There is no greater need right now on the planet than awakening intuition, particularly in leaders. The acceleration of technology and consciousness require adept leadership to navigate. Without accessing our intuition, it’s impossible to keep up or guide teams successfully through the chaos. Dov Baron joins Tonya Dawn Recla in this powerful exchange between two powerhouses in the intuitive space. In addition to being twice cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, Dov’s impressive bio includes being a master of human dynamics and multi bestselling author. Don’t miss the opportunity to glean advice from top intuitive leaders.

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I’m pretty excited about today’s episode. As you know, we’ve been doing the Disrupt Reality Series, and so we’re all about talking to people who are really willing to look at the world a little bit differently and then have the audacity to think maybe it can be that way, asking questions about what’s possible and encouraging others to see it too, right? It’s like I drink the Kool-Aid so you should too, you know? There’s safety in numbers. But we’re talking to the folks who really are driven to move people and to shift realities and to alter frameworks and to progress for the good of all of us, however that’s defined by them. Today’s guest is no exception.

We’re talking today with Dov Baron. Really remarkable. We met at New Media Summit, Steve Olsher’s event about a year ago now and featured as icons of influence and talking to folks about our shows, and it was neat to bond in that way. I got to connect with Neva there too. So we’re like old friends now at this point.

But Dov’s been cited twice as Inc Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers in the World, one of the top 30 global leadership gurus. So I want to throw that out there so you understand that when we talk to somebody who speaks and leads and guides for a living, right, this is who he is in the world. So we’re going to talk with him today about awakening intuition in leaders and how important it is that we are giving people the tools to actually stand in their own intuition before they or while they’re in the midst of guiding others and making sure that they’re comfortable standing in someone else’s space.

It’s really been a big topic of conversation with the Super Power Experts team, and I know that this is a space that Dov knows a lot about. And so we’re going to be able to share with you some of the things that you can do to encourage your own and awaken your own intuition, but also as a leader because so many of you are, how do you do that for your teams and for the people who are in your tribes. So please join me in welcoming to this show, Dov Baron. Hello.

Thank you so much. I’m happy to be here. I’m excited to be happy to share and add value.

Oh, beautiful. Well we do appreciate that, and I know the best way you can add value to start us off is by telling us what are your superpowers.

My superpower is the ability to see people below the mask for the truth of who they are because I don't believe anybody is broken

My superpower is the ability to see people below the mask for the truth of who they are because I don’t believe anybody is broken

Ah, my superpowers. Well, I think that anybody who knows me would say that one of my superpower is the ability to see people. I think that we live in a world where we all are trained, very well-trained, and nobody knows this probably better than you, but people are trained to wear masks. And the problem with it is, is that 99.9% of people don’t even know they’re wearing a mask.

But it is a very common statement for people to say to me, “I feel like you’re looking into my soul.” My superpower is the ability to see people below the mask for the truth of who they are because I don’t believe anybody is broken. It’s possible you may have a psychological issue that needs some treatment, but that’s different. What I’m talking about, generally speaking, we’re not broken. We may it be covered in a bunch of crap and have terrible ideas about who is telling the truth is you’re not broken. And so my job in the work that I do is, and I often say this, is to bring home the disenfranchised parts of your soul, the parts of yourself that you’ve shoved away and put in a little black box somewhere and to bring those forward because that’s where you really find your fulfillment. My superpower is to see that in people and have them see it in themselves and to hold a vision of it long enough until they can claim it.

Beautiful, beautiful. I love that. Yeah, we say that we’ve been reminding people who they are since 1996 so it’s kind of the same concept.


And the conversation, I’m really glad you brought it up, around brokenness, I think it’s so powerful in the business consulting, personal development kind of arenas, because, I mean, you know our background. We have a corporate counterintelligence firm so we do look at business models and strategies and what’s working and what isn’t. It’s really fascinating to me how many people in the personal development, self-help space sell the concept of brokenness. When we early on got into, we kind of saw ourselves mimicking a little bit of that. Like, “Oh yeah, I know you’re hurt. We can help you,” right?

And when we really had to reconcile that and say, “Wait. I’m not real sure that anybody’s broken.” What we’ve found is it makes for a really difficult sales conversation because you’re like, “You’re fine, but you should pay us money anyway to help you out,” right? And so we really had to sit within that space of truly seeing and believing that promoting any kind of story around brokenness is antithetical to what it was that we were accomplishing with our client. But then also really standing in that space and saying, “No, we think we can do this differently,” and challenging ourselves, rather than saying, “Well, if you don’t sell brokenness, and you’re not going to sell anything,” saying, “Well, if we don’t sell brokenness, what do we sell and how do we go about that and is there even a market or a need for that?”.

And when we were able to reconcile that, that folks who are awakening and those of us who are the divergents, when we’re not living our full potential, we do feel broken. Something is very wrong for us. While we may be able to recognize who we are and the divinity within us, but there is a doing aspect and a being aspect here that so many of us feel.

And so kind of shifting the conversation ever so slightly to say, “Sure, we’re not broken,” but here’s.. This is something that the problem for a lot of folks, and so I appreciate that you brought that into it because I know it scares a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners about how do you uplift people and also get them the information or the courses or the tools or whatever it is that you’re promoting to benefit them. How do you navigate that space with your clients?

Yeah, the analogy for me is very simple, and that is what is a diamond before it reaches the store? And the answer is it’s a rock. It’s simply a rock that is broken open and then polished. You are a diamond. You can’t see it because you’re covered in all the things that make it look like a rock. But the truth is you’re a diamond, and life will push you against the wheel in order to reveal the diamond underneath all the crap. And most people, when they’re pushed against the wheel, will recoil. Others will lean into it.

