Jennifer BloomeJennifer Bloome, a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner, joins Laura Greco to discuss the power of parenting from the foundation of abundance. Jennifer teaches people how to communicate directly with their Soul, so they that can co-create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance in alignment with their gifts, talents, and true nature. Her journey began by helping women re-align with, and create what they want from, their Soul’s Inner Abundance since 2001. She began by helping women create the babies their heart desired and then discovered that the same process created abundance of all kinds. Listen in she elaborates on what it means to parent from the foundation of abundance and how that creates grace and ease in parenting.

Welcome, everyone, to the show today. I’m Laura Greco, your host, and you are listening to Superpower Mamas. I’m so excited about our topic today. It’s Parenting from the Foundation of Abundance, and I’m joined and very excited to introduce you to a dear friend and colleague, and an amazing intuitive, Jennifer Bloome.

Jennifer Bloome has been on a journey of helping women to create babies in her practice, and this, of course, stems from the idea of abundance. So, Jennifer is now seeing the expansion of abundance in many different fields. We’re going to allow her to share with us more about her, but again, our topic is Parenting from a Foundation of Abundance.

Jennifer Bloome, welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m really excited to be here, and when we talked about topics, I just got goosebumps, so I’m really excited to talk and share today.

Yes, yes. Let’s get started with our traditional first question, which is, when you’re thinking about being a mom as well as serving moms, what is your superpower?

Being a part of this wonderful thing that is family

Being a part of this wonderful thing that is family.

That’s such a great question. When I think about being a mama, my superpower is kind of two-fold. It’s the ability to really hold the space, create the space that allows us to be our family unit, while also knowing that each of us are individuals, and guiding each of us to know ourselves and show up as our fullest self. I suppose when it all gets boiled down, it’s this really deep love and reverence for family, our own individual family, and deep love and reverence for each of us as our own individual showing up and being a part of this wonderful thing that is family.

Mm.. I love this. I love this, and it’s obvious that you embody this yourself in your own life. However, at the same time, I think about how these superpowers that you possess, how do you see them as assisting, for example, you in your family with your children, that could really help our listeners to understand what that really looks like?

Right. I think that it depends on what we all want to create, right, when we think about who we want to be as a parent, who we want to be as an individual showing up on the planet. I think that it’s so important, and maybe this sounds overly simplized? That’s not even a word.


Simplified. That’s what I’m reaching for. It is that we’ve got to start with ourselves, and really having a deep understanding that we carry within us all the seeds that we’re ever going to need. And yeah, there are things on the outside that are going to help us bring those seeds out, and to create whatever it is that we want to create, whether we’re talking about creating our family, or creating any other kind of form of abundance, which we’ll talk about later.

But, right, it is having that deep understanding of yourself and reverence for yourself and your role in whatever family unit you’re in is going to create your best opportunity, and create the best opportunity for those around you.

Yeah. Yeah. I often think about the abundance of information out there, and how that … the Google searches, the books that are out there that professionals that have these ideas. I mean, when I was raising my children too, there was so much of that, but not quite to the extent that it’s accessible today, and how that can really confuse and create … Not that information isn’t good. Like you mentioned, it can help to blossom what’s already a seed inside of us. At the same time, it can create a feeling of not measuring up, or inadequacy in some forms. What do you say to that?

Oh, I’m over here vigorously nodding my head and saying, “Yes, I agree, I agree.” My kids are … I have all adults now. My youngest is 18. I belong to a number of online groups that still that are family-oriented, and women who are just starting out, families just starting out, and they’re asking all these questions. And I’m thinking, Wow, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t have access to all of that, because …

I mean, again, there’s information that is really good and is important, but you have to know how to filter it, because if you read enough, you’re going to find opposites. One expert says this, another expert says that. So, you really have to be able to filter it to your own family’s needs, and to have the confidence that as you filter it, you’re doing the best for your family in the way that you can, right, that that’s what needs to get measured up against, not the best mother who’s ever existed on the planet, which I think we all try to hold ourselves to as mamas at one time or another.

Yeah, and so this really speaks to what you already did mention, but perhaps we want to highlight this, is that a woman who is a mom, and I believe a mom is the foundation in a family, because she really is the person that’s, well, certainly intuitive, but also doing things with the children, and usually running a lot of different pieces of a family life. The more she’s in tune with herself, the more when she reads other things, or investigates other things, she has that intuitive knowing of, “Yes, I’ll keep this,” and, “No, that’s not going to work for our family,” right?

Yeah, absolutely. There’s such trust involved, and the more you know yourself, the more you have, again, that understanding of who you are, the easier it is to have that trust.

One of the things as I’ve worked with women in the area of creating family, creating babies … I work a lot with women who are dealing with infertility. In that arena, there are so many different things that you can do help your body, right, from acupuncture to diet to nutrition to you name it, you can do it. But if you try to do it all, you end up stressing your body.

It’s the same when you’re the mama with the child. There’s a million, literally, a million plus different ways that you could impact your family with choices, from how you feed your family to discipline to do you choose to co-sleep? Right? I mean, there’s so many different things, and if you tried to do them all, you’d never sleep and you would be overwhelmed. So, you’ve got to build that trust factor that says, Yes, I’m going to choose A, and I’m going to choose X, and maybe I’ll bring in a little bit of Q, right, and that’s what’s going to be best for my family.

Yeah. Very valuable information contained in there. Yeah, because as the heart is more at rest, the ability to respond to situations, rather than feeling overwhelmed and reacting, is so key there.

Sometimes you forget that you truly are the expert

Sometimes you forget that you truly are the expert.

Yeah, I love that word, respond. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, because when you get into Google overload, it’s less about responding and more about trying to fill a hole, I think, right, with action. And action’s important, choosing what you’re going to do is important, but it’s that foundation. I love the words that you’ve used about foundation and when there’s that peace in your heart, it’s just so much easier to hear.

I think that when you’re a new mama, or when you run into a new stage of parenting, it’s sometimes you forget that you truly are the expert, because you’re the expert in your family. You’re the expert in who your child is, or who your children are, or how your particular family operates. That’s where you’re the expert. Then you get to bring in the other information as needed, as it’s going to help bring those seeds out in the best way possible.

Yes. Yes, and on that note, we’re going to come back. We have to take a quick break, but Jennifer, I would love for you to share how folks can get in touch with you?

Absolutely. They can reach me through my site, which is

Folks, you’ve been listening to Parenting from the Foundation of Abundance, and we’ll be right back after this quick break.

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