Joie ChengJoie Cheng, author, speaker, mentor, healer, circle facilitator, and Queen of Transformational Book Publishing, joins Kristin Maxwell to share her story of how to develop self-esteem. In her best-selling book, ​The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love, Joie ​outlines her personal journey of healing from deep depression and suicidal thoughts through self-love. Listen in as she explains how she learned to turn her limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs in the process of developing self-love.

Hi everyone, this is Kristin Maxwell, and you’re listening to Your SuperPowered Mind. In this show, we take a look at our guests’ transformational journeys so you can learn tools and tricks for how to transform your own life.

Our guest today is Joie Cheng, and we’re going to be talking about how to improve self-esteem. Joie is the queen of transformational book publishing. She is a publishing coach, an author, speaker, mentor, healer, and in addition to that, a yoga teacher. She is the founder of Illuminate Your Self-Love, and also the best-selling author of her book, The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love.

Joie, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

Thanks, Kristin. Thank you so much for having me on your show.

I love to have you and have this opportunity to talk to you.

My first question is, what super power did you uncover as a result of mastering your mind?

I have something that I call a mind Jedi

I have something that I call a mind Jedi.

Well, I have something that I call a mind Jedi, like a super ninja mind Jedi trick. What I discovered is that I can take a belief that is a limiting belief and I can turn it into an empowering belief. So that is one of my super powers.

Wow, that is truly an amazing super power. For those of you who are maybe not as familiar with how limiting beliefs stop us from being what we want, that’s great. So tell me, how do you do that?

For example, I had realized that there were a couple beliefs that I had had that were limiting myself, that were basically putting conditions on my own happiness. I had a belief that if I got married, I