Those who lead are the ones who have leaned into the wheel. And it is by leaning into the wheel that you get to serve because then, you get to see that you when also, you’re not only were you not broken, but every rock you see is potentially a diamond, not as worse than you, but with the same brilliance and magnificence as you, but their own unique flair on it.

There is a magical space I think that everybody who walks this path gets to where you do see everybody in our language here, Super Power Experts, we talk a lot about the abstract frequency, and that’s where oneness exists and where we all interconnect. And when you get there, you look around, you’re like everybody’s there, you know? That’s really what opened up the brokenness conversation to think a lot of the dialogue in the more woo-woo spiritual growth circles is what level people are at and what frequency everybody’s at and all this other stuff, pitting each other kind of against each other. But one, it’s easy to see it that way because just like with anything, if you’re looking from the bottom up, that’s how it appears. Well when you get into, again, what we call that abstract frequency perspective and you’re able to kind of, it’s just an expanded viewpoint, and you’re able to observe from a different space, you see that everybody’s there, and everybody kind of gets it. And whether it’s personal development dialogues or entrepreneurship or whatever, I love the analogy that you gave about … and a lot of times, it’s your own perspective that has somebody looking like a rock. We can’t disentangle that, and so it allows for real embracing of both the uniqueness that we all share but … or have and the connectedness that we all share. Really fantastic way of looking at it.

And so when you, absolutely in the context of what you just talked about, this is the greatest challenge of our development is because we live in a competitive world, we compare our salary to the other guy’s salary. We compare our intelligence to the other person’s intelligence. We compare our beauty to the other person’s beauty. We live in a competitive world. So naturally, your mind will go to comparison. That’s okay. It’s good to know that that is what’s going to happen. But that’s not true. That’s a comparison.

And so what we have to do if we’re going to truly develop is we have to question our own bias. Until we can breach our own bias, we don’t actually evolve who we are. So we’re just simply, we’re actually looking for evidence that we’re right, which means that we have to make somebody else wrong.

And when you look at it from, as you talked about from a field position, when you look at it in the context of a quantum resonance field, you understand that we’re all standing in the field. We’re all resonating inside of that field that our frequency, and the classical station, if you use the context of radio waves, the classical station is not better than the rock station unless you only want classical. The rock station is far better if you want rock. So it’s not better or worse. It’s simply what is your preference to show up, and your preference, the dial inside of yourself is very often your own conditioning, and you get to change the dial if you so choose. But most people never awaken to the idea that they can change the channel.

Or that there even is a channel, right?

Well, even the one exists. So they believe in things like the primacy of DNA, which has been completely … It’s a flawed theory, and it’s been proven to be completely flawed. There is no primacy to DNA. You are not a result of your DNA. Your DNA is part of it, but it is not it.

How do I know? Because of this? Here’s a simple one for everybody to understand. I want you to think there are trillions and trillions of cells within your body so think about that as you in the world, you being a cell, if I take out your brain, you will die, right? We know that. Well if I take out the nucleus of a cell, which is the brain of a cell, the cell does not die. Oh, fascinating. A nucleus of the cell contains the DNA. So if the cell doesn’t die when you take out the nucleus, which has the DNA, then what is powering it? Ah. Now, if I take away the membrane of the cell and I allow anything to penetrate the cell that wants to penetrate the cell, the cell will mutate and will potentially die.

If you don't like who you're becoming, then you have to put yourself in a different environment.

If you don’t like who you’re becoming, then you have to put yourself in a different environment.

You are living in a world where you have a membrane, which is your own personal emotional quantum resonance field, and what you allow into that field will determine who you become. You are a result of your environment, just as every cell in your body is a result of its environment. If you don’t like who you’re becoming, then you have to put yourself in a different environment. And I’m not talking about picking yourself up and moving to Germany or Switzerland or Australia. That could be a possibility, but change the environment that you live in emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And sometimes, that means you do have to get away from the people you surround yourself with. Because if you don’t, they will keep feeding you back. It’s a feedback loop. This is what you need to understand. It’s a feedback loop. So you’ve spent your time telling the world who you are, and they will tell you who you are based on what you told them.

Many years ago in an interview I was asked, what has been some of my greatest teachers? And I said travel. And they said, “Oh yeah because you learn so much about culture.” And I went, “No. When I was 21, I went to France, and I was hanging out with my brother, and just for a joke, we were a bunch of drunken idiots, and we said, ‘Let’s pretend to be somebody else.'” You would understand this. I said, “Let’s pretend to be somebody else.” For a laugh, we did it. I pretended I was Fred, a plumber, or something. By the way, I’m terrible at anything mechanical. But I just pretended, and my brother pretended too.

What was funny was we realized that people believed us. And that was a big laugh, and it was a good joke. But a couple of years later, I went, “I wonder what I’m telling people that is limiting me, and I just keep perpetuating it so people meet me and immediately see me in the context of which I framed them. What if I changed the context?” And that was what the shifting point was for me around my own personal journey. That’s where I began that journey.

Beautiful, beautiful. Great, great story. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Would you believe Jess and I were teaching things like biases and projection to counterintelligence at one point in our career so I totally appreciate. And that was in the middle of the government. It was quite remarkable what we were able to kind of get in there, as mind-blowing as it was at the time.

But we’re going to take a quick break here, folks. We’ve been talking with Dov Baron about awakening intuition and leaders. You’re not going to want to miss what comes next because we’re going to dive into and give you, you hear what he’s talking about, right? This is some real di