Jeffrey CarpenterJeff Carpenter from Dimensions Reiki joins Executive Director Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about using intuitive gifts as super power. From rocket scientist to reiki master, Jeff proves you really can blend aspects of both traditional society with the metaphysical.

During his continuing evolution, Jeff also became a psychic and a spirit medium, working in both evidential and spirit release mediumship and helping people through performing home cleansings and removing negative spirit attachments. Along the way, he joined the paranormal investigations group Sister Paranormal Investigators (SPI) whose main office is in Tombstone, Arizona.

Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I’m delighted to have with me today, Jeff Carpenter, who comes with ah… such a wealth and a well-rounded out kind of experience to bring to these conversations. From… We’re talking about a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering_ all the way over to you know being a member of the Sister Paranormal Investigators. But the big thing is his Reiki work and that’s the delivery system ah… to use Jennifer’s words on how he brings all that together into the world to create change and so I really love how he ties some pretty complex ah… kind of aspects of life together and makes it usable and practical for folks to implement in their own existence so if you would please join me in welcoming Jeff to the show. Jeff welcome.

Thank you for having me. It’s been quite a quite an interesting journey as you’ve started to highlight so I’m really looking forward to talking about it.

Well… That was such like a superficial glimpse out of it. It’s just… you it’s just really you know I love how people all the little clues and stuff that we go through in our existence and we tie them all together in this unique packaging… and you’re really a model of that. But before we jump into that too much, I love to throw out my question of what are your superpowers.

That’s a great question because they continue to evolve. My intuitive gifts really came through when I first started with my level one – level two combined Reiki class. Things that I can’t really desired I have before but it moved directly into clairvoyance. That is probably my strongest gift, the clear seeing of movies_ so it’s not necessarily like a symbolic approach. It really is seeing representation of whatever specific symbol I’m looking for. I have a little bit of clear cognizance. So clear cognizant should a… clear knowing as well. So as I watch these movies I get little messages that pop in my head almost like that. Almost like watching caption except that VST captions are for the visual and it really started first with Reiki. The medical intuition popped in very soon after practicing. When I say very soon I’m talking like within half an hour of the class and it grew from there. The healing abilities… Strangely enough I feel that my… You mentioned my scientific background actually gives me more of a view into anatomy and the science of energy and quantum physics and all those things that then relate to exactly how science can explain healing. And my healing super power has been such a such a rewarding gift to me. And now people are getting grief for it. That’s one of my favorites. People get grief for it. And finally I even evolve beyond into psychic work and spirit medium work in through Spirit rescue. So I’m happy to work with evidence in terms of mediumistic readings but I also do some work with spirit rescue, spirit release and some of the not so fun things that go along with that. So my superpowers have continued to grow and it’s so amazing that every day I learn something new.

I love everything you just said. Like it. It really flashes out one, that continued journey which I think is so crucial like you know I do talk with a lot of folks who kind of felt like there was going to be this endgame, like there was this point that they were trying to get to and then they were done or then they would feel like masters of their universe or whatever you know. And it just doesn’t have like it’s just being elusive point. Like we’re the donkeys or the carrot dangling in front of us. You know, it’s just this ongoing process. By the way, you also gave language to in such an eloquent way. That’s the beauty of this… This real like… Diverse and robust and just the elements… I just had this inner [inaudible timestamp] like your hand like reaching out like grabbing this piece and this piece and this piece and you’re just not tinkering so much. Just really like the building and it’s a fluid energy that you wear in that process. And it… To have the courage to you know using your background with the science and needing the proof and all these things but to move into spaces where most people would say are is almost opposite. And to find the connection and to find the power and the synergy it is so cool. Kudos. Good job. Well done. Applause.

Thank you. Thank you. Really, it’s funny a lot of people don’t necessarily see the junction, the meeting of those two sides. It took me a while to recognize that. But even in the simplest form, when you’re a scientist for example and you live your world by the scientific method, experimentation really supports what you said about not seeing an endpoint. When you want to experiment and you recognize that it’s repeatable and you recognize that if you change one variable it’s something different happen. I don’t see an ending to all this evolution because of I’m willing to experiment. I’m willing to then expand my own perception of what I can and are looking to do. If you’re going to focus everything on your intention, you’re your only limit.

