Lauren CardinaleLauren Cardinale, a board-certified hypnotherapist, joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas as they discuss self improvement habits that create harmony and peace. Lauren was formerly a corporate girl and found that she wanted to affect change at a deeper and more efficient level. So she sought out the most comprehensive and trusted existing program, the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. As a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist and Board Fellow, Lauren specializes in accelerated healing and pain management. In addition to being a hypnotherapist, she is a momma, a results coach, a speaker, educator, radio host, thought wrangler and possibilities peddler. You will thoroughly enjoy this conversation that contains encouraging discussion for mommas of today as well as meaningful habits that create harmony and peace that you can start today. So listen in and enjoy more harmony and peace in your life too.

Hello and welcome everyone to SuperPower Mommas. I’m so excited you’re here. I am your host Laura Greco, and today’s topic is Self Improvement Habits That Create Harmony and Peace. I am so excited because I have Lauren Cardinale here with me and we are going to be discussing this topic again of habits that really create harmony and peace. Lauren has started out in her world in the corporate field, but when we melt down everything she’s done in that way, what really stands out to me is that she ultimately functioned as a mentor, a communicator, a liaison, and confidant, more or less a coach throughout her time. She is also specializing in hypnotherapy which is a beautiful way of assisting people in their healing process, especially with main management. But what I loved about what I learned about Lauren also is that she has spent a lot of time educating people around positive communication, and also around how we think and how what we think really matters in our life and what manifests in our life.

Lastly, she discusses often about the lost art of listening, and isn’t that true? Often I say that children, what they need most from their parents is to be seen and to be heard, and to know that they are valued and loved. Yet isn’t that what we all really want from others too? And really turning that attention to us and how we listen to ourselves. So without further ado I’d like to introduce Lauren. Thank you for being here.

Thanks so much for having me Laura.

I’m so glad that we are having this opportunity to bring you to the audience, and so I want to thank the audience also. So when we’re thinking, of course we’re thinking about the topic of self improvement and how does that create harmony and peace. In your journey you have done quite a number of things, however what I’d like to ask you now is our traditional question which is, what is your Momma SuperPower Lauren?

Well Laura, I’ve given that thought to that superpower. That’s a big question, a superpower, that’s a mighty big claim. Given what you said in the intro, all the things that you were covering, I was like, “Oh my gosh, let’s just start talking, ’cause I’m sure there’s just so much to talk about.” But the superpower that I feel I bring to my children and to my family, to the kids that I work with, and what I try and bring when I do speaking engagements to high schools and schools is that idea of, probably best to say it as resiliency. The perspective, the coping mechanisms, the way we understand ourselves and that we can only control ourselves, and in how we do that we have more power than we even realize until we start to work with it. Does that make sense?

Yeah, so resilience and the ability to tap in to your superpower, and you have a family, you have two children, right?

I do, I have two boys. Two teenage boys.

Right, so I wanted to just bring that up for the audience. So resilience really is your superpower is what you’re telling me, right?

Well let me say I hope that’s my superpower. That’s really where I spend my focus and that’s what I try and teach and exemplify and be a role model for. So that’s my aim.