Kim Von BergIn this episode relationship expert, Kim Von Berg, joins SLSP host Tatiana Berindei to discuss how to handle emotional triggers in a relationship. An authority in empowered relationships, a sought-after speaker, trainer and coach, Kim gives a step-by-step process for slowing down a trigger and turning it into an opportunity for growth and transformation. You don’t want to miss this one!

Hello everyone, welcome to the Sex Love and SuperPowers Podcast show. I’m your host Tatiana Berindei, and today I have with me Kim Von Berg and we are going to be discussing transforming our triggers in a relationship. Before we dive in, let me tell you a little about Kim.

For over 20 years, Kim Von Berg has been a relationship coach specializing in healthy romantic partnerships. Her business Thriving, Loving Relationships, has been flourishing since 1997. As an authority in empowered relationships, Kim is a sought after speaker, trainer, and coach, who assists clients towards a life of positive communication and fulfilling relationships. Kim is recognized for her unparalleled approach to communication and offers a transformative process that results in relationships becoming the greatest catalyst for personal growth and an experience of genuine happiness. Welcome to the show, Kim.

Thank you, thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to be here.

Yeah, I’m excited to have you and I love what you said there about relationships being the greatest catalyst for personal growth, because I absolutely believe that to be true. So I can already tell this is going to be a great convo.

I believe that too.

Before we dive in, will you tell us what your super powers are?