Abundance and success are part of what is good and sacred. All people deserve to live, thrive, and fulfill their Dharma or their life, purpose, and mission. In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan is joined by Anita Plak Semprimoznik to talk about the importance of updating our beliefs around money. Anita is multiple best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers with an extensive business background. Her passion is to help people discover ways to monetize their knowledge and create the lifestyle business they’re passionate about. Listen in now to know how one can actually earn by doing what they love, especially in today’s digital era.

Warm welcome and blessings. This is the Wisdom Of The Ages podcast show where we weed the sacred into modern-day reality. You might ask yourself what the sacred has to do with money. Now, I consider abundance and success to be part of what is good and sacred. All people deserve to live, thrive, and fulfill their Dharma or their life, purpose, and mission. I personally believe that some things in life were simply destiny or karma. In other words, we have no control over them, but also that we have free will and that there are things in life that we do have a choice over. But we definitely have power over the sounds, the words, and the deeds in our life. We get to what we say creates the life that we live in. So this is powerful. I mean, we’re sent to school to learn to spell.

So if you think about that for a minute, our words act like spells. So there’s a big secret, our thoughts and words co-create the reality that we live into. So, if we think about that for a minute, we really want to try to live in a way that’s positive and good. We want to utter words that are helpful for other people. And we want to just dissolve and give up any kind of victimization and so forth and take full responsibility for our lives. Now, this is the beginning of success. Many years ago, when I decided to start my own business, I hired a success coach. His name’s Michael Shocks and he’s going to be on a different episode called Money. But anyway, he helped me to work with the nuts and bolts of my business to some extent, and he helped me with my beliefs around money.
Now, I was raised in a largely Christian household, and I thought money was the root of all evil. And so obviously I struggled with wanting it, and I noticed that my Jewish friends were enjoying their abundance. So I thought something’s a little off here. So I decided to break through my cultural beliefs and discover what was true about money, success, and abundance. Now, clearly the biblical idea that a rich man has as much chance of getting to heaven as a camel passing through the eye of a needle, which is what I grew up with, wasn’t working for me anymore. So during the course of the year of success training, I realized that abundance and success is actually our divine birthright. What we have to do is clear, the belief systems that keep us from success.
So it’s actually a letting go so that we can have what’s already ours. It’s important. This is important. I mean, just take a moment to think about this and think about your own belief systems. It might be quite different from my own but just think about it for a minute. I thought that money was something out there. But what I understood is that money is just a thing and it might be a digital thing now, but still, it’s just a thing. Money is energy, and we as conscious human beings are the ones who decide how it will be used. Think about that, right? So money is a thing. We are the ones, as human beings, we assign energy to how it can be used. Money can be used to dominate others, which is an old paradigm, outside of date.
Money can also be used to support what is good in our lives and the lives of those around us. Money actually could be programmed with the energy of love. We all deserve food, clothing, and shelter. That’s our divine right and money can be assigned with the energy of love. So it’s for this reason that I agreed to be one of the authors in a fantastic new bestselling book called High Profit Secrets. Let me tell you why you’re going to be excited about this episode. We’re going to be talking about High Profit Secrets, and I have this fantastic guest who’s going to tell you all about it. I know many people are struggling with money right now. And from the shifts in the financial markets and the swings of economic fortune, I want to offer you some tips that might be of value to you.
So this is what the show is about. Let’s get successful together. My guest, she’s from Slovenia. So I’m going to try with her name here. Anita Plak Semprimoznik. I hope I got that right. You can correct me.
Is that right?
Right. Right. Thank you.

Slovenia, I had to ask exactly where Slovenia is, but it’s in Europe, near Italy and Austria. She is multiple bestselling authors, entrepreneur, and digital marketer, and we’re going to be speaking with her about High Profit Secrets. So I’ll give you a little bit here. Anita has made it possible to support entrepreneurs and monetize their knowledge while creating lifestyle businesses based on true passions. She is multiple bestselling authors, entrepreneur, and digital marketer with an extensive business background. Her decades of business experience and innate ability to think strategically allowed her to see the bigger picture, to visualize outcomes and results. Once the goal is clear, she then designs a roadmap for her clients to follow to ensure they achieve success.
Anita is a member of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and one of her wisdom quotes… She has another one at the end, so you have to wait till the end to get another wisdom, but her first “one is one size doesn’t fit all.”

Welcome to the show, Anita.
Thank you, and thank you for having me here.
I’m really excited to talk about your new book, High Profit Secrets. I got to take a quick break here, but I know people can find you… Is it at Anita-ps.com?
Yes, correct. Thank you.
Okay. So let’s take a very short break and when we will return, we will discuss High Profit Secrets. So stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

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