Gustaf Josefsson TadaaWhat happens when the human condition, the digital age and spiritualism collide? Gustaf Tadaa, Burning Man regular and founder of Urban Burn in Stockholm, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss disrupting the human condition. As one of Sweden’s most frequently hired speakers in human and societal impact of digital technology, Gustaf brings a wealth of information to the disruption conversation. Listen in as they explore the undeniable collision course of technology and consciousness and how we can harness that power to disrupt reality.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Down Recla, your Super Power Expert and again, of course, I’m laughing because I have the amazing job of being able to connect these fantastic people prior to the show, and then I go to record, it’s like I’m already on cloud nine, because I just got to experience them.

Today’s show is no exception to that, and I’m so elated to have with us today, Gustaf. We’re going to talk a little bit about the name. But we’re talking today about disrupting the human condition. Make no mistakes about it folks. I may be happy and joyful right now, but this is a deep conversation, and we can still have fun with it, which we’re going to do.

But Gustaf is the reason why I’m so excited. We’re gearing up for Burning Man and he’s a burner and he’s been involved with and is the founder of Urban Burn. This is so exciting, but they do things like talk about leaderless leadership and what is that, so really pushing the bounds of what we’re capable of, what’s possible, what kind of given on a natural state of existence. What do we gravitate to? If we’re not impeded by constrictions and limits and rules and regulations which, you know, I’m counter intel, former army, I’m a rules and regulations girl.

But, what happens when we start questioning that and looking beyond that? What’s possible and what’s the bounds in that. This is a really yummy, yummy conversation that we’re going to have here.