Jen MoffJen Moff, Founder of, joins SuperPowers of the Soul host Jennifer Urezzio to discuss the importance of investing in yourself for personal advancement. Jen’s sacred purpose is to be seen and help others feel safe being seen as well. She shares with Jennifer the keys to personal advancement including moving away from consumption and comparison. Listen in and learn how you can start investing and nurturing yourself today.

Hello everyone, and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, SuperPower Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today, I’m with Jen Moff and we’re going to be talking about investing in yourself, personal advancement.

Welcome, Jen.

Thank you so much. I’m happy to be here with a fellow Jen, Jennifer, nice.

I’m very excited, yay. I always love to start these conversations with understanding what you consider the super power of your soul.

That’s such a great question. The super power of my soul would probably be my intuition and ability to pick up on subtleties. That’s what I think the super power of my soul is.

I love that answer. We often talk about sacred purpose, about sacred purposes about being, it’s fundamentally what you’re here to do for yourself and then offer that to others. So what would you consider your sacred purpose?

My sacred purpose is to be seen

My sacred purpose is to be seen.

My sacred purpose is to be seen.

I love that. I know a lot about you, and I know how this goes right into the theme of work that you do, but everyone doesn’t know the Jen like I know the Jen. So tell us how your sacred purpose to be seen for yourself and to help others be seen, how does that reflect back into the work that you do out in the world?

Well, they have a direct correlation with each other, really. I can only do as much as I’m willing to do within myself. So to say that another way, I can only be seen externally as much as I’m willing to be seen internally with myself. How much am I willing to show up for who I am, what I believe my truth is, moment by moment, with compassion, and the more that I get to do that for myself, and the more opportunities that I have to revisit that as an opportunity, the further that I go, and that vicariously allows me to take my community member, my clients, just as far.

How does that show up? How do you help them feel safe and show up and be seen?

That’s a great question. There’s five key areas that you really can focus on being seen and showing up. The first one is all about the self, that dirty four letter word. So self-care, self-love and self-confidence, that’s one key area. Another is in our relationships, both romantic and platonic. Number three is in our, as you just said, our sacred purpose, I refer to that as within our career or our calling, and number four has to do with our communication skills and our communication of our boundaries, and then finally, it all comes back to our intuition and spirituality. So those are the five key pillars that are really essential in being seen and showing up.

I love that. We’re going to talk about this in-depth, and about investing in yourself and personal enhancement, but what has been the common theme your soul has shared with you?

A big theme for me has been, relative to this being seen thing, is feeling worthy, that’s a huge one, being safe within my body, and being lovable. Those are the three core messages that surround that central theme.

Yeah, and how has those themes shown up in your life? Like, we hear your soul saying that, right, but what has been some of the common experiences of how that actually played out in the tangible world?

Yeah, sure. A lot of that comes down to the last 10 years or so of my life when I became more aware of these things that were knock, knock, knocking at the door. I was in a very abusive relationship for approximately six years and I had a lot of trouble standing up for myself, knowing who I was, what I wanted, advocating for that, feeling safe to do so. Even in the professional side, stepping away from the personal, I struggled for a long time about knowing that I could do work that was meaningful and that I was allowed to, and whether or not I could do it because I was worth it. Not that other people saw me as worthy, but as me seeing that I’m worth going after those things. Does that make sense?

Totally, yeah.


Before we have our break and I ask you the last couple of questions here, how do people get in touch with you? How do they learn more about who you are and what you do in the world?

Okay, so you can access more info all about me and the work that I’m doing at two different places. The first one being, mindfulness is a big, big focus for me, so the first one being, and that’s where you can get access to all of my innovative ideas around mindfulness for empowerment and being seen. The other location would be, and that’s all the place that you can go to for speaking related materials, workshops, consulting, all that good stuff.

Beautiful. We talked a little bit about the areas of where you need to … or that you can help show up, and safe to be seen in your life and help others in their lives. What are some other aspects to how your soul supports others, and maybe some not so tangible aspects, but really, at a metaphysical level, how does your soul support others?

We're experiencing a lot of change and a lot of evolution

We’re experiencing a lot of change and a lot of evolution.

I think just by being here at this time, it’s pretty significant. We’re experiencing a lot of change and a lot of evolution, just energetically right now, and so for me to be physically present in this body, with my soul, at this time, I think is saying a lot. I was meant to be here at this time and because there’s such a interconnectivity of the way life works, I know that that in and of itself means a lot, why I’m here at this time as opposed to 40 years ago, what that has to do with.

Additionally, I think, on a less tangible level, because I’m so willing and able to do the soul work with myself, I don’t necessarily have to work with somebody else, but again, this comes back to that connectedness I just mentioned a moment ago. When I’m focused on bettering my skills and communication and asserting my boundaries, when I continue to follow my calling and show up for myself, other people that may just witness this, energetically get permission to do the same, and they can see that there’s a different way of being in the world. That permission giving is a really powerful thing that we need more of.

Beautiful. Okay everyone, stick around because me and Jen are going to be talking more about investing in yourself, personal advancement. Stay tuned, we’ll be back in a moment.

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