Claudette RowleyWhat key components create entrepreneur success? Claudette Rowley, CEO of Cultural Brilliance, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to the power of integrating your company’s culture in success strategies. As the author of Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence, Claudette brings decades of experience helping companies resolve complex problems through exploring the culture. Listen in as Tonya and Claudette talk about the wealth of information and success found by diving deeply into the heart and soul of a company.

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I’m really, really excited today about this show. We have with us today, Claudette Rowley, who’s going to help us flesh out the power in the, you know, what the corporate, organizational culture conversation can really do in your business. I know a lot of times as entrepreneurs we get started and we’re driven by what we’re passionate about, and we want to do good things in the world, and all this stuff. But, there are some just tried and true steps that businesses follow, that corporations had to follow even at the inception point, that allowed for that level of success.

I really appreciate the conversations where we can kind of drill down, and just get serious about the nuts and bolts, and things that have to be there. What’s beautiful about the culture conversation is that it rests on some really foundational business principles, but you get to develop it however you want to, right? There is a creative aspect to this. I think as entrepreneurs, a lot of time we resist anything that feels too stifling. But, I’m going to invite you to look at developing an organizational culture from a very different lens during this conversation.

We’re talking today about, entrepreneur success starts with culture. Claudette’s going to help us kind of feel into how we go about that, how we can start with it, and really what the benefits are of looking at it through that lens. She has such an impressive resume. She’s CEO of Cultural Brilliance, she’s a Cultural Design and Change Management Consultant. She’s the author of Cultural Brilliance: The DNA Of Organizational Excellence. But, we’re talking decades of a wealth of information that she brings into this dialogue. I’m going to invite you to just take a breath, sit down, relax, listen to the conversation, and see how it fits into everything that you’re creating in your busine