Tim FrekeTim Freke, pioneering philosopher and prolific author, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to share his amazing experience with spiritual growth and identifies the signs of spiritual awakening. In Tim’s latest books, Deep Awake and Soul Story, he offers a revolutionary new approach to spiritual awakening and a visionary new understanding of the cosmos. He’s been exploring spirituality since his spontaneous awakening when he was 12 years old and now guides others directly to the deep awake state. Listen in as he shares his experience and wisdom and guides listeners to recognize the sign of spiritual awakening and how to harness the experience.

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I’m grinning from ear to ear. This is such a fun conversation. Already I really adore this gentleman, excuse me, and the work that he does in the world. Also, and I’m getting choked up. I guess my grin is impacting that.

He came to us through Dr. Saida Desilets who has been on my show. Neva’s interviewed her also about how to talk to kids about sex. Already we know that he carries that amazing, kind of yummy, good vibe in the world. He’s incredibly, incredibly impressive.

Tim Freke is author of 35 books that have been translated into more than 15 languages. His latest book is Deep Awake and Soul Story are all about these things that we talk about, right. What is the spiritual awakening? What do we do with it? How do you know? All of that good stuff. We’re gonna talk to him today about Signs of Spiritual Awakening and kind of what comes after that, right?

He’s been exploring spirituality since his awakening when he was 12, which is just amazing and we love those stories. I’m really, really excited to have him here with us sharing his wisdom with you all and just kind of identifying how he’s walking his path, and inspiring you all to continue walking yours. Without further ado, please join me in welcoming Tim Freke to the show. Welcome, Tim.

Thank you. It’s a delight to be on the show.

Well we’re so excited to have you. I’ve been looking forward to this interview. The first question we ask people is what are your super powers?

I can lead people to the deep awake state

I can lead people to the deep awake state

What a great first question that is. It’s a lovely idea and I’m thinking about it. When you invited me on the show I thought it turns out that I seem to have the super power that I can lead people to what I call, The Deep Awake State. I have this ability, it seems, to guide