What do bees and plant medicines have to do with the divine feminine? What does it mean to be sexy from a place of wholeness? In this interview, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei and creatress of BeeSexy360 Emunah Malinovitz join forces to discuss the various aspects of the Divine Feminine and what honoring her in our daily lives actually looks like. If you’ve been longing for a deeper connection to your female sexuality, if you know there is something missing but you aren’t quite sure what, if you feel disconnected from other women, then definitely tune into this episode!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love and Superpowers podcast show. I am your host Tatiana Berindei and I am so thrilled to have with me again Ms. Emunah Malinovitz. She was on our show quite a while back and she has some new and exciting things she’s cooking up. And I am so looking forward to this conversation because today she and I are going to be discussing the return of the divine feminine. It’s going to be a powerful one so strap on your seatbelts because we’re going for a ride today. Let me tell you a little bit about Emunah before we get started.

Emunah Malinovitz has been studying sexuality, the divine feminine and relationships for over 22 years. Her new venture, Bee Sexy 360, takes all this to create an incredible experience for women to open and connect to their divine feminine and remove and clear the shame and stigma around all things feminine, including sexuality, cannabis and more. Emunah exudes love and channels deep wisdom. She is a healer, mystic, priestess and teacher. And I’m happy to say she’s also becoming a dear friend and I’m so happy to have you back on the show.

I’m just smiling from ear to ear. So happy to be here with you and getting to share this. I mean I have already goddess bumps, goosebumps, chills. I’m just like, woo. It’s going to be fun.

Yeah, it is. So before we dive in, will you tell our listeners, once again, I’m sure you’ll have a different answer this time for what your super powers are. So lay them on us.

My power is that I know I'm divine. I'm an incredible being that's connected to source, that's connected to everything.

My power is that I know I’m divine. I’m an incredible being that’s connected to source, that’s connected to everything.

All right. Yeah. I feel more and more that I live, I feel proud of my super powers and just standing in the truth of that. My power is that I know I’m divine. I’m an incredible being that’s connected to source, that’s connected to everything. I’m not separate and I’m loved and supported. And I think that my super powers of faith, love, perseverance, courage, willingness have helped me continue to open and open and open to know that truth. Right. And to let what wants to come through my essence come through me. And I know it’s such a different way to kind of live and approach life, but it feels like the way, and it’s part of the feminine way.


We’re listening, right? We’re tuning in. And I think that I’m really grateful for this moment for my super power of courage, patience, willingness and listening. Being willing to be different from others. Being willing to follow the inklings of my heart and my soul and go where I feel guided and received, supported and open to love more and more from the universe, from the feminine, from the masculine. And then so much comes from that.

So I know it’s kind of a nebulous answer, but it just feels like, it’s all the traits that I mentioned are guiding me to be whole. To be connected to source, connected to love and the feminine and the masculine, just to truth. And that I think is the greatest, most powerful gift and super power is to finally get to that. But we need all those other kinds of superpowers along the way to keep us going until we can get there, if that makes sense.

Absolutely. And I think that superpower of courage to be willing to be different is, that’s a really big one. I think we give a lot of lip service to courage, but what it actually takes is, it takes a lot. And I think you’re someone who’s really good at that from what I have seen.

Thank you. Yeah, I mean God you’re right. It does take a lot. The courage to be scrutinized, for people not to understand you, to go against the grain, but follow what you feel deeply and allow yourself to kind of serve that while there’s all these other forces, right? They’re saying no or do the easier way because following the path of divine feminine, I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t say it’s an easy path.


Not at all. It takes courage and it takes faith and patience, a lot of patience. But it’s rich and it’s beautiful and it’s nourishing and it’s deeply fulfilling in a way that I just, yeah, I’ve always longed for it and it feels so good. Yeah. To be in that space. But yeah, you’re right. Courage is no joke.

And I think part of why it’s not necessarily the easiest path is because of the way that our culture has been set up and the foundations upon which it’s been established. Because I think that that path is actually one of the most natural paths that there are.


But we have so many roadblocks in front of us just based on how our culture and our society is set up and that’s what makes it harder I think.

Yeah. That is so true. You’re so right on. That’s why I love talking with you. So powerful the way our energies go together to create, because yes that is. It’s sad that it’s so hard and it’s so hard because we’ve created this patriarchy society and that’s set up in a certain way and we’re supposed to do it a certain way and look a certain way. And if you compare to that and you’re getting messages from the media, from your family..


There’s no winning that one. There’s no winning that one.

Right. So to unplug from that and listen internally and follow that. Yes. But yes, I love it. This is what our intention is, right. Is to create spaces and create where this is. Yeah. Thank you. The norm that we’re returning to nature, we’re turning to this simple, beautiful, connected way of life and that’s yeah. Bringing the feminine back.

