Regan HillyerIn this episode, Regan Hillyer, a self-made multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur and success coach, joins Kristin Maxwell to share her powerful perspectives on developing a success mindset. Having guided thousands of business owners to build their own 6- and 7-figure businesses, Regan knows exactly what mindset is required to create success, and she freely shares her process for finding clarity, creating a higher vision, and connecting with your higher self. Listen in and allow Regan’s energy to spur you into inspired action!

Hi everyone, welcome to your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host Kristin Maxwell, and in this show we explore the process of transformation and give you tools and strategies you can use to transform your own life. Today we’re going to be exploring whether changing your mindset is the secret to success, and our guest today is Regan Hillyer, and we are all in for a treat. She is a self made multimillionaire, a serial entrepreneur, a Forbes contributor, success coach, influencer, a thought leader, and keynote speaker. In addition to multiple other businesses, she’s the founder of Regan Hillyer International where she provides personal development and business growth strategies to businesses all over the world.

So Regan, welcome to your SuperPowered Mind.

Hi Kristin, it’s good to be here.

I am so looking forward to hearing some of your wisdom around mindset. My first question to guests is always what superpower did you uncover as a result of mastering your mind?

I have the ability to really connect with my higher self, and really pull the highest version of me into the now

I have the ability to really connect with my higher self, and really pull the highest version of me into the now.

Totally. Look, there are many but if I tune into one big one right now, it would be the ability to really connect with my higher self, and really pull the highest version of me into the now. Using my mind, my mindset actually craft that identity, and craft that version of me instead of asking myself how does this vision of me get to show up? Then by embodying that, that’s allowed me to constantly be living from the highest version of me, which then reflects back into my physical reality.

Wow. That is an incredible skill. This idea of connecting with your highest self, did you always have that ability or that knowledge that that’s what you wanted to do, or did that come through event or series of events?

Yeah. No, I definitely wasn’t born doing that, that’s for sure. I remember really early on I was just starting out. I was about six figures in personal debt at the time, and I was really, I guess looking outside of myself for the answers around how do I create a life that I actually love? I got invited to a speaker dinner at one of the personal development events that I was at, and I was not a speaker. I was a just  trying to figure their life out, and the speaker invited me along. I went and I walked into the room, there were about 40 really beautiful, successful people there, and I literally felt like I did not fit in. I felt like I wasn’t meant to be in that room. It felt so scary. I felt so small at the time, and I remember thinking, “Okay, well I’ve got a couple of options. I can either run, and leave, and go home, or I can spend the evening just trying to figure out how have these people created their success.”

So I took the latter option and I started asking them questions, and asking them how they’ve created their beautiful lives. By the end of that evening, I went home totally and utterly confused, because they’d all done it a completely different way. They all had different strategies. They were all doing different things. They were focusing on different things, and I thought, “Man, you know, I don’t have any clarity even after spending the night basically interviewing these people.” So I remember sitting in my room, and I thought to myself, “Okay, well what is actually the same about these people?” All of a sudden it dawned on me. I was like, “You know what? They all feel the same to be around. In fact, they all walked a certain way, and their shoulders were back, and their head was high, and they felt confident. They felt grounded. They felt warm and loving.” I started unpacking these things, and I looked at how I walked into the room.

It was almost the complete opposite of these people. My head was down, my shoulders were slumped, I felt absolutely horrible. I didn’t want to be there, I wanted to be invisible. I thought to myself, “What if I just started being like these successful people, and I started doing exactly what they were doing in terms of their physiology and their body language.” I started thinking like they were to be thinking, and I was kind of creating this process in my head, and then everything started to shift quite drastically around me in terms of my life and my results. So that was really the moment where I thought, “Oh okay, I’m actually just connecting to a higher version of me and using my mindset to craft that version so that I can manifest my results a little bit faster.”

Wow, that’s beautiful. Did you have a hard time shifting into that, or was it something that you pretty naturally adopted? You know because I’ve heard of so many people they have the idea they want to do it, and then they forget to do it.

