Jeffrey CarpenterJeff Carpenter from Dimensions Reiki joins Executive Director Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about using intuitive gifts as super power. From rocket scientist to reiki master, Jeff proves you really can blend aspects of both traditional society with the metaphysical.

During his continuing evolution, Jeff also became a psychic and a spirit medium, working in both evidential and spirit release mediumship and helping people through performing home cleansings and removing negative spirit attachments. Along the way, he joined the paranormal investigations group Sister Paranormal Investigators (SPI) whose main office is in Tombstone, Arizona.

Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I’m delighted to have with me today, Jeff Carpenter, who comes with ah… such a wealth and a well-rounded out kind of experience to bring to these conversations. From… We’re talking about a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering_ all the way over to you know being a member of the Sister Paranormal Investigators. But the big thing is his Reiki work and that’s the delivery system ah… to use Jennifer’s words on how he brings all that together into the world to create change and so I really love how he ties some pretty complex ah… kind of aspects of life together and makes it usable and practical for folks to implement in their own existence so if you would please join me in welcoming Jeff to the show. Jeff welcome.

Thank you for having me. It’s been quite a quite an interesting journey as you’ve started to highlight so I’m really looking forward to talking about it.

Well… That was such like a superficial glimpse out of it. It’s just… you it’s just really you know I love how people all the little clues and stuff that we go through in our existence and we tie them all together in this unique packaging… and you’re really a model of that. But before we jump into that too much, I love to throw out my question of what are your superpowers.

That’s a great question because they continue to evolve. My intuitive gifts really came through when I first started with my level one – level two combined Reiki class. Things that I can’t really desired I have before but it moved directly into clairvoyance. That is probably my strongest gift, the clear seeing of movies_ so it’s not necessarily like a symbolic approach. It really is seeing representation of whatever specific symbol I’m looking for. I have a little bit of clear cognizance. So clear cognizant should a… clear knowing as well. So as I watch these movies I get little messages that pop in my head almost like that. Almost like watching caption except that VST captions are for the visual and it really started first with Reiki. The medical intuition popped in very soon after practicing. When I say very soon I’m talking like within half an hour of the class and it grew from there. The healing abilities… Strangely enough I feel that my… You mentioned my scientific background actually gives me more of a view into anatomy and the science of energy and quantum physics and all those things that then relate to exactly how science can explain healing. And my healing super power has been such a such a rewarding gift to me. And now people are getting grief for it. That’s one of my favorites. People get grief for it. And finally I even evolve beyond into psychic work and spirit medium work in through Spirit rescue. So I’m happy to work with evidence in terms of mediumistic readings but I also do some work with spirit rescue, spirit release and some of the not so fun things that go along with that. So my superpowers have continued to grow and it’s so amazing that every day I learn something new.

I love everything you just said. Like it. It really flashes out one, that continued journey which I think is so crucial like you know I do talk with a lot of folks who kind of felt like there was going to be this endgame, like there was this point that they were trying to get to and then they were done or then they would feel like masters of their universe or whatever you know. And it just doesn’t have like it’s just being elusive point. Like we’re the donkeys or the carrot dangling in front of us. You know, it’s just this ongoing process. By the way, you also gave language to in such an eloquent way. That’s the beauty of this… This real like… Diverse and robust and just the elements… I just had this inner [inaudible timestamp] like your hand like reaching out like grabbing this piece and this piece and this piece and you’re just not tinkering so much. Just really like the building and it’s a fluid energy that you wear in that process. And it… To have the courage to you know using your background with the science and needing the proof and all these things but to move into spaces where most people would say are is almost opposite. And to find the connection and to find the power and the synergy it is so cool. Kudos. Good job. Well done. Applause.

Thank you. Thank you. Really, it’s funny a lot of people don’t necessarily see the junction, the meeting of those two sides. It took me a while to recognize that. But even in the simplest form, when you’re a scientist for example and you live your world by the scientific method, experimentation really supports what you said about not seeing an endpoint. When you want to experiment and you recognize that it’s repeatable and you recognize that if you change one variable it’s something different happen. I don’t see an ending to all this evolution because of I’m willing to experiment. I’m willing to then expand my own perception of what I can and are looking to do. If you’re going to focus everything on your intention, you’re your only limit.

I love it. I love it so much and it’s so funny because it’s you know… It’s the one thing that I have found that’s inexhaustible. Yeah, everything else is, you know, I kind of feel like and I’d imagine if I could be so bold as to kind of overlay your existence with a synopsis but it’s like… It’s like you kind of move into space. It’s like OK did this. You know check that box. Did this. Check that box. And you kind of keep going on this little trajectory. And I think it’s those of us who get bored easily you know or kind of take the pieces that we need and keep going that are really drawn to this, this evolutionary journey. Because it is once you relax into the idea that there’s no end game it really is inexhaustible. And so there’s always growth to be had. And it keeps things at the very least. It keeps them entertaining, right?

Oh absolutely! When did the idea of the experimentation and getting different results really moves you into even just being aware of your options in our called the regular life. The others say I can do this. In the superpower’s area, spirituality, metaphysics, all those type of terms, why can I not then apply this elsewhere? Because if I can affect… If I can affect other people with the healing and provide release, as well as provide evidence and you know, care and relaxation, it really goes hand-in-hand with then what can I do as I move through the rest of my life. Because you don’t then separate. I was one of those persons who separated because I’m an engineer and I compartmentalize everything and I define everything. This was probably the hardest thing to define for me, to be able to say yes. Sure. You are in control. It is your free will. Sure. But if you’re on a path your free will is on the path and you don’t know the other end. Well, okay. There’s the paradox that I know I walk all the time. But, the evolution and you know people say the journey is the important part. This is so true for this intuitive evolution I’ve been going through.

Well and it’s I’m just laughing. I’m really laughing in camaraderie with you because it is… I went through various similar phases of OK I think I can do this over here but not here, here, and here. And it was really in the business that I started seeing that.

Oh my god. Om my god, yes.

Well, it started for me even in counter-intel because that’s… I was still an active agent when I was really re-awakening to some of these concepts and I did the initial compartmentalization thing. And I found like I started tuning to the frequency differences of when I was, you know, in the flow and really in that space, and then at work. And it was like how like this does feel good like how do I keep this here? I mean I wrote lik