Yeah. And that’s why I wanted to have you back on to talk about what you’re doing now because I really, I think it’s so beautiful and so needed. We don’t have a lot of time before we have to go to break, but will you just give our listeners just a taste and then we’ll dive deeper into a taste of what you’re offering now?

Yes. Thank you. So it’s been something that’s taken years and years and years to birth until I was quite ready. And it’s time because the feminine is rising. And so I was listening to the call and what was birthed is a beautiful, beautiful, I call her my daughter. And she’s Bee Sexy 360 and she’s all about helping us clear the clouds of shame around the feminine. Help us empower ourselves to embody the real feminine and to be nourished and loved and have safe spaces to heal and learn about plant medicine and learn about our bodies and our sexuality.

And embrace all those things that are feminine in reverence rather than the shame and the repression that we’ve seen for so long. And this repression makes us sick, it makes us grumpy and cranky and disconnected. And I just want to help women through these safe spaces we’re creating. Connect to that real energy and being nourished by it and understand their sexuality and cannabis so they can make informed decisions rather than things they’ve been heard or told or just old programming to go away. So yeah, I’ve created a business, a daughter that is holding space for that.

And then I think it’s important to say that it’s Bee Sexy, Bee like the bee, the animal, the insect.


And can you tell us what the bee has to do with this? I mean I can talk about it.

Yeah, I know. People are like “What the bee?” And it’s crazy because bees are very significant to our culture right now. You hear so much that the bees are going extinct and the bees are the source of life. As you study bees, you see that they’ve been around for a very long time through the beginning. Bees are sacred and bees represent the feminine. And if you study the Mary Magdalene mysteries, if you study feminine sexuality, bees are a big symbol. And so bees have always been very special to me. I’ve just always known them as my spirit animal. They come around and I feel comforted by bees. I know some people feel afraid of them. And that’s something to look at, right? Afraid of the feminine, afraid of this magic, afraid of the spiritual messenger that is so powerful.

And so part of this is learning and also clearing our shame and stigma around the bees and honoring them. Because if they go extinct, guess what, we go extinct. And they have a lot to teach us. They’re very, very significant. And yeah, when you look at the meaning of them, there’s just so much. They represent the spirit world, the feminine. If you look at the way bees run their community, it’s so in collaboration, it’s very feminine. It’s very honoring, but connected.

They’re are also mostly female.

So it’s a huge, deep feminine mystery within the bees and they carry this and then so when they come around you and they bring their vibration around you.

Yes. Yeah. So it’s a huge, deep feminine mystery within the bees and they carry this and then so when they come around you and they bring their vibration around you. I mean, they’re very deep medicine and honey is deep medicine and bee pollen and we just don’t understand these things. So it’s about educating and informing and getting connected to nature again when one way is through the bees. Yeah.

I remember the most fascinating facts that I ever learned about bees that totally blew my mind and still to this day kind of blows my mind, is that the queen, she has all the eggs in her body and she puts her abdomen over every little cell and she will fertilize each egg. So she goes on this flight and the drone bees are the only ones who can mate with the queen and it’s once a year and they all go flying out. And the drone bees mate with the queen, they give her all of their sperm and then they die. And then she goes back and she has the eggs and sperm in her body and she goes over each cell and she will inseminate each egg individually before she drops it in the cell.

And those are the cells that they become the worker bees and they’re all female. There are cells that are slightly larger and she can measure with her abdomen how large the cell is. The ones that become the drone bees who are the only ones who can mate with the queen, are made with an unfertilized egg. So there is no sperm involved in making a drone bee, but the drone bee is the only one that has the sperm to mate with the queen. I found that so unbelievably mind blowing.

That is amazing. Thank you. Again, you have these beautiful pieces that fill it in so divinely because yeah, that is really significant, so significant. And the masculine is needed. It’s not just saying let’s kill off the masculine and live in an all bee feminine world. No, but it’s time that we honor and bring the feminine back with the masculine and create this union. But we’ve been so out of balance for so long and so, I love that. But I don’t want anyone to take it the wrong way.

We’re not saying let’s create just female world and feminine energy all around. And no, we love and honor the masculine. And in fact the masculine is also on our planet, yearning and needing this nourishment of the divine feminine, not the wounded feminine, not the feminine that comes out of the patriarchy but the divine feminine and there is a difference. Right. And we are already to be soothed and nourished and just awakened by her embrace and her love and her purity. And it’s real. There’s such a deep connection to the goddess, to mother earth. And most of us are living disconnected because of the world that has been devoid of her for so long.

Okay. So we do have to go to a quick break. We have a lot more to discuss afterwards. Before we go to break, will you tell our listeners where they can go to find out more about what you’re up to?

Yes. I’m so excited to share. My website is Beesexy360.com. And if you liked what you heard about the bees, there’s a whole segment in different articles that tell you the meaning and more stuff and just awesomeness. So go check it out. I’m excited for it t