other but never have in greater social circles so Jeff and I had a come to Jesus meeting so to speak and decided that yeah these are conversations that need to be shared and when the opportunity presents itself we need to bring in other like-minded individuals to share their perspective and how they apply the abundance mentality and the success mindset in how they achieve greatness. So that’s how, Feed Me Fuel Me, came to be.

Sounds like a pretty great way for things to come about. There’s the observer witnessing that and givin