Gabrielle GraeGabrielle Grae, founder of Modern Femininity, joins Neva Lee Recla to talk about and share her intuition on how to transform your life into heaven. Gabrielle helps women master the art of energy to change their lives. So listen in to get insight on how to harness energy to transform your life into your personal version of heaven.  

Hi kids. This is your SuperPower Kid, Neva Lee Recla . And today we have an amazing guest, Gabrielle Grae. We met at New Media Summit, hosted by Steve Olsher. She’s the founder of Modern Femininity and helps women master the art of energy. Today we’ll be talking with Gabrielle about transform your life into heaven.

So, without further ado, will you help me welcome our very special guest, Gabrielle Grae.

Hi Gabrielle.

Hey Neva.

How are you?

Oh, I feel so great and so excited to be on the show with you today.

Yes, I’m super excited to have you. And Callie is too.

That is awesome. I love his little cape that he’s wearing, he’s a superdog.

Yeah, she does not like the outfits, though.

Oh, she? Oh, okay.

It’s gonna be fun. So what are your superpowers?

My superpowers are love and mainly, helping women to love themselves to the max and then find a partner to share that love with

My superpowers are love and mainly, helping women to love themselves to the max and then find a partner to share that love with.

My superpowers are love and mainly, helping women to love themselves to the max and then find a partner to share that love with.

That’s a good superpower to have.


So what does heaven mean to you?

Heaven to me is, honestly, as much as the first thing I wanna think of is, oh it’s a place, you know, I immediately picture it like the ocean or the beach and while all of that is true, while we can be in a place that is beautiful, that’s inspiring, that’s like our jam, you know, heaven could be at an amusement park, right? Disneyland, that could be heaven. But I think one of the most important parts about what I would describe as heaven is what happens not just on the outside but what happens on the inside.


So heaven is like a state of mind, and it’s a feeling.

I like that. With me, I kinda feel it as a place and also like what you said, inside of me but also something more than a place, more of a higher realm sort of thingamajig. Does that make sense?

That totally makes sense.

Yeah. And also, to me, heaven can mean just something that makes you happy, like being around family or being around people you love and people who love you, you know? And like a feeling instead of a place, that it could also be a feeling.

Yeah, I think what you’re saying is so important, it’s so important that it’s a feeling because I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that where you’re being in this really great place maybe like Disneyland or a park or somewhere like a pool or whatever, somewhere where we’re supposed to be having fun, but if we feel icky on the inside, if the voices in our head is not saying the nicest things, if we don’t feel well, if we’re not feeling good inside, then it doesn’t really matter where we are on the outside.



Yeah, you have to have a good feeling within yourself and a good feeling around you in order … what you’re saying is spot on because you can’t be somewhere that’s supposed to make you happy but then you have an icky feeling inside.


So, how do you help people’s energy, I know with energies you’re helping women master the art of energy, but how do you do it?

Okay, cool. Well, for one, I explain to women and I explain to people about this whole kind of secret world of energies. And it’s one way to look at it and it’s one way that I have noticed that when I started to think about the world the way, it made me feel more powerful, it made me feel like I had more options. So what I like to talk about is that we all have these and this is just one way to look at things, okay? So we all have these different energies that we can access and we have masculine energy and feminine energy. It doesn’t matter who you are, you definitely have both because these are vital life force energies. It’s like the Yin and the Yang energies, you know the Chinese Yin-Yang, that little symbol with the … yeah, so we all have both.

So what I do is that first I educate them so what is masculine energy? Masculine energy is our energy that takes action. It’s action energy, it’s when you have an agenda, when you have a plan, you wanna get it done, you’re thinking, you’re rationalizing, giving is also masculine energy so to give of ourselves, it’s an action, it’s masculine energy.

Feminine energy is all about feelings

Feminine energy is all about feelings.

And then feminine energy, and one is not better than the other. They are absolutely equal and they’re just a little bit different. So feminine energy is all about feelings. So feelings, it’s also about expression, it’s about creation, like doing any kind of art of dance or anything where there wasn’t something there before and you created it with your body or with your words or your thoughts, that is feminine. It’s also feminine to receive, so the art of receiving, you know, receiving help, receiving compliments, you know? So when people say, “Oh, you’re so great.” It can be easy to “Huh? Oh, am I?” or “I don’t know” or … so it’s the art of “Oh, I receive that. That first of all feels true and good to me, so I’m gonna receive that and yeah, thank you.” And then feminine energy, the biggest superpower with feminine energy is intuition.

Oh, that’s good. Yeah. My mom talks about that a little bit in the superpower experts community. I think what you’re doing is really cool. Really fast, how long have you been doing it?

Well, technically, professionally, with the company that I have now, I’ve been doing it for about two years.


But unofficially, I’ve definitely been helping women in my life for the last, I would say, 10 years.

Longer than I’ve been alive.

Yeah, that’s true. How old are you right now?

Eight. I’m becoming nine on September 22nd.

September 22nd. Ah, exciting. Okay, cool.

Yeah, I’m excited.

It’s fun.

So who are some of your influences? Are you an influence of yourself or is there other people who have helped you become who you are today?

Yeah. Absolutely. So one of my main influences is the woman that I studied under. I studied under this really sweet woman, her name is Rori Raye and she’s been in the industry for I think at least 20 years, helping women to really love themselves and then to attract that ideal partner and husband into their life.

Yeah. That’s cool. Because I think that in order to be successful and be who you are, you obviously learned from people. So that sorry I asked you that question because I, my influences are my parents, my dog, people who bring me up, so I can do my podcast, write my book, you know? So I think that what you said is really amazing.

Yeah, and you know, what you’re saying too is amazing because we’re but really meant to do this alone.

Exactly. That’s why I’m writing my book for parents, because they know their kids better than I do.


We actually need to take a quick break. But where can people go to find out more about you?

Oh, okay, yeah. They can go to and they can go to and they can learn about me and then can use the coupon code SUPERPOWER and have a free chat with me if they would like.

Awesome. Well, go check her out because she is amazing. So, we’ll be right back.

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