Yeah no, it was really hard at the beginning. I remember thinking often, you know I started calling it the millionaire version of Regan. I would just say all the time, “Okay, I’m just going to snap into the millionaire version of Regan. What would the millionaire version of Regan be thinking about? How would she be walking? How would she be talking?” I kept, throughout the day, conditioning myself, and I had all these moments where I used to think, “You know what? If anyone knew I was doing this, they would actually think I was insane,” because my current results, my bank account, my life, my impact to my lifestyle, all of it, was so far, it was so different to what I was being on the inside, but anyone looking in probably would’ve thought I was completely insane and had totally lost it.

So I had a lot of self doubt through the process. It did not come naturally. I had to constantly snap myself back into being in this millionaire version, being in this higher version of me, but over time it started to come more naturally. Over time it started to become more my natural state, and then you know you have this moment where you wake up, and you look around your life, and you’re like, “Wow, this is my dream. This is everything that I was calling in.” Then you realize that there’s a next layer, and so you start asking yourself, “Well how does the higher self beyond this start acting?” So it’s a never ending game, and it’s something that I still condition myself to do today.

Wow. That’s beautiful. I really want to ask you a little bit more, well I guess I will ask you now, if when you’re in those periods of self doubt, and how did you pull yourself out of that? I mean because there’s some people i know that sometimes with my clients they’re in the self doubt, and they’re so stuck in it they almost can’t even see a vision beyond that.

I believe self doubt's one of the biggest things that actually blocks people and slows down their success

I believe self doubt’s one of the biggest things that actually blocks people and slows down their success.

Yeah, totally. It can be all consuming. It really can be. I believe self doubt’s one of the biggest things that actually blocks people and slows down their success, and so I think the first step is really just having an awareness that, “Okay, I’m really doubting myself right now.” If you’re in denial or you can’t see it, then it’s really hard to shift it, but if you actually just get raw, and real, and honest with yourself and go, “You know what? I actually am really scared right now and doubting myself. I don’t think I’m enough for this.” If you actually get clear on that, then you have a much higher chance of actually shifting it, and so self doubt for me is when your identity isn’t lined up to the vision that you want to create.

So you then want to actually get clear after you’re about the self doubt, you want to start asking yourself, “Well what am I actually calling in?” Because if you’re not defining that, and if you’re not super clear on that, then so many people don’t get what they want in their life because they’re not actually clear what they’re asking for. So you get into detail, and you define that vision, and then you look at, okay, where am I doubting myself around this? I like to just purge it out. You know, you can do this talking with a friend. You can do this in meditation. I love doing it through journaling. So I literally write out all the things that I believe are stopping me, or the stories I’m telling myself, or the limiting beliefs, I purge it out on paper.

I write out, you know I actually, I’m enough for that, and you know that’s too hard, and who am I to deserve that? Write it all out. Get it out of your system, and then when it’s out and you feel complete with it, it’s a purge, right? So you look at it and go, “Okay cool. I have a choice and I’m no longer going to live from that place.” You can rip it out of the page. You can turn the page over. If you want you can burn it, you can do whatever ritual you want, right? Just energetically let it go. You’re making a conscious choice that, “Okay, that is no longer my mindset. That is now who I am.” You turn to a new page, and then you start creating and crafting how this higher version of you would show up.

Well I chose to believe that I am enough for this. I choose to believe that it gets to be easy, and you write out everything. Everything like that, and when you get to the end of this, you may also look at it and go, “You know what? While it’d be great to believe all that, but I still don’t.” Right? Just know that that’s okay, you know sometimes this can take time. It takes more than doing it just once, and we have to actually condition ourselves. You will get to a point where you won’t even be writing out, “I believe that I’m enough for that,” because it will just become a part of who you are, but it can take practice in going deeper and deeper into that process.

Yes, that’s beautiful. That’s so funny. I have, my clients always do something that I call a purge too. Because it is. It’s really just purging all of those things that you half believe, and you don’t, even the stuff that you’re like, “This isn’t true. I know it’s not true, but I feel like it’s true.”


Very funny. Well we need to take a quick break right now, and when we come back I want to really be going a little bit more into whether changing your mindset is the secret to success, and how you help others do it, but where can listeners learn about you and your work?

Yeah, definitely. You can go to, and subscribe there to the email updates. So any of the social medial platforms, Facebook, Instagram, it’s all under Regan Hillyer and there’s a lot of free content on there as well.

Great. Thanks.