Berny DohrmannWhat has the potential to catalyze a changing society into a thriving one? Business and political influencer Berny Dohrmann joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about the power business owners wield in the creation of our future path. As Founder and Chairman of CEO Space International, Berny embodies decades of experience in the upper elite of personal development and blends it with intuitive insight from higher spiritual realms. Listen in to this high-flying, amazing conversation about how cooperation today can save society tomorrow.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I am so excited to have with me today Berny Dohrmann. What a delight.

We’re going to talk today about changing the fabric of reality, really changing the world, the concept of changing society through cooperation. And we’re not talking learn how play nice as kids. This concept integrates into oneness, integrates into why the hell are we all here, universal consciousness. This is not a simple kind of concept. It’s the most natural thing in the world for us, but it’s not normalized for most of us. We’re unprogrammed in that regard. So, Berny’s one of the foremost leading experts in this arena and in this kind of thought application, I would say, actually how do you do it kind of component, which is the focus of SuperPower Up! this year.

He is the founder of CEO Space International. My opinion, the absolute pinnacle of, and the entity that is most responsible for evolution in business across verticals for the last few decades. Really, really, really earth changing, world moving type of stuff here, folks.

So, listen in. Get comfortable. We’re going to grab all the knowledge that we can out of him while we have him, and you’re going to enjoy this one. So Berny, again. Well, and I actually need to mention, that’s just how good he is on paper and why he’s going to influence you, but near and dear to my heart you always hold a very, very special place in my heart because he’s helped us raise Neva in his community with September, his wife, as the President and CEO of the company. But she really is a product of the CEO Space environment. She’s inculcated in concepts like cooperation and it’s helped keep her closer to her own version of reality and knowing-ness about oneness and how we’re all here. They all come in pretty well equipped with that and CEO Space really helps to foster that. So really, really near and dear to my heart.

Berny, we love you and we appreciate you more than words can possibly encapsulate. So, thank you for joining us today.

Glad to be here and glad to serve everybody. Happy New Year. This is going to be your year, your great year. And all the energy shifted and you should be able to feel it. Forget the news and the politics. It’s just going to be great for business and results and having your customers come together for you and everything that you’re dreaming of. This is the year to do it.

Well I second that, and I think I’m already feeling some of the exciting, expansive energy coming out of this year. So, it’s really exciting, but along those lines, let’s jump right in and ask you our pivotal question which is, what are your super powers?

Well, I mean, it’s hard when you’ve been brought up with the family. You know, my father started the human potential industry. So, I’m having people stay over, in what’s called The Apartments, in our kind of large multi-story home. And, in those days, if you came by the electric train at the end of the line in Brim county, you came to Mr. Dohrmann, Alan T. Dohrmann’s apartments. Then, you walked down where the staff and household servants and so forth were unpacking you, and you were walking past the pictures of the people that have been in that room before you, like President Kennedy or Martin Luther King or Walt Disney or Napoleon Hill or Earl Nightingale or John Gallagher or the President of PepsiCo, and they’re all signed, and I could go on and on.

When you’re raised where they’re all coming to be around your father, including Werner Erhard, John Hanley of Lifespring, and Tom Willhite of PSI Seminars, Mike Murphy of ESLA, Clement Stone of Positive Mental Attitude. When your maypoles of mentors when you’re seven, eight, nine, ten, are the thought leaders of the century. Your super powers, what they may be as gifts, are put together a little more than you would have ever thought of until later when I look back. I’ve got credentials as an investment banker, economist.

I only had two careers. I ran one of the larger publicly traded brokerage firms like Smith Barney for a lot of years when I was in New York and San Francisco and worldwide. And when my dad got cancer, I worked for his corporate training company, meaning the world, at the time, that the graduates of that program became all the big names. And those partners, including Arthur Young partners, have been on founding faculty at CEO Space helping our fortune companies right down to a dentist office.

Time is more precious than diamonds

Time is more precious than diamonds.

So my powers are the advice to the CEO of any scale of company, most of my life Fortune 100 companies. Helping them strategize. Helping them with any hacking strategies. How to remain current and super change. How to keep up. How to re-tool culture. How to move cultures like we did from 3M and so many others, from AT&T to Zolaback. It’s strict competitive, systemics into cooperative systemics and their performance games became legends.

