Aubrey FosterAubrey Foster is an amazing nineteen year-old artist, she joins Neva Lee Recla to talk about changing the world through art. Aubrey has loved art from a young age, she and Neva met at CEO Space a couple of years ago. Neva was really impressed with Aubrey’s work and invited her on the show. Aubrey is an inspiring young entrepreneur and you don’t want to miss the show. Listen in as Aubrey and Neva share their insights on how you can change the world through art.

Hi, everyone. This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla, and I’m so excited about today’s interview. We are talking about changing the world through art. I love art. It is so amazing. My sister is an amazing artist and she’s inspired me to express my emotions through art. And if I don’t know how to express and emotion, I’ll go paint a picture and write an inspirational quote. So, I think that artists really do have the chance to change the world, because I can’t imagine the world without art. It adds that pop of color and emotions that we all can relate to.

Our guest today is Aubrey Foster, and she knows exactly what that’s like because she is an artist. We met at CEO Space and from a young age, she has loved art. She is 19 now and she’s illustrated two children’s books, and she’s awesome.

Without further ado, will you help me give our amazing guest a warm welcome. Welcome, Aubrey.

Hey, Neva.

Thank you so much for coming on.

Thank you for having me.

I’m so excited. What are your super powers?

I can just make so many things that words couldn't say

I can just make so many things that words couldn’t say.

I say my greatest super power is my creativity, being able to put things on a blank piece of paper, if you will, right? Just come up with things. It is amazing. I can just make so many things that words couldn’t say.

That’s really cool. Because with our drawing, you have to have that creativity in your mind, or else it’s just going to come out as a weird squiggle.

Even the weirdest little squiggle could be something amazing.

Exactly. What inspired you to do art?

Well, I’ve been drawing for about nine years old. At the time, I would see other things like art from Disney, some manga like Pokemon. Video games. And I thought it was really cool. My mom’s an artist, so inspiration there. And I really liked the stories. And being able to come up with them. I tried being a writer first, but I found that being able to convey words on a page was really difficult for me. So, I ended up turning to art and I have been doing it ever since.

That’s really cool. How do you use your art? I mentioned in the bio that you’ve illustrated children’s books. How else do you use it?

How else do I use it? Well, I’ve done … Can you clarify just so I answer this right?

Basically, how do you use it in your business? In your life?

Been working on using it to draw for clients. As you mentioned, I have illustrated two, I’m actually working on the second one. First one for Rick Vacatto and Phil Auerbach, their Dancing Pancakes children’s book. And I’m working on another for a man named Joseph McIntyre called Mr. Umgawa’s Pumpkin Tree. That’s the kind of work I’m doing now. I also, been doing some small projects in character design. I actually did a, one of my first projects was actually doing a character personalization for David Gruder. Yeah.

That’s really cool. And David Gruder and Phil Auerbach actually go to CEO Space.

Yes, they do. Actually, that’s where I met them.

Most of the people we’re gonna be talking about in this interview, probably from CEO Space. What do you like to draw? Do you like to draw people?

I love drawing characters, it’s one of my favorite things. Most of my stuff is sketches of characters. I also like to challenge myself a bit. I’ll draw things like settings and challenge myself. Actually, the other day, I experimented with fading. Yeah.

That’s cool. You said you started at the age of nine?

Seven or nine. Whichever. Even earlier than that, but that was about the time that I really started.

What did you like to draw back then?

Again, actually, characters. And in environments.  They were still very character based.

That’s cool.

Character designs.

That’s cool. Do you like to base it off of people who already exist or come up with new characters?

In a way, both, actually. Because obviously, you need somewhere to draw from. Most of the time, it’s like I pretty much pull things straight out my brain from my memories. And I’ll often realize if something looked like something else, to see that thing again like, “Oh, hello.”

That’s cool.

That’s where I got that from.

With the characters, is it most people or animals?

Most people, but I have done animals as well.

That’s cool.

It depends on what I’m really doing. If I’m doing something, say based off … If I made entire characters based off of plants, I would do so.

That’s cool.

The plants. But mostly I like to draw people. Just people.

Draw from life

Draw from life.

I’ve seen some of your artwork and it’s really amazing. What would you say to our guests if they maybe wanted to start drawing? What would be your tips to how to start drawing and all that?

Well, I would say to do well, just pick up a piece of paper and take a pencil and just draw. From either drawing from life or drawing whatever, scribbling or doodling on a page. That’s a place to start. Draw from life. Maybe going up on YouTube and looking up drawing fundamentals. That’s something I used a lot when I was looking to improve myself. It is a really learned thing you get better. Yeah.

That’s cool. I’d love to keep talking about this more, but we actually have to take a quick break. Can you tell our audience where they can go to find out more about you?

They can go to find out more about me at That will take you actually, currently, it takes you to my parents’ website Tafgraphics, which is my parent’s company and I work there. It will take you to the page where you can see some of my art.

That’s awesome.

That’s also where you can look to … What’s the word? Basically where you can find me, because.. Yeah.

Awesome. Definitely go check out her website, because she is awesome. We’ve been talking with Aubrey Foster about changing the world through art. We’ll be right back.

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