No matter what kind of belief or faith you have, ancient gods and goddesses exist in history and culture. In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan is joined by Iva Kenaz. Iva is an author from Prague, Bohemia who wrote several books significantly influenced by spirituality and metaphysics such as The Witch Within, The Goddess Within, The Merkaba Mystery, Alchemist Awakening: An Alchemical Journey Through the Zodiac, and Sacred Geometry and Magical Symbols. Not only does she study Screenwriting at the Prague Film Academy and hold an MA in Creative Writing, she is also an avid researcher of ancient knowledge and a practitioner of tarot, runes, and astrology. Listen in to learn more about the symbols of the goddess and how you can find them in the things around you.

Hello, this is Ayn Cates Sullivan, one of the SuperPower Up hosts. And you are listening to Wisdom of the Ages. So, are you ready to lean back into the wings of wisdom and be carried by a higher source? And if so, you will love the show today because we will be exploring love between the worlds and how goddess symbolism can be found all around us.

So, before I introduce my guest here, I would like to begin with a wisdom quote from a novel by Iva Kenaz called The Goddess Within. And it goes like this, “Your shadow can be used both for good or bad. It solely depends on the intention. If your intention is ill, the shadow eventually overpowers you. But if it’s kind, it can actually support your light.”

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So, with that lovely quote, I would like to introduce you to the author and one of my most favorite people on the planet, the mystical Iva Kenaz. She’s an author from Prague Bohemia, a city built on magic, that I was able to visit recently and I fell in love with it. It’s an amazing place. Iva’s a researcher of ancient knowledge and has wr