Berny DohrmannBerny Dohrmann, author and Chairman of CEO Space International, joins Neva Lee Recla to share his insight on cooperative business for kids. Berny is an amazing entrepreneur, author, and founder of CEO Space International. CEO Space is in 140 different countries and the leader in entrepreneur education and cooperation. Listen in as Berny Dohrmann and Neva Lee Recla talk about the power of cooperative business and how kids will change the world!

Hi Kids! This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla and today, I’m so excited for what we’re talking about and who we’re with. We’re going to be talking about cooperative business for kids and I think it’s so important that not only kids learn this, but adults do too because I think it’s important to have a good mix between being cooperative and also being a little bit competitive, yeah that word. I think that it’s so important that people just learn, and especially in their business life to cooperate with others and everyone kind of leads themselves and that’s what we’re doing with Super Power Experts.

So we’re talking with one of the most amazing people and he knows a lot about being cooperative and his name is Berny Dohrmann.