Trista HaggertyTrista Haggerty, founder of The School of Inner Alchemy and Sacred Mountain Tours, joins Jennifer Urezzio to share with the SuperPowers of the Soul audience the importance of having a conscious mind and heart. Over twenty years ago, Trista started traveling to sacred sites around the world where she was trained in ancient rites of passage and initiations. Now she takes small groups to powerful sites of activation and healing where individuals experience miraculous healing and an unlocking of personal knowledge and wisdom. Trista and her husband, Ricardo, also co-founded The Earth Mentoring Institute, a wilderness education and retreat center. Listen in as she and Jennifer share how to tap into the innate power that emerges from having a conscious mind and heart.

Hello, everyone and welcome. I am Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And today I’m here with Trista Haggerty and the topic is Having a Conscious Mind and Heart. Welcome, Trista. How are you?

I’m great. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

I’m so excited that you’re here. So, you know, we start with a kind of “standard” question. What do you consider the superpower of your soul?

My trust in my intuition that has really been the foundational force

My trust in my intuition that has really been the foundational force.

Well, you know, I gave this question a lot of thought and every time I came up with an answer, I then dove deeper and would find another answer. And, I, you know, first I … I worked a lot with the divine feminine and I was like, yeah, it’s really, my superpower is to bring that balance with the masculine through the feminine. But when I really delved deeper, I realized that it was the faith and the flexible mind and my trust in my intuition that has really been the foundational force, I would say, or the superpower that has allowed me to walk this path for many, many years, and has really been what brought me onto the path of working with the divine feminine.

Yeah, you know, so often when people answer that question, especially master healers, right? They go first for, you know, being of service, for their superpower, but that superpower for the soul is really for us, just like our sacred purpose. It’s first for us to experience and then offer that to others and I think so often, people of service, you know, we go outside to help, rather than going, “Okay, wait, let’s see how really this supports me in a profound way.” So, I loved what you had to say. So, on that kind of theme, what do you consider your sacred purpose? My sacred purpose is to alleviate suffering through connection. That’s gonna start at home first and then I move outside of myself. So, what do you consider your sacred purpose?

Well, I’ve helped people to reclaim and reconnect with their power. I would say that that is one of my main purposes. It’s something that I have had to do for myself. Throughout my life I’d encounter situations and I started asking the question, “What is the situation asking of me?” Because I would, you know, find myself in relationships or situations that I felt a lot of disease and felt that I was in a position of compromising myself and so I had to work through a lot of those situations and when I look back I really realize that all of those situations were opportunities for me to reclaim my power and in this day and age, not to get political, but when we look at what is going on specifically in our country, but also throughout the world, it really necessitates a time for everyone to reclaim their power; power that we have so often given over to almost every major institution.

To reclaim that power, to know that we are in charge of creating our lives, we have the ability to create our lives in such magnificent ways, and as a result eventually create a whole new world here, a whole new experience on the planet.

Yeah, you know, so often people, you know, think that the first step of it, you know, reclaiming, isn’t external and it’s really an internal step first and I always work with divine intelligence to do that and it sounds like this, everyone, in case you want to do it. “Divine intelligence, I call back all the power that I gave away, consciously or unconsciously, to another, to a situation, to a thought or to belief. I call it back with divine love, wisdom, and grace. I bless all those involved and so be it.” And I think so often people, you know, in our circles of consciousness, we talk about giving this power away but you really can’t. It’s just how you’re focusing that power. No one really can take your power away unless, you know, they’re physically harming you or, you know, threatening your life. Those are extreme but, so I love this theme that you’re talking about here. So, how has that, your own journey, how is it reflected in your work?

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Well, I do a lot of, what I call “sacred womb and heart work” and this doesn’t work just for women, it’s also for men, because men, they do have energetic womb that I call it. And it’s an area in our bodies where we most often will establish these, you know, cords with other people that we’re in relationship. In more traditional terms, codependent relationships, a place where we establish these cords and kind of give away our power or sometimes take power, whatever, in this kind of mutual exchange. But it’s also an area where we hold a lot of unresolved emotions in our bodies and it’s for times in our lives where maybe we haven’t found our voice to really be able to express what it is we need or what it is that we’re feeling. It all gets held in that area.

So, that’s a lot of the work that I do and I do this in a number of different ways. I work with people over the phone, meditations. I also take people on sacred journeys, to the places on the earth that I call “the thin places”. This is where heaven and earth meet and the veil is very thin, so you experience the magic that is on the other side of the veil and this really helps people to open up and have a completely different experience and awareness of both themselves and the earth. Then I also, my husband and I run a retreat and education center. I bring people here and help facilitate that healing as well so that people can really kind of anchor themselves,