If you’re suffering from illness, stress or problems and can’t find the right approach for a better life, holistic liberation can help. As many people struggle to find balance and true peace in their lives, this process is the path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Host Ayn Cates Sullivan is joined by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a worldwide known holistic physician, psychiatrist, therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher, and leading expert in live, plant-sourced nutrition. He is the author of twelve internationally acclaimed books including Conscious Parenting and Spiritual Nutrition. Listen in as Ayn and Gabriel talk about the path of holistic liberation and how you can enjoy sacred relationships while moving beyond the pain and suffering.

Greetings! Hello. This is Ayn Cates Sullivan, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts. You’re listening to Wisdom of the Ages, where we can invite the sacred into modern day reality. You can find out more about the show on WisdomoftheAges.SuperPowerExperts.com.

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to become liberated from pain and suffering? If you’re interested in the journey of awakening and enlightenment, you will love this episode. We’re going to be listening to one of the wisest and most accomplished people on the planet, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who might encourage us to remove the noose of the mind from around our necks and awaken.

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His new autobiography is filled with wisdom and I would like to begin with a quote from his new book. It goes like this, “Life and liberation only happen if we are willing to repeatedly disappear into the nothing and live in a way that continues to open us up to the experience of the divine presence now.” Speaking of divine presence, I would like to introduce one of my favorite people on the planet, Dr. Gabriel Cousens is known world-wide as a liberated spiritual teacher and the leading expert in live plant source nutrition.

Dr. Cousens functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting-edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally. His multicultural background as an ordained rabbi, an acknowledged yogi, and four-year Native American Sundancer adds insight to his whole person enlightenment teachings. Dr. Cousens is the author of 13 books with his 14th book, Into the Nothing, to be released soon. Welcome, Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

Well, thanks Ayn. This is really a joy to share with you. You mentioned being relieved of pain and this may sound really unusual for people, but I have had two abdominal operations without anesthetic, simply by meditating and going into the nothing during the surgery.

I read that in your book. It was really surprising. It’s not something I’ve ever heard anyone else talk about, but you were able to go into such meditation that you were able to separate yourself from the pain body? How did that work?

Well, there are different states of awareness, but there’s a state in yoga called Pratyahara, which is withdraw the senses. I basically went to the Pratyahara state and there was no pain.


Nurses had a hard time with that. What are you doing? They wanted to talk to me. I said, “Please, just let me meditate.” They were just fascinated, but that’s the way it is, is that people don’t realize we have incredible capacities.


That’s just an example, when you say going beyond the pain. Also, we say going beyond the pain, it’s more mental and emotional pain. When your mind is clear and you’re not attached to anything, which is what causes the pain, and you’re living in a state of passionate non-attachment. People get that confused. Oh, I’m detached. I’m separated. No. You’re not separated. In the state of liberation, you’re passionately involved but you are non-attached. It’s a subtlety that’s very important.

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