Don’t miss this amazing episode when Paul Selig channels on the Disrupt Reality show with Tonya Dawn Recla. Paul is a world-renowned channel and vessel for numerous books starting with I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time. He is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. In this conversation, Paul and Tonya discuss what comes after what we currently perceive of as reality. Join them as they dive deeply into the rabbit hole and emerge on the other side in a world beyond reality.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I’m so excited today. We have such a treat for you all. We attract really amazing people, but this one in particular, this one, this, this person, this being that we’ve managed to attract today is really somebody that I look up to in the sense of courageously walking their walk. And I can’t think of really any more public way to be on your journey, been in the way that Paul Selig has gone through things over the last few years. Through his book series, starting with I am Word. If you’re familiar with his work then then I don’t know how you could experience it and not be kind of taken aback by the courage that that he shows us as, in his personhood in walking into this. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget as information comes through and we get scared by it or we get triggered by it, that there are people involved in these endeavors and they have their own things and their own identities with stuff. And each one of us is called into service in really different ways.

And so when we see people boldly walking their walk and just traversing, and especially when we know that there is no way that that walk has always been easy and they do it so effortlessly and so generously and share it with the rest of the world. Really, I think it’s worth taking a moment of pause and just in gratitude and appreciation for that. And so at the very least, I hope that we accomplish that today and demonstrate to Paul just how much we appreciate his work in the world and glean his wisdom. We have him here so we’re going to take advantage of that too. But first and foremost, a giant thank you and gratitude for being who you are and for walking that walk. And thank you so much for joining us today Paul.

I'm a clear audience in channel and I also have an odd ability to step into other people, the living primarily, and become them and hear them as well.

I’m a clear audience in channel and I also have an odd ability to step into other people, the living primarily, and become them and hear them as well.

Thank you for having, that’s very kind of you.

Absolutely. Well, we are excited. We’re going to jump right in, but before I do, I’m going to set the stage. We’re going to talk today about beyond reality. Paul’s new series Beyond the Known is absolutely amazing. The first book’s getting ready to come out, you’re going to want to make sure you pick up a copy. We’ll have links and instructions and all that good stuff. But we’re going to merge this idea of disrupting reality and beyond the known and see what comes in the middle of all of that and essentially address why so many of us are afraid of taking those steps and why it’s okay to take that very slowly and to awaken slowly and to be where you are. But before we do that, we’re going to ask Paul our question, of course, what are your superpowers?

Oh, I can hear. I’m a clear audience in channel and I also have an odd ability to step into other people, the living primarily, and become them and hear them as well. I’m a bit like a human radio or switchboard. Different levels and access information beyond what people expect as the normal ways of being in communication.

I love how you phrase that. And so that immediately opens up all kinds of channels of questions for me. And the one that popped in the quickest was this idea of okay, so I’m sure that didn’t always just roll off your tongue with such ease. Like, oh, this is who I am, this is what I do. What was that experience like for you, realizing that?

It’s come to me in stages. There wasn’t an abrupt sense of, Oh my God, I’m now in broadcast. When I was mid-twenties I started to open up spiritually and the beginnings of a psychic opening happened at the same time. And then I studied a form of energy healing when I was in my early thirties and I kind of, when I had my hands on people, I began to hear things for them. It was as if the ongoing chatter in my mind would be interrupted by a thought or a word or a series of words that were not mine. And I found that if I spoke to them I would get confirmation from the person that I was working with. And that channeling, which was taking dictation. The way that I take dictation now, which is I close my eyes and dictate, entire books that that don’t require editing. And I do this now in front of audiences. That only made itself known maybe 10 years ago.

When the channel really opened up or I just began to relinquish the need to understand what was happening.

When the channel really opened up or I just began to relinquish the need to understand what was happening.

When the channel really opened up or I just began to relinquish the need to understand what was happeningNow it’s quite normal for me to read this but I think had it happened in the way that it’s become too quickly, I would’ve been even more challenged by it than I was.

