Anastasia ChopelasDr. Anastasia Chopelas, 4th generation healer and retired physicist, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about her vision of how we can change this world through global health. Anastasia spent a 40 year career researching quantum and vibrational physics to become The Scientific Healer. She assists her clients in functioning with top mental clarity and health. Listen in as she and Tonya discuss the power of a global vision of health and wellness to change this world.

Hello everyone this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I have a delightful woman on today’s show with us. I am really, really excited. Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the epitome of everything that we stand for at Super Power Experts, this really amazing blend of gifts and abilities and experience and perseverance and education and all of this wonderfulness. Walking her walk, talking her talk and really truly embodying you know, the essence of what she is here to contribute to the world. And it feels like this, you know, she’s a true super woman, she can probably do it all and she channels that it some really awesome ways. So we’re gonna talk today about, Change This World Through Global Health. This is her focus and she has some amazing, amazing ideas about how that could happen. She wrote her book, The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says. So that gives you a little bit of a hint about where she’s coming from on here. But she’s also fourth generation healer and just a fantastic blend of uniqueness and strength and courage in doing everything that she’s doing.

So without further ado I really want to welcome her to the show so we can dive right into just amazing wisdom that she holds. So welcome Anastasia to the show.

Well thank you so much. It’s my pleasure to be here and talk to your audience about what my mission is.

Well and it’s such a powerful, powerful mission. But before we jump into that, we like to ask everybody, what are your super powers?

I can see into people and their energy

I can see into people and their energy.

Well I think my main super power, and I’ve always been able to do this, is I can see into people and their energy, the way it flows, and I can pick out where people are sick. And then I can shift the energy to help them get well. And I even remember when I was very young people would come to me and say, “I think I’m getting sick.” And I’d tell them, “No you’re not.” And then they wouldn’t.

I love it. That’s perfect.

And it happened over and over again and now I’ve developed that into a series of actually very creative protocols that work with science, because that’s my other background. So I blended the science and woo woo together to create, to create a unique set of protocols to help people.

Well, I think that’s so necessary, I mean we’re seeing now the evolution across genres is really that integrative approach. And the pattern that I see is a lot of folks really rooted in very practical arenas, and merging that in with some of the spiritual roo roo kind of light work or healing type spaces, and it’s creating a phenomenal approach in so many arenas. And I think the healing, medical you know health kind of arena is so needed there, and I love that you would tell people that they’re not getting sick. That’s really how I transmuted that for myself, is I just kind of staked a claim and said, “Oh yeah, forget it I don’t get sick.” So every time like symptoms wanted start to appear, or I wanted to see them, I would say, “Oh I forget, I don’t get sick anymore.” And it just, they just wouldn’t. And so it really took a lot of like, yeah, I tell people you have to be willing to stare something in the face and deny its existence, and so anyway, that’s what that reminded me of. So talk just a little bit about this really rooted practical background that you have.

Well I started, I decided when I was seven, yes it was that early, I decided when I was seven I was gonna become a scientist. And the two things that fascinated me the most were, minerals and the universe. And so I blended that into a career in geophysics where I would study vibrations of materials. So I was in vibrations for a long time, studying vibrations of materials. And I would be able to tell a whole lot about their thermodynamics, their, exactly what was happening, all of the properties and materials and then you could model the earth and other planets, and you can talk about how things got started and what’s going on inside. And so, at about, about 25 years ago, right about when I was turning 40, I got very sick and I was so deeply involved in the science and it came to a stop and I had to take a really good look at why I was getting sick.

And it turned out to be a lot of stress because I was doing all the right things. I ate a good diet, I exercised, I got sleep, I was doing something that I really loved and I had to blend, I started reading a lot of medical journals and then I was living in Germany at the time where alternative medicine is far ahead of where we were in the United States at that time. So I started really diving deep into it and I got involved with a bunch of energy healers in a self help group I was in. And I learned about reflexology and shiatsu massage and reiki and I started taking reiki classes and became a master right away because I could move so much energy that I was changing things. And since then everything has evolved so it, I just decided that I needed to combine both, same things. So I could read the medical journals, because I was in research, I’ve got 50 publications and book chapters out there and in scholarly journals the ones that are really difficult, peer review journals.

And I took that kind of ability to be able to read the research and say, “Well I can turn that into an energetic protocol.” So I started doing that. And that’s when real big miracles started happening.

That’s so awesome. So tell us about some of these miracles that you started participating in.

Well, the first real big one was, I, my parents came to me and told me that somebody I’ve known since he was a child was in the hospital in a coma. At that point he was in his 50s, and he had been in a bad car accident where he was t-boned by a truck while he was on a bicycle. So he had serious brain injury and a broken arm and a broken leg and he was laying in a coma. And I, they, both my parents said to me, “Well is there anything you can do as a healer?” And I thought, “Oh my God. What a responsibility to have somebody’s life, I’m holding his life in the balance.” And then I just let that all go and went into the hospital when he was laying there and started to work on him. And I did, I did about two hours of healing in the hospital and then I did five more hours later working especially on the brain. And I was cleaning up all of the other stuff, all of the DNA, all of the past life, all of the familial issues.

I was cleaning up all those energy issues because I felt like they were holding, they were causing him to want to let go. Like this life is to crappy, I don’t want to be here. And he woke up three weeks later and the doctors had both, told both of his parents that he was going to die that, just to say your prayers and say goodbye to him. And that was six years ago, five to six years ago and he’s still doing really well. He woke up better than ever. His mom was totally surprised that they now have a really great relationship with one another where before it was difficult. It was a lot of confrontation and a lot of not being able to deal with one another.

Because I'm a scientist I can systematize it

Because I’m a scientist I can systematize it.

So that was the first real big miracle and then there were a series of small ones where people would say, “I have this blood chemistry problem.” Or, “I have this immune system problem and I have to take a lot of antibiotics.” And those people would start changing around. And one guy who said, “I have kidney disease and my mom died at the same age I am now of it. And I’m gonna have to either get a kidney transplant or go on dialysis.” And I worked with him and about a month or two later his kidney, his kidney functionality went from 20 to 40 percent and now it’s hovering somewhere around 50 percent. And he still works with me a half an hour a month because it’s worth it to him to just have somebody watch over and take care of him energetically. So these are just a small smattering, I’ve had tumors disappear over night, I’ve had cancer shrink away, I’ve had like a whole series of really amazing things happen. And when those things started happening I thought, “Hm, I better keep doing this, and teach other people what I’m doing.”

So because I’m a scientist I can systematize it. So now I have an approach like when I first approach a client, or I first approach somebody I do like this basic reading on them. And a lot of energy workers, they just go and they take one look and then they say, “Oh this is happening.” But I kind of dig deeper, I do 19 parameters. I dig deeper and deeper so it’s not just what you’re seeing at the moment. And so that has allowed me to teach it and to work with people, to also teach them while I’m healing them, to teach them what to do to prevent it from coming back. To prevent reinfecting yourself. Because if you keep all of the things going the same way you were before, you’re gonna keep getting the same result.

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Absolutely. Well this is all super fascinating. I know everybody has a ton of questions. So we’re gonna take a quick break, and we’ve been talking about, Change This World Through Global Health with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas and we’re gonna come back after the break and we’re gonna dive into some of this, this idea. You can tell that she’s a wealth of information, so I’m really excited to expand on some of this and talk about what we’re seeing from an evolution perspective for the world. So stick with us and we’ll be right back.

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