I love it. I love it so much and it’s so funny because it’s you know… It’s the one thing that I have found that’s inexhaustible. Yeah, everything else is, you know, I kind of feel like and I’d imagine if I could be so bold as to kind of overlay your existence with a synopsis but it’s like… It’s like you kind of move into space. It’s like OK did this. You know check that box. Did this. Check that box. And you kind of keep going on this little trajectory. And I think it’s those of us who get bored easily you know or kind of take the pieces that we need and keep going that are really drawn to this, this evolutionary journey. Because it is once you relax into the idea that there’s no end game it really is inexhaustible. And so there’s always growth to be had. And it keeps things at the very least. It keeps them entertaining, right?

Oh absolutely! When did the idea of the experimentation and getting different results really moves you into even just being aware of your options in our called the regular life. The others say I can do this. In the superpower’s area, spirituality, metaphysics, all those type of terms, why can I not then apply this elsewhere? Because if I can affect… If I can affect other people with the healing and provide release, as well as provide evidence and you know, care and relaxation, it really goes hand-in-hand with then what can I do as I move through the rest of my life. Because you don’t then separate. I was one of those persons who separated because I’m an engineer and I compartmentalize everything and I define everything. This was probably the hardest thing to define for me, to be able to say yes. Sure. You are in control. It is your free will. Sure. But if you’re on a path your free will is on the path and you don’t know the other end. Well, okay. There’s the paradox that I know I walk all the time. But, the evolution and you know people say the journey is the important part. This is so true for this intuitive evolution I’ve been going through.

Well and it’s I’m just laughing. I’m really laughing in camaraderie with you because it is… I went through various similar phases of OK I think I can do this over here but not here, here, and here. And it was really in the business that I started seeing that.

Oh my god. Om my god, yes.

Well, it started for me even in counter-intel because that’s… I was still an active agent when I was really re-awakening to some of these concepts and I did the initial compartmentalization thing. And I found like I started tuning to the frequency differences of when I was, you know, in the flow and really in that space, and then at work. And it was like how like this does feel good like how do I keep this here? I mean I wrote like… Hey, at the time I think I called it the three-day abundance process, like I was doing everything I could come up with some practical tips. I mean I’d be in meetings holding my ears like humming a tune. You know just being like I can’t hear you because it was like the paranoia and suspicion in that environment really just like immediately like drop me down. And of course I understand that a little bit better now. But then I, you know coming into the business arena I thought, “oh that’ll be easy-peasy right.” It’s like it’s entrepreneurship, it’s this highfaluting kind of space. It’s easy to maintain high frequency there and then there was equal challenges and lower frequencies in that environment as well. And I started. So then I started to say OK I could do it in this aspect of the business, the visioning creative aspect. But certainly when I sit down to do a spreadsheet, I can’t maintain this kind of high frequency space. And it was over time I just kept whittling away and whittling away till I found that nothing was exempt from that. You really truly could be in that in all times in all spaces. But… I mean that was a journey. That took quite a bit of a willingness to say OK what would it look like if I brought that in to here. So I’d love that transferable quality you’re talking about. And I use it a lot with clients because we all have our verticals that are more challenging than others. So most of us don’t see how easy it was for us in certain verticals versus others. But then there’s somebody else who that was a challenge for them but yet they’ve got like money is a great one for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to disregard your success and others like relationships or parenting or whatever the case may be, thinking that everybody is challenged with this one vertical, like money or you know, relationships a soul mate kind of stuff. But when you take a step back, you’re like, wait I did it super easily over here. Shouldn’t it stand to reason that I could take those skills and provide and just slide them over here and do the same thing? Then I think that’s where that scientific kind of ideologies really super valuable.

