Teri Karl

Teri Karl is a life mastery consultant through Mary Morrisey’s Life Mastery Institute. Tonya Dawn Recla talks with Mary on how her learnings from the School of Metaphysics shaped her abilities to listen and reiterate her healing touch. She discusses her coaching methods as a certified Dreambuilder coach and how she shares that experience with others.

Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I’m so pleased to have with me today, Teri Karl. She’s a speaker and certified Dreambuilder coach and Life Mastery consultant through Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute. So those of you who are familiar with Mary Morrissey’s work will know exactly where she comes from. And, of course, she brings her own really cool energy entwined in throughout that work that she does in the world, as most of us do so. So she’s another one of those folks who comes from a unique background. We were talking right before the show and she’s a schoolteacher. You know, she was in her former existence in this lifetime. And I told her I was I felt like this compelling desire to thank her for her service for doing that. So, of course, I did and I just think that it’s a great opportunity to remember that these amazing people in the world who were touching the lives of young ones and so it always makes you feel a little bit better to know that people who, you know, carry that light with them are in those positions and so anyway, so Teri I just wanted to share that but thank you and welcome to the show.