SPM - Dr. J FisherIn this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Dr. J Fisher, a licensed psychologist and certified hypnotherapist, joins Laura Greco in a discussion about what you need to be more confident as a momma. Dr. J provides Mental Fitness Coaching, a new way of approaching life for those who feel out of shape emotionally and spiritually. In their conversation, Dr J shares 3 strategy tools and how to integrate these into an already busy life to achieve the confidence that a momma wants to step into her role as a parent with love and confidence and be her most powerful self with dignity. When you listen in, you will glean valuable gems you can integrate into your everyday right away.

Hello and welcome. I’m Laura Greco, your SuperPower Momma Podcast host, and I’m so excited that you’re here today. I’m also excited to speak with Dr. J. We are talking on the topic of the only things you need to know to be a more confident momma. What a great topic. 

Dr. J. is a licensed psychologist and a certified hypnotherapist who provides mental fitness coaching, which is a new way of approaching life for those who feel out of shape emotionally and spiritually. She specializes in working with, excuse me, motivated individuals to reach new freedom, freedom from outside noise and feeling out of control, in order to connect authentically with their purpose, to create amazing relationships, and to live with confidence, clarity, and conviction. And I just love Dr. J. I actually got to meet her personally, as she was doing a presentation in a women’s group that I belong to. 

So I’m so excited to have you here. Thank you, Dr. J. 

Thank you so much for having me, Laura.

Yeah. So we have so much to talk about, so I’ll jump right in. I would like to ask you our traditional question, which is what is your super power? 

I help others take off their masks so that they can find and live a life according to their own truth

I help others take off their masks so that they can find and live a life according to their own truth.

I love that. My super power, I actually had to think about this for a little bit, because we all have these gifts that we want to share with the world, but if I were to tell you what my one superpower is, I help others take off their masks so that they can find and live a life according to their own truth. So I help people live a life that matters, and that’s my superpower.

Live a life that matters, that is so, so cool. It sounds very exciting too. And when I met you and listen to you and your presentation, I could see that this really is important to you.


So how is it that this super power of yours assists you in the work that you do with. And I’m sure you work with many different kinds of people in your work, so tell me about that more. How does it assist you?

Yeah. So I’m really excited to be able to share this part of my work, because I believe that some of us who are fortunate enough to live a life where our mission and purpose in life aligns with what we do on a day-in-and-day-out basis, we can really find that fulfillment and joy, and I’m so blessed to be one of them. And I use my super power, my ability, to give people the space and the direction required to live a life that matters, whether it is that I work with clients one on one, on a face-to-face basis, or I work with clients when I work with teams or when I’m giving presentations and workshops, like how we met. I hope individuals find that sense of urgency about life because as far as we know, this is all we have.

And, unfortunately, given the way that we were conditioned to react to our environment, we forget to give ourselves that prompter, that urging of asking ourselves that question, “Who am I? And what was I born here or placed here to do?” Because we are each so unique and, Laura, there’s never going to be another you ever again, and there never was. So the things that you hold near and dear to your heart, that sense of purpose and that sense of mission, wanting to fulfill your life joy, that’s unique to you, just like I have my own that’s unique to mine. And everyone has a sense of purpose and mission that’s unique to them, but unless we give ourselves that permission and that space to ask ourselves that question, “What is it that I love to do? What is it that I was placed here to do,” we don’t actually pursue that.

So when you think about the biggest regrets that people have in their lives when they’re on their deathbed, and actually researchers have found, there is the top five list, the number one regret that people have in their life when they’re on their deathbed is, “Wow, I really wish I could do life over,” because they didn’t listen to their own hearts and they didn’t listen to what their truth was. They never or search for it. 

So for me to be able to provide people, whether it’s the one-on-one or in groups, that space and that nudging to say, “Okay, let’s think about why you’re here. Let’s think about how you can live a life that matters because when your time is up you’re going to be asking yourself that question, ‘Did I live a life that mattered? Am I proud of the life that I lived in? And am I satisfied with the way that I showed up in the world?'” So for me to be able to nudge people to ask that question and to give them space and the tools to search for their own truth and to search for their own voice means the world to me.


Yeah. Yeah. And isn’t it, I think I saw a post once that there was a research project done in a park, I think it was in New York City actually, where they had a big, did you see that, where they had a big chalkboard or something and they asked people to say their number one regret?

I might’ve, yeah.

You didn’t hear that? Okay. So it was ever said it was regret about something they did, it was always about something they did not do.

Yeah, I’ve heard that before too. 

Yeah, it’s a common denominator in regrets. So yeah, now, just briefly before, we’re going to go for a break in a few minutes. But when you say about living your life or doing it according to your heart, would you say that there is something deeper than just maybe the job we do or even the raising our children or is there something more deeper?



When you think about your identity and who you are, it goes beyond the role that society and this world gave you

When you think about your identity and who you are, it goes beyond the role that society and this world gave you.

Absolutely. So when we, as women, and for those of us that are a mom, I’m not one just yet, we have all of these societal expectations placed on us. And not just as women, men do as well because I work with a lot of men as well. But one of the first questions that I ask them when I meet with someone, I ask, “Who are you?” And what the response is, 99% of the time is always a role or a label, “I’m a mom,” “I’m a dad,” or, “I’m a sister,” “I’m a teacher.” And they label themselves or place themselves into these categories, in these boxes of what type of role they play in their lives.

And when you think about your identity and who you are, it goes beyond the role that society and this world gave you. There’s so much more underneath all of those labels and those categories that we give ourselves. We end up actually by using those categories over and over again, and we rewrite these stories over and over in our heads about how we’re supposed to show up versus how we truly want to show up. We put ourselves into cages. So we end up living what’s called a caged life instead of a free life where we can truly express who we are. And if I could say that there is one thing in order to increase your confidence in this world, whether you’re a mom or not, it’s to be able to find that truth, because your truth is yours alone, and no one else can live that but yourself.

That is so, so cool. So true and so heart-wrenching, if you will. It reaches down into the heart of the matter, that no matter what role we’re playing, I always say, “Mom is the hat you wear, but you are a woman, a person first,” you know?


Then you take on hats, you know, a daughter, a mother, whatever work you do, those are all labels. Very, very nice. 


Well, before we go for a break, I would like you to please share with everyone where they can find you. So your website?

Sure. Yeah. So you can find me at www.urlifeinspired.com.

Wow. That’s great. And when we come back, everyone, we are going to dive deeper into this, because I know Dr. J. has some wonderful things to share with us about the only things that you need to know to be a more confident momma, and I’m so excited.

So you’re listening to Superpower Momma, hang on while we take the break, and when we come back, we’re going to dive really into this topic.

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