Amara WilleySeasoned professional organizer-turned-healer Amara Willey joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas in an energetic discussion about how clearing your space can be a form of spiritual renewal. Amara Willey combines her 25 years of study as a healer with her nearly two decades as a professional organizer in a process she calls Spiritual Space Clearing. Listen in as she shares the secrets of her 3 Pillars to Serenity method of cleansing and clearing your space.

Hello everyone and welcome. You’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, and our topic today is Spiritual Renewal Through Space Clearing.

And we’re speaking today with Amara Willey. And Amara Willey has been following a healing path for more than 25 years. She’s received her massage therapy degree in 1997, and she trained as a medical intuitive and began studying across cultures shamanism. She received her Reiki master’s to the level of atonement in 2007. Today she combines her healing skills with nearly two decades as a professional organizer in a process she calls spiritual space clearing. And we’re gonna let Amara talk more about this as we go into our discussion.

So I just wanna say welcome, Amara. How are you?

Thank you. I’m well. How are you?

My real superpower is my ability to hold energy and space for other people

My real superpower is my ability to hold energy and space for other people.

I’m well. I’m so excited to have you here talking about spiritual renewal through space clearing, and certainly an interesting topic. And so I’m excited to find out more about what you’re doing in the world.

To begin though, I’d like to ask you, we always ask this question, right? What is your superpower, or your mama superpower ’cause you’re also a mom. You have a son, right?

I do have a 15-year-old son. So I have a number of superpowers, and I guess my mama superpower is that I have the ability to make a meal out of random things in my house pretty much anytime.

But I would say that probably my real superpower is my ability to hold energy and space for other people, to create an environment where people feel almost like I’m a battery where I’m giving them energy so that they can accomplish what it is that they’re trying to accomplish.

Wow. That’s really great. So how do you take this superpower? I love the idea of energy, so I grew up with an electrician for a father and then my brother became an electrician, so energy for me has always been an interesting topic anyway. And it’s not so far off from the energy of electricity, right? That we have also an energetic space, energetic … We’re energetic beings to begin with.


Right? So how do you use this superpower in the work that you do with families and other people? Tell us more about that.

Okay, well, I was actually just having this discussion in a car ride with my son yesterday about energy and how we are all energy. And that can sometimes sound kind of like hoodoo voodoo or woowoo kind of stuff, but we’re all electrons and protons and neutrons spinning around inside our body, and pretty much everything around us that we can experience with our senses are just kind of frozen energy, energy that has taken a physical form.

So what I think about energy, and this is kinda where the spiritual space clearing stuff comes in, is that we as energetic beings have an effect on the other physical objects that are in our environment, both our physical bodies and our homes, the stuff that we have around us on a regular basis.

And as an organizer, what I find is that people will just keep cleaning up their stuff and their physical space unless they can work on the sort of emotional spiritual bodies that they have, the electricity and energy they have in their own bodies, and clean that up, because the physical surroundings, our bodies and our homes, are reflections of what’s going in our spirit. And that’s I guess where the woohoo stuff comes in more. But I believe that our energy and our spirit kind of manifests in our space in a way that makes whatever’s going on inside of us come out.

So if we’re calm, peaceful, serene beings, our surroundings are calm, peaceful, and serene, and vice versa. And if there’s a lot of chaos and emotion and there’s stuff going on in our lives that’s dramatic or upsetting, then that tends to come out in our space as well.

And I love how you put that in order, because a lot of times we can look at the outside space and maybe be critical of that, where, is that really where the foundation is? You know, with my clients we always look to what’s going on inside first, and that’s what I hear you saying as well.

But whatever’s going on inside is only reflected on the outside. So by working with our own energy, our own being-ness, and getting really comfortable with who we are makes such a difference. And that’s where you were going with this too I heard.

Add more love to ourselves and let go of fear and let go of anger

Add more love to ourselves and let go of fear and let go of anger.

Right, absolutely. You’ve got it right, I think that hit the nail on the head. I think that physical illness and when our bodies aren’t satisfying us because we think we’re too skinny or too fat or whatever that is, that’s also a reflection of what goes on inside of us.

And there’s all kinds of studies about the placebo effect that led people to believe that they’re doing something, taking a sugar pill or whatever, it heals them. I think it’s the same sort of thing, that when we really address … Adding more love is really what I would say, adding more love to ourselves and letting go of fear and letting go of anger, which is also fear, but the better we are able to express ourselves and our bodies, our health, our healing, our happiness with our body image and our space, because we’ve sort of cleared up what’s going on in our brains in our spirit.

Yeah, beautiful. Yeah, one affects the other. And yeah, isn’t it true that in our culture we have been raised to actually look at things the other way around?

Right, right. And that creates a lot of blame I think. It’s like, “What’s wrong with you? Why is your house so messy? What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you lose the last 10 pounds? What’s wrong with …” And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anybody, except that the more disassociated we are from our energy and our spirit and our connection what I would call the divine, the more we feel bad, the more we blame ourselves, the more we let other people’s criticism affect us, the more anger and fear we have, which is all what I would say separates us from each other, from loving ourselves, from the divine.

Very beautiful, very beautiful. So we can see a connection then when we can really get comfortable with who we are and be able to … You know, there goes of course things like forgiveness and self-forgiveness mostly, and allowing ourselves to just know that we are whole and complete is a challenge for so many of us, but something that we begin to realize is very vital if we want to really have true peace and harmony in our lives, right?

Right. Absolutely.

And so you’re doing that by creating space.


Which I would love to get more into. And that’s what we’re going to go into as soon as we take this break. But before we take the break, I would like for everyone to know where they can find you. So could you let everyone know?

Sure. So I have a website, it’s, like New Jersey. And I can be found on Instagram @mindbodyspirithome, and on Facebook @timetogetorganized.

Beautiful. Thank you so much. And everyone, thank you for listening. You’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, and the topic we’ve been discussing is spiritual renewal through space clearing. And we’re gonna get more into that when we come right back. So hang in there, we’ll be right back.

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