So I’m particularly an architect of reforming for government nations and the largest companies are effective productive cultures around cooperative system dynamics, which are all in my book. Retention, cooperation, revolution. The redemption, cooperation, revolution five stars stands on always backordered that they fill up in 72 hours. I just tell you, that’s got all the presidents are quoted from it, the last five. All the top corporate leaders in the Fortune group have it and its influencing. We’re changing the world in that and then from my human potential, from the time it was founded ’till now, a lot of thought leaders out there just had put me as the number one, they ranked as the pope of the human potential industry, from impossible challenges that they’ve gone through. Health, to crisis, to relationships, especially in the fortune space. Movie stars, athletes.

I’ve been a particular choice of confidentiality for senators. When they have crisis in their lives, I’ve been one of the main coaches like to Tony Robinson, I coach him. Architect of what’s next and how to get that. So we can go on and compress time for negatives so we don’t use our precious time. I have this saying time is more precious than diamonds. How are you using yours right now?

I chuckle because I love the comparison to the pope. You know, you’re such a conundrum to a lot of people. Ever since we met, I kind of categorized you as the catalyst and I think that people receive from you what they’re able to receive from you. And you took on quite a job this lifetime, my dear.

Well you put a pole in the ground and the man that started the human potential industry chose me as his firstborn son. He’s a legacy and I continued that work of that maypole in the past I’ve made already. But my ribbons are Tony Robinson, Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Sharon Lecter of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, John Gray of Men Are From Mars. But when the idea for Men Are From Mars came out of CEO Space and we built his relaunch.

Well and now you can add Neva Lee Recla to that list too.

Competition intolerant becomes a condition where their young brains recognize competitive approaches as a first form of human insanity.

Yeah, and Neva whose a super star. But, I’m saying you know, our forward team just hitting it out of the park and I’ve got a coaching call with him later. And so you know, parents who bring their children to CEO Space, they see cooperative mechanisms for home space and workspace and they’re intolerant. They’re like lactose intolerant, they become competition intolerant. Competition intolerant becomes a condition where their young brains recognize competitive approaches as a first form of human insanity.

And so if you say what is heaven, any concept of that, and that is that we will know everything with God and we know everything. So much bliss we can’t even have words for it down here. It’s the absence of all competitive impulse. There is no competitive thought of any kind.

So we are creating the opposite of that and we can stop by just being aware. That’s where awareness is. And understanding that all of the symptoms we’ve been treating in the awareness movements since Plato and Aristotle’s truths, which are still truths, are symptoms.

And I really believe that my father transformed humanity and awareness itself by bringing in the framework that competition is the only virus on human consciousness. And your brain, and all problems in your relationships and parents, are because of that virus. All problems of your prosperity are because of that virus. When you start making choices where you don’t play anymore and the competitive virus has been deleted and removed from your supercomputer above your neck, you will transform your future, your home space. You will have switched on, turned on home space. Switched on, turned on parenting. Switched on, turned on executions in your prosperity life. And it’s just a matter of beginning that cooperative virus removal. You know the holy spirit is your removal tool.

I was taught to be the top shark, as an eternal being. Which is insane for an eternal being. And I say it’s insane and if you’re exposed where you want to project and manifest great evil and beings of evil, just remember there are consequences of the most extreme form of competition. You project and create but you’re not aware of that.

And God could never create evil as it would be imperfect and it would not be eternal. God creates what’s perfect and eternal.

And so, you know, if you’re in that mode, I think redemption, the cooperation revolution, it offends no one religiously. It embraces all religion. Because the three principles of cooperation.

Wait, hold on. I’m gonna jump in here because I want to get into those right after the break. But I do need to take a break really quickly.

Before we run to break I want to make sure you all know where you can go find out more about Berny Dohrmann at, and so check him out there.

Berny is there somewhere else you want to send people also?

I’d really like you to get a free gift of Thought Leader Masters on video. No selling, nothing that is gonna cost you to feel like you’re being sold. It’s a free gift. You go to


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Beautiful. And we’ll make sure we have the link in there, so look on our webpage for that. But we’re gonna take a quick break and when we come back we’re gonna hear what those three rules, three steps, three everything to implement cooperation into your existence. Because as we promised, it’s not just about playing nicely together, folks.

So we’re talking today with Berny Dohrmann about changing society through cooperation. We’ll be right back.

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