I’m so glad that you said that because I think a lot of times in the personal development kind of spiritual growth communities and stuff, there’s, there seems to be this desire to go fast or to pit ourselves against each other. And I appreciate you really giving voice to that. I love to remind our clients, there is a reason we wake up slowly folks and we can’t, and I think in the midst of it to insist upon understanding as we’re going through it I think it’s just kind of fruitless. It’s really the comprehension, the gratitude, I think it can be seen with grace in retrospect. But in the midst of it, it’s like, just because this neighbor over here is doing this and this person’s over here is doing this, it’s your path is your path. And there’s a lot of times we stay in places longer than perhaps we think other people are because there’s work that we do there. Or in some form of transformation.

And I laugh, I’m like, they could at least dangled it, I’m like, let me just show you what’s coming to keep you going. But it’s so beautiful, like you said, in how in the enfoldment that it’s like, you can almost not begrudge the process.

In retrospect, I can. I was told by a medium when I was, gosh, in my early thirties, two of them I think that my work would really kick in in my late forties and I was horrified. I thought, why would I have to wait? And 30 years I was a college teacher for 25 years and when I was 48 I think that’s when the first book was dictated. They were absolutely right and in retrospect I wouldn’t have been able to handle any of it, had it happened earlier. Much more in the way, and I would’ve had much more of an investment in what people thought of me. And one of the things I’ve had to really begin to let go of in order to be able to show up effectively.

Beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. I have to tell you, I’m very familiar with your work and a number of others and there’s not very many people that I follow religiously, if you will, or with any degree of consistency. But you’ve stuck in there and part of it is because you can just tell. You can feel the work that comes through you. And I have to say, God and I had a lot of conversations around this because I found myself having really serious channel envy early on and I remember having a discussion one day with the divine and just being like, look, can’t you just tell me this information was coming through and I’m furiously jotting it down. Okay, so I get to just write this in a book. I get to do just that.

Here’s the book and just tell me the title. We’ll be good to go. And, it wasn’t designed to be that way. And it was I had some real challenges with that at a certain point. You certainly acted as a beautiful mirror for me at one point and not to negate your journey with it, but from this side of things, I think sometimes we look at people’s journeys and their gifts and what they’re being presented with and sometimes it can create that kind of envy of wait, why can’t I do it that way? That sounds a lot easier. Kudos to you for making it looks effortless.

Well, you know, the funny thing is there’s no glamor in it whatsoever. Channeling, true channeling as far as I’m concerned is stenography. It’s communication. It’s sitting there and allowing this other thing to happen. And when people say to me that they want to be a channel, I always ask why? Why? Not that I have this great pipeline that’s going to solve all my own difficulties. I wish I did. The work that I get from my guides primarily is for others. The guides I work with are teachers. It’s funny to have your name on all these books that you didn’t write and to track relationship with that and what people think of that. It’s a very different thing. I of course envy what other people have, and the other ways of communicating are more personal I suppose and a little less, I feel truthfully secondary to the work that comes through. The work that comes through is the guides and I’m just a guy, I’m the guy that sits in the chair.

Well I can affirm for you there’s, I mean regardless of how it comes, our work is really in threading all of it together and seeing all the various ways and abilities of people are being asked to present right now. And there seems to be that moment I think that people get to. Even in the work that I do, which is very much synthesis and it’s a constant flow through and everything else, there was a moment and there had been many moments of really feeling like a puppet.

I said to my husband one day, “I’m pretty sure I’ve never had my own thoughts ever.” Because once you start kind of getting into that space and you realize I was just looking around for hidden cameras at one point. Wait, it’s like thinking I’m on the Truman show or something. Who’s really running things around here? I’d imagine in all of this, there’s that moment, but you did say something that I want to pick up on right after the break. Before we cut to break, where can people go to find out more about you, Paul?

My website, which is just my name,

Perfect. And folks were talking to Paul Selig today about Beyond Reality. I’m going to ask him a question about what he just got done sharing with us right after we come back from break. Stay with us and we’ll be right back.

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