I do give myself a lot of praise by listening. I am a very good listener. I’m not as rigid as a lot of people might think when it comes to someone who spent a lot of time doing I.T. system design. But what really woke me up was that I was doing my superpower work. I was reading. I was cleansing. I was feeling people at work sitting in the middle of an I.T. office when someone comes up to you who you just you know you did a 15 minute little demo just because you’re so excited about it and said, “Can you come into my conference room and cleanse the energy in there just so that my meeting goes well?” You start looking at those people going. Is that what you really want me to do? Is this really what you think I’m doing? Well it worked it worked for me. Why wouldn’t it work for something else. And I went oh my gosh of course. Out of the mouth those staff has no idea this does you’re telling me why would you be able to apply it elsewhere. It works for this. It works for that. And you Jeff’s the one who’s always telling me how it’s all encompassing. Why don’t you go do it rather than say it? Oooh, you’re listening to what I’m saying? It started to really evolve. The perceptions of things like Reiki shares, things like medium practice. It’s more than just practicing your own craft. It’s listening to other people and their techniques. What works for them? What doesn’t work for them? So that you see how you evolve. Even if you learn something that isn’t you know that really resonate with you. Even That’s my favorite word, resonate. The engineering and vibrational state that the word resonate means. That’s so amazing for me to hear everyone use that word but when it doesn’t resonate with you it’s still something you learned. It’s still part of advancing your own craft, advancing your own evolution. And you get to recognize because everyone thinks differently and everyone’s perceptions, and blinders, and openness going to bettery. Listen to the people around you if you think you’re ready to go.

I love that and it’s such a powerful testament to you know what I call being willing to grow transparently in the presence of others. And it’s…

It’s not easy for an engineer

Or for a former person for the spy industry too.

Yes. Yes.

Which you know of course there are no coincidences. We would set ourselves up in that regard. You have to want those utopian leaders you just don’t happen upon evolution and entrepreneurship and all these other things that you don’t really want and fight for this existence. Because it is so counter to you know what we see in some of the lower frequencies of control and victimization, and abdication. And all these other things which again… I mean I could easily go off and do some conspiracy theory kind of avenue but I really do think it’s purposely designed by us to you know, force that growth and that change and sand papering in the gauntlet if you will. There’s all these rites of passage along the way and one of the ones that we’ve been talking about is this idea that it’s not really until you’re willing to be in a group of people that you start to see some of this come for it. It’s the with relationships. You know marriage is the same with parenting.

Yes. Yes.

It’s like we see ourselves in the reflections from others. And I only… Just this morning I kind of tackled this concept. I was trying to wrap my mind around why groups are particularly challenging to people especially those who claim to want to do evolutionary like world changing work. Like we’re fine in the one on ones and we’re fine with the idea of like helping mass consciousness. But for whatever reason the groups stuff is really where I see people struggling and it dawned on me that groups lack the intimacy of the one on one where we can kind of go into just focusing on where we connect and where we agree. But it also lacks the anonymity of the collective experience where you can kind of hide amidst the masses. The groups are really really shed a light on disagreement and spaces where perhaps we have to compromise or spaces where we’re learning from others in the sand paper. Without this the false security of the one on one relationship. And it really I knew that the net the super power net concept was pivotal in that it acts like a little playground. But I didn’t understand all the nuances. But that’s what we’re talking about. Is being willing… And folks you heard it here first from from two people who have gone on this trajectory and it’s really kind of advanced in their superpowers. A big component of that is being willing to be in transparency in a group of people.


It’s not enough just when you’re one on ones with clients or in your personal relationships. Nor is it enough to sit behind your computer and blog the world thinking that you’re creating change. You have to do it in those middle spaces. I guess we could call them.

Yeah! you have to own it and it’s you we can trust and it’s an interesting dichotomy. You can trust that messages are coming. You can trust that you can heal. You can trust that can’t miss the energy. You can trust that you are receiving spiritual connections. But you can’t trust in many cases that you tell the next person that you can do it. So you trust and you know you embrace it the entire time but then you can’t trust the person next to you. Pick up that.


That’s some of the teachings, some of the messages, even some of the experience that I had. Does it really matter if that person told us that or not? You have to own it. When you own it the other people will come around because you are going to demonstrate it that you live it. You know I tell everybody who talks about believing in the science of everything. My first question of them is. So you did the experiment? What? You did the experiment that says this law of physics is actually there you know? No. So you read a book that someone says this is the way it works. Well it all support. Well no. Did you do the testing that supports it. No. So you’re OK that throughout this particular example of scenarios that works and that you know even especially the theory of relativity and energy that we’ve never proven. You’re OK with that. But if I write this down, you are ready to accept it. I’m not asking you to accept that. I’m asking you to recognize that the evolution is the same because someone had to commit and own it to get through it. And one of the great things I’ve seen with the super powered work that you’re doing, the net transformation is giving people the ability to talk with like-minded resources. It’s so much easier not fearing the fact that someone may judge you, whether or not that’s important to you, that about what you say. You want that person to be able to say, “Sure, I don’t care if you believe or disbelieve.” If they’re open at least you can get past the worries and the discussion. When you talk about the group past the worry of what they’re going to think about you and get into the challenges of the evolutionary work that you want. Finding that men for. Finding that discussion and allowing that transparency. You even say it’s allowing that vulnerability. That’s the hardest thing to do because we all know as we’re going through these evolutionary steps, we’ve already committed to doing it. Why did someone suddenly so important for someone else to believe that we did it. We know it. We practice it. We repeat it over and over again. To me that’s the scientific principle and experimentation.

I love that. I love everything that you’re saying and I particularly love that you are so brilliant in this lifetime to give yourself some credentialing to back all that up. You know I see that you know we do… We devise ourselves really brilliantly and in that space, the scientific space, needs those individuals who are willing to kind of Herald that message in the same way that you know. I feel like I pulled the veil off of a lot of conspiracy theories and other things because of my background in the government. It’s all very purposely designed so a lot of what you say about you know… Did you do the experiment? Did you do all this? To me it’s like if you weren’t there at the event or if you didn’t read that information firsthand or if you did all this stuff like you don’t know. And it’s OK. You know certainly you would go insane if you try to do all the experiments yourself. Like at some point we have to go back to your favorite word. We have to be willing to gauge our own resonance with it and just be OK in our belief that it’s valuable to us. It doesn’t… It’s not even about whether it’s true or not. It’s just is this information valuable right now to me. Can I use it for something? You know. And to stake a claim into kind of get on your high horse and to take a stand on something you know, really isn’t all that valuable in this whole evolutionary process. But to be able to gather information and use it in that moment for what it allow… You know… What it allows you to explore is hugely valuable. It’s just not something that we really honor in our society. I think we’re getting there.

It is pretty surprising at how and I know we talk a little bit earlier, how I’m going to professional organizations and I’m… When you are talking about ownership, I’m stepping into everything, from construction companies, to real estate people, to bankers. And saying Hi I’m from dimension’s Reiki. I perform energy healing. I do readings. I perform additional services to really try to bring about your own well-being. And sometimes I get that little cocked to the head like a dog with them little confused. But the answers… The answers don’t really matter in terms of the how I do it when I can demonstrate or they can really receive that kind of benefit from the gifts. They really tend to lose that challenge of the how because they’re not the ones doing it. They’re the ones that get greedy for the release and the benefits and the calmness and the wellness that they receive from it. That’s really getting pass that lift. Sorry. Go on ahead.

Don’t you find too that that a lot of times the questioning and the how people receive it is really just more of a reflection of where we sit with it?

Oh yes. Yes. You end up. Is it going to reflect what… You know I described that a little earlier. Is it going to reflect how other people see me? And quite frankly I could care less. I already know you know. I know everybody already knows I’ve lost my mind. They already know I’m crazy. I go for you. You get out of the way. You can’t say it. I’ll say it. We’ll move on. Now let’s get out in my insanity, I can help you. If I can help you, does it really matter how nuts I am? I know better.

I’m like you know yes I drink the Kool-Aid and you know you probably did too. That’s OK. Like we may be crazy but at least we’re in good company. You know at least we’re all together in it. So… I love that you like to joke around like that. It’s… Again… What’s fascinating to me is the just how it all fits together. Have you ever just said? I’m sure you have. But you sit back and you look at your life and it’s like if you just use the map it all out is just masterful. And I listened to you talk and it’s like and I can see all the different influences, and all the different pieces and parts, and everything you picked up along the way. And what you evolved and how you kind of were like oh I just… Like you kind of pick up a piece you look at and you’re like hmm I can make it better. It’s like doo doo doo doo. You know you just kind of… Then you plug that piece in and there’s just this ongoing process that you’ve done. It’s just brilliant and I really you know for all [inaudible timestamp] You just kind of take a step back and look at your own existence to go. Isn’t this interesting like look at what I created. Like look at all these pieces just listen to how Jeff talks about how you put it all together. It’s brilliant.

You haven’t even