Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson, motivational speaker and author, joins Kristin Maxwell to share how to change the world by “going the extra mile.”  An inspiring individual who has built a million-dollar company, biked across the U.S. (twice!), trekked across 5 countries, and written 7 books, Shawn knows how to reach for his dreams.  Listen in as he shares how to create, and keep, the motivation and momentum to go the extra mile in your own life.

Hi, everyone. This is Kristin Maxwell. You are listening to Your Super Powered Mind. I’m really excited about our guest today. We are going to be talking to Shawn Anderson about how to change the world by going the extra mile. Shawn is a motivational speaker. He has seven books with his seventh, The Four Fibs, coming out next month in July. Shawn, his specialty is recognizing the power that each of us has to create change in our lives when we go the extra mile. The thing that’s cool about Shawn is, though he means it figuratively for us, Shawn has also, actually, lived this philosophy in his real world by biking across the U.S. two times and by trekking across five countries, which sounds really, really cool to me. Shawn, welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind.

It’s awesome to be here. Thank you so much for the privilege of sharing time today and talking about all things super mind related.

That’s great. My first question for people as always, what super power did you uncover as the result of mastering your mind?