Berny Dohrmann Berny Dohrmann, author and Chairman of CEO Space International, joins Neva Lee Recla to share his insight on cooperative business for kids. Berny is an amazing entrepreneur, author, and founder of CEO Space International. CEO Space is in 140 different countries and the leader in entrepreneur education and cooperation. Listen in as Berny Dohrmann and Neva Lee Recla talk about the power of cooperative business and how kids will change the world!

Hi Kids! This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla and today, I’m so excited for what we’re talking about and who we’re with. We’re going to be talking about cooperative business for kids and I think it’s so important that not only kids learn this, but adults do too because I think it’s important to have a good mix between being cooperative and also being a little bit competitive, yeah that word. I think that it’s so important that people just learn, and especially in their business life to cooperate with others and everyone kind of leads themselves and that’s what we’re doing with Super Power Experts.

So we’re talking with one of the most amazing people and he knows a lot about being cooperative and his name is Berny Dohrmann.

Berny is an entrepreneur, author, he’s the chairman of CEO Space, which is the leader of entrepreneur education and cooperation and it’s in 140 different countries and, fun fact, that’s where I learned how to do all of my business. So please join me in welcoming this amazing being, Berny Dohrmann. Hi Berny.

My Neva, I love you. I’m so glad to watch you interview all these superstars, famous people all over the world. You’re building one of the greatest libraries that MTV has to pick up and put on air. You’re perfect for it.

Thank you. I’ve been talking about having you on my show forever. I’m so excited that it’s happened.

Me too. A couple of times I had speaking engagements, I apologize, we had to cancel. I just got back from the United Nations and speak all over the world and love being on your show more than anybody’s. I’m your backup daddy.

Yes, yes you are. You are super amazing, you’re super busy and I just love your energy so this is why I’m so excited. So Berny, what are your superpowers?

Well one, I think I have a gift from being an investment banker and economist, running the number one Forbes Inc. Magazine, Help Business program for 40 years, to help dreamers to get their dreams. Whether they’re billionaires, in the middle, starting up, to shrink time, shrink costs to get what they want as goals done. We accelerate their goals in life and we do that I think, which is wonderful. We also are a facility that is helping governments, nations, to refinance their sovereign debts et cetera and I love that. Then we empower kids, you know the program we have for youths, for teens, you’ve watched it, you’ve been in it and you see miracles happen.

So when I’m on CBS, or NBC, or ABC and they say, “What’s your number one accomplishment?” With this huge list that you get from a Jeff Bezos or Tony Robbins or the best in the industry and I always say, “My youth programs from kids is my number one legacy.” You guys are going to make businesses that are cooperative and not competitive and those businesses are passing all the others like Apple and Amazon and they’re just cooperative-based, industry-based new models and people thrive in those environments and kids want to build their dreams cooperatively. You guys do it online anyway and you can’t stand competition, you just drop people out when they’re that way. So I think the future is all you guys and your generation getting rid of the competition, mistakes we made including competing with the planet, that screwed up the whole environment.

Yeah, I definitely agree and I think that it is important though because I think that sometimes being a little bit competitive is good, just so that that way you can learn and you can have fun because I know there’s an exercise at CEO Space that we do and basically you have to steal See Me cards from people and we talk about at the end how it feels to go up and talk to them.

Yeah I remember we do that and a number of exercises to show how toxic and awful competition is and the kids get it right away and they leave and will never do competition. They just can’t stand it anymore. So we demonstrate that competition is the first form of human insanity. When you’re older, you’ll read my book, which you can have Mom and Dad read out loud or whatever, but it’s called Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution and you could come out with a line under that that was Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution as a children’s book that had images and characters make a television show and start putting Cooperation out in a series in the language of your age group, where the images and the characters started to show what we do in implosion that you see competition. You can’t stand it and the kids start saying, “You can be in our group and you can be together in our tribe, as long as you’re cooperative and self-correcting but if you start to get competitive.”

And start to go away from people.

Yeah, is it win-win or is it I win-you lose? We don’t want to first form of insanity, competitive impulse in our brain. So if you all go to Amazon and get Mommy and Daddy Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution, you’re going to change lives. If you want to read the kid’s version of that, get Perfection Can Be Had and that book is like Chicken Soup you read to your children and everybody in families that reads that book just needs a little handkerchief because the miracles that come pouring out of your eyes are in every short story, they’re very short stories for bedtime, okay?

That’s awesome. So what does cooperative business mean to you? Besides just having cooperative business, but what is the deep down cooperative business mean to you?

We lift each other up

We lift each other up.

Well, I think that we’re spirits and I think that if we’re immortal and divine and we’re going to be together for all eternity. It’s kind of insane to try and hurt another spirit,or beat another spirit. We lift each other up. So it’s spiritually essence but in structure, its pyramidical structures of competition are fear, punishment, exploitation, which are really of feudalism. We’re still taking over castles. We don’t do it with knights, we do it with attorneys and cooperative takeovers but we’re under attack and all that all the time, for mindless greed really. So cooperative capitalism, which is in Redemption, talks about how we get rid of consolidation of wealth because that’s insane. 1% of humanity shouldn’t own more wealth than 99%. It should circulate so the 99% get out of poverty and come up in the world, there’s nobody left behind, no nation behind and we can’t do it if everybody’s in it for themselves for maximum greed.

Also, you can’t have speculation in markets, which gets to be a little over kid space, but in economics, you can’t have more money inside bets on which way something’s going to go for profit, it manipulates all the pricing. So you need to have a market of real circulation that gets rid of, criminalizes, speculations that are just greed and don’t add value for jobs, employment and futures and also, a good environment so we can afford to have a friendly relationship with the planet instead of an insane relationship where we’re doing things that will kill us all for profit.

There’s a better way of doing it and the cause is competitive organization theory. So that’s always going to create this kind of corrupted system. We can get cooperative capitalism to replace these broken models and it’s not going to take long and we’re going to have a better world. It’s coming. We’re kind of the world revolution that’s remaining out front and leading a world revolution that doesn’t have armies and doesn’t have bloodshed and then we try and remain invisible while leading out front, so all our ideas are someone else’s and they adopt them as their own. It’s always the best way.

Yeah, I agree and I think that I want to jump in as well, as I think that having a cooperative business is also a way that you can learn different life skills, you know?

You've attracted them like magnets

You’ve attracted them like magnets.

Look what happened to you. How many people have come in to you. You’ve attracted them like magnets. Once you’re cooperative, you don’t have to work at getting it, it comes to you, you’ve watched it.


If you stand still, they’re all coming up to you because of the nature of what you’re building and you’ve built. How many businesses have you built now?

I believe seven or eight.

Seven or eight and you started your first one when you were how old?

Two and we can get right back.

It was a real business, right?


Okay, you got to go.

We have to do a quick break but first, where can people go to find out more about you? for networking. Never forget that. Look at the films online and they’re films for Mom, for Dad, for professionals, people in business and for all of you teens and children.

Awesome. Definitely go check it out because Berny’s amazing and CEO Space is amazing. So we’ve been talking with Berny Dohrmann about cooperative business for kids. We’ll be right back.

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