Cosmic Consciousness2020-10-12T16:09:15-07:00
Cosmic Consciousness with Jewels Arnes

Cosmic Consciousness is a show that connects with todays’ way showers and conscious advocates who use real life SuperPowers to upgrade our DNA and recode the genomes required to awaken consciousness and catapult human evolution.

Jewels Arnes experienced a deepened and expanded connection and more open line of communication with her Soul family, The Council of Light. Jewels felt an irrefutable calling to raise the frequency of humanity. Through the synergy of connecting with her soul family, these things revealed themselves to be ORMUS Elements (monatomic gold), and Scalar Energy.

Needing a delivery system for people to receive the elements and frequencies, she started infusing it in a cream. This then evolved into an entire Natural skincare line called Eternal Gold. Wanting to appeal to the populations that would be able to bring about the most positive changes, Jewels then customized her products to amplify what it means to be human. Jewels is dedicated to bringing in the frequencies needed to raise the frequency of the planet one